Blog Maverick…. er Cubbie?

Mark Cuban has announced that he’s filed the paperwork with Major League Baseball in a bid to purchase the Chicago Cubs from Tribune.

While I haven’t seen reaction from the league or from fans anywhere, I’d have to imagine that the Cubs’ fan-base would come down solidly pro-Cuban. He’s really the guy who took a pitiful Mavericks franchise and turned them into perennial contenders. He’s an owner that listens to his fan-base and seems far more visible and accessible than any other owner in sports. For example, I’m pretty sure no other owner has an actual blog that he writes and I’m pretty sure he genuinely cares about winning.

There are a ton of criticisms in regards to Cuban and I don’t really agree with any of them. One, which baffles me, is that he treats his team as though he’s a fan of it rather than the owner. As a fan, I want that. I want my owner to ticked off if the team loses. I want my owner to feel responsible for the team’s failures. I also want to hear that phone call between Bud Selig and Darth Stern.

If anything, people should want to see this for the inevitable Cuban/Piniella fist-fight.