Dead Like Me Movie Already Filming

Credit: Bloody Disgusting

One of Showtime’s most popular, but cancelled too early, shows is going to be coming back for a feature length film. But sadly enough, it will only be direct-to-video.

Steven Herek will be directing the film version of Dead Like Me which will be written and produced by John Masius. Ellen Muth (George), Jasmine Guy (Roxy), Callum Blue (Mason), Britt McKillitt (Reggie), and Cynthia Stevenson (Joy) are all already said to be a part of the cast returning for the film. Laura Harris (Daisy) however will not come back and is being recast.

Filming has already begun in Montreal, Canada and the film is said to sort of pick up a bit on where the show left off. A slick businessman named Calvin Kane takes over Rube’s “Head Reaper” duties. Problem is, Kane could care less about helping anyone. This causes mass chaos which also brings out the worst of Roxy, Mason, and Daisy. George is hoping to set her latest reap straight and do it right since it may also reconnect her with her little sister Reggie.

No word yet on a release date or more names in the cast, but we’ll get you more as it’s announced.