In Hindsight: On The Lot – Episode 10

RIP “Honest” Ed Mirvish. I hope that they gave you a lavish turkey dinner and sang showtunes upon your arrival to the afterlife.

This week, five directors debut short films shot on the Universal Studios backlot in Hollywood.

Adrianna “Costa” is wearing the thin person’s version of a muumuu. Group “A” is up this week, and the movie themelogline is “When Two Worlds Collide”. G

But first, to the Rock StarOn the Lot mansion where Shira-Lee is given the heave-ho in a “very close vote”. And Adrianna then tells the directors that two of them will be eliminated after the voting, which sucks for the filmmakers. They’ve been doing a good-to-great job, but ratings would seem to dictate that the show wrap up earlier than planned. Adrianna also adds that it’s the two with the lowest votes that will be going home. Which seems like a redundant thing to say, but then again, it’s a Mark Burnett show.

This week, joining Princess Leia and Penny Marshall’s dad is Luke Greenfield, director of The Girl Next Door.

OK, time for the films.

Zach Lipovsky‘s film is Time Upon a Once, where the new neighbours do everything backwards. It’s a cute story, and I think the backwards husband is Carl Winslow, but I’m not sure. Another winner from the Canuck.

Carrie – It was visually incredible. Not my favourite, but I expect just a little bit more from you.
Luke – It was so clever, so original. It reminded me of a Spike Jonez video. You’re a natural storyteller.
Gary – I thought it was very clever. What is the name of the dog?

?kcuf eht tahw, yraG ?god ehT

Hilary Graham has come up with The Legend of Donkey-Tail Willie. It’s a cute tale, and I suppose that the “two worlds” in this case are really the Western and the Fairy Tale. However, I felt it was too short to really convey the sadness that Willie is supposed to feel, so it was kind of “eh” for me.

Oh hey, it’s Magni from Rock Star. Maybe he can play something for us.

Carrie – You have just improved so much. You directed that really well. You reminded me of Adam’s “Dance Man”.
Luke – It was a little whack. Add little more comedy in certain places.
Gary – No jackass made this movie. You really showed you’re a filmmaker.

Group B is giving us action movies next week. Yay!

Will Bigham is spoofing spaghetti westerns with… Spaghetti, about a couple that get lost in a spaghetti western. I love the juxtaposition between the cowboy and the yuppies (boat shoes… yikes!), and the “western” part of the film was spot on. Funny stuff.

Carrie – YOU DID DIALOGUE!! YOU DID DIALOGUE! I really liked it, welcome to the talkies.
Luke – It was really great. You gotta give me more of a punch ending.
Gary – I am so glad you like Italian spaghetti westerns, but you don’t look Italian.

Gary needs to lay off of whatever he’s drinking.

Shalini Kantayya, does her thing with First Sight, and it’s a “message” film that is visually very stunning, but I’m not sure what the message is. If this was single elimination, I’d say Shalini would survive, but since it’s not, I think she’s gone.

Carrie – I don’t really like “message” films. I feel that they’re patronizing. This was not my sort of thing.
Luke – I feel like you took a branding iron of morality and burned me with it. This one… yeeeh.
Gary – I like a positive story. Good job.

Adam Stein gets the “pimp” spot, and he’s showing Worldly Possession, where a classified device gets sent to a regular couple. I think it’s meant to be funny, but I didn’t find it too funny, and I thought the payoff was a bit overdone. Still, it’s a fun little movie.

Carrie – This was my favourite film of the night. It had a message, but it was done in a funny, subtle way.
Luke – I loved it. Really, really great.
Gary – I thought it was interesting. I didn’t understand the motivations.

Judges’ favourites:
Carrie – Adam
Luke – Zach
Gary – Hilary

Kevin’s favourite: Will

Eliminated: Hilary and Shalini

Sir Linksalot: On The Lot