Captains Log: Big Brother 8 Episode 4

We are caught up to date on the first week to start off the show. In case you missed Tuesday’s episode, Richard Mauntah watched and tells you all about it in Richly Deserved. And so far my two least favorites have to be Jen and Amber.


Eric on the other hand is GOLD!

It’s still really early to tell just who may be the key players in the house although I think Kail and Eric are heading that way; and also Nick but very quietly. A lot of those not involved directly with the twists are staying very silent and hidden into the background namely Jameka, Mike, Zach, and even Jen to some extent.

Carol is nervous but thinks she has some supporters. She has done nothing yet to really piss anyone off besides Jessica, so I don’t see why she would go. Amber on the other hand if I hear her family sob story one more damn time! It’s a real shame that Dustin and Dick can “trust” Amber so well because I’m sure that means there are many more that do to.

Carol thinks she has Joe, Danielle, and Jen in her pocket. And believe it or not, she is trying to convince Jessica that they could roll though this competition together. Carol continues her lobbying for votes trying to get Eric in her favor and getting Joe to talk to some of the other guys.

Zach realizes the Alliance (Kail, Mike, Nick, and him) need to figure out who makes the most sense for them to evict. Zach doesn’t want Carol out because he wanted a “lap dog.” Jen is walking around in a towel go figure.

Julie asks around and gets some opinions at the spiffy-dressed houseguests. Carol and Jessica are playing dumb. Jen on the other hand, is dumb. Dick is happy to be getting to spend time with his daughter Danielle even though it’s been kinda tough to start. Danielle thinks it has been “awwwkkkwarrdd!” Joe is on fire as he begins ripping on Dustin and yes folks, he is flaming. Dustin is a bit kinder in his assessment of Joe.

Voting time: Dustin, Joe, Jen, Nick, and Jameka give some feelings in the diary room on why they feel Carol or Amber should go. Things seem really tight so far but fifteen minutes into the episode and I have a feeling that Amber will be the first to get the boot. But I’ve been wrong before.

Dick’s son and mother (Vincent and Charlotte) give their thoughts on Danielle and Dick. Vincent says it had something to do with money and it ended up with them not talking. Charlotte believes Dick becoming a father at 22 was hard on him since he was so young but he is now trying to get closer to his daughter. If Danielle and Dick don’t end up close by the time this is over, I put the blame on Danielle because he seems to want to really be close to her again.

Kail likes her alliance and was at first surprised that Eric confided in her with his very private story. But she feels her age made him feel like he could trust her HA!

Voting Time: Zach, Danielle, Dick, Jessica, and Nick and it seems as if more people are leaning towards Amber now.

Eric’s family and friends did not know he was going to be America’s Player when he left for the house. They were not happy because they knew he had a strategy to win and now he won’t be able to use it. The fans got to choose Eric’s vote in the first eviction and America vote to evict “Carol.” I told you I’ve been wrong before. Sigh, seems like we’ll have more of Amber crying about how much her family needs EVERYTHING!

And it’s time for possible last words from each houseguest up for eviction. Amber cries again. Carol is happy to have met everyone and wishes them luck. And our first eviction that has one minute to get out by a vote of 10-1 is:


This really isn’t that big a deal besides the fact that she is rather hot. After one week though, Carol really hadn’t established much of a name for herself or done anything really to get noticed and prove she belonged there. She really doesn’t remember what the fight back in high school was about and footage of Jessica from episode one is shown to remind her. And Carol didn’t mean that Jessica had changed and that video proved she is right. Goodbye videos my God Amber looks rough. Carol will be on The Early Show tomorrow and the one houseguest who voted to keep her will be revealed.

I knew that the twist of people from their past would come back to bite them on the ass because here we are at the first eviction and already one of the three is gone.

HOH competition as Kail has to sit out this week. The game is “Majority Rules.” Julie will ask questions about the houseguests and everyone has to answer how they think the majority will respond. Majority wins, minority sits.

The house, except Zach, thinks that Danielle is hotter then Jen. Heh.

Dick, Danielle, and Nick are out on question two.

Joe and Dustin are the subject of a cheating question no-one is eliminated as they all believe Joe would cheat.

Jameka is now gone. Amber is out next (good). Jessica and Mike are out after a question hinting at Kail’s business sense. I love that!

Tie-breaker question with Dustin, Eric, Jen, and Joe left. “How many gallons of water does the spinning teacup in the backyard hold?” Everyone goes way over and Jen wins the second HOH. Ohhhh boy, we got us a Jenius in the HOH room.

Next America’s Players decision is telling Eric who to influence into being nominated for eviction. Jen’s evictions will be known this Sunday. The houseguests mingle as the credits roll and I think I heard Jen say she is the only one who voted to keep Carol in the house.

That’s it for this week but please stay with Reality Dish here at Inside Pulse all week long as we have your coverage of everything Big Brother you could possibly want. Richard Mauntah, Josh Clinton, and Scott Keith give their opinions and live coverage of the 24/7 web access in the house and even the “after dark” moments on Showtime. I’ll be back next Thursday as things will surely start to heat up even more.