Remote Destination – Showtime the tease?

Currently Showtime is airing a program called Filthy Gorgeous. Since it’s labeled as a pilot, I figured it’d give it a shot. I watch it and I find myself very entertained and interested.

The premise of the show is a look at the life of escorts. Since it’s the pilot only three characters are really introduced. First is the rookie. He’s the new guy who’s trying the gig on for size. It seems like quick and easy money. Next up is the pro, who’s been doing this for awhile and has finally made it to the big time; a respectable agency as opposed to just hustling. The final character, who’s given development is the woman running the agency who’s husband has custody of their children, who don’t know what mommy does for a living.

I’m honestly not doing the show any justice. It’s not nearly as sleazy as it might sound. We get to see the rookie get his first date, in which he first messes up the woman’s fantasy and eventually (and accidentally) knocks her unconscious. It’s a pretty humorous story.

But we also get to see, through, the pro’s date, that it’s not always about sex. Sometimes it’s about companionship, even revenge companionship. The show could have been played just for laughs or as a harrowing tragic look at escorts, but it straddles the two and never comes off as anything other than a well-written glimpse at a life that most of us never gave a second thought to.

So why isn’t the show’s title prominently featured next to the column’s title? Um, because I actually caught this pilot at 3am and the network isn’t advertising the show. Apparently Showtime didn’t pick the show up. A bit of googling showed that Showtime picked up the pilot at the same time they scooped up The Tudors and Dexter, both of which have aired full seasons and are soon returning for seconds.

It should be obvious to anyone who’s read this column that I prefer cable programming to network fare. I appreciate the lack of “practices and standards” and feel it frees up the creators to not only push the envelope but also create great television if not work that approaches art.

So to have Showtime not only not pick up a show, but also to air the pilot is so frustrating. I really wish I hadn’t liked the show. But it was well acted and had characters that I really couldn’t turn away from. I’m literally hungry for more stories about these characters. I want to see more. But Showtime decided that they’d rather fill holes in their schedule by giving viewers a peek at what could have been.

Damn you Showtime! Damn you all to Hell!