[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feeds Recap – Day 8 (7/12/07)

7:00 AM 9:00 AM
Kail is up first at 7 AM working out.
By 8:21, all HG’s are up and moving. The Wake Up song of the day was some soft of hip hop and Jameka forced everyone to watch the water tunnel because she wouldn’t stop singing.

There is a lot of complaining this morning. Danielle, Dustin, Eric, Evil Dick (ED), and Carol are outside chatting. Danielle and Eric complain that the room is cold. Dustin compared the BB House to a prison, but Dick thinks prisoners would probably disagree. Jen complains that there wasn’t any hot water yesterday.

HG’s start to get called into the DR. Amber is first this morning.

Jameka and Danielle discuss the mirrors on the walls. Jameka and Kail believe that the mirrors are going to show evicted HG’s but Danielle doesn’t think so because they are too big and blurry.

Most of the HG’s are either asleep again or are engaging in general chit-chat.

BB calls for an indoor lockdown.

9:00 AM 10:00 AM
Nick and Danielle are lying in bed together talking. No game talk just general chit-chat. It appears that Danielle lost her pearl earrings that her great aunt gave her. There is lots of cuddling, giggling, teasing, and flirting going on. Zach walks in and says “aww, sweet nothings”.

Danielle says that people are canceling the internet feeds because all the HG’s are so boring. Nick would like to know how many people are watching every week. Zach makes his bed and picks on Danielle some more. They discuss chocolate chip calzones and dip n dots. Danielle said that she would go on slop for one day of dip n dots. Danielle discusses more restaurants in California with Zach and they continue to pick on each other.

ED is vacuuming (the entire house it appears). Kail asks Jen if she is winning HOH tonight. Jen says she things she is. Amber and Dustin are in the big BR whispering about Joe. Amber says that Joe is a big baby.

Everyone is still lying around. ED jokes that he and Mike should talk strategy (over the noise of the vacuum) so no one can hear us. Jen complains that her throat hurts because she had a vitamin in her mouth for too long.

More cuddling and flirting between Nick and Danielle.

Mike and Zach ask each other questions in preparation for the HOH Competition in the kitchen. Kail stated that she is waiting for Carol to wake up so that she can move her stuff to Carol’s spot, then tried to cover up by saying “Since that was my room too the first day.”

The HG’s gather around the Dining Room table and talk about Christmas presents. Dustin’s worst Christmas memory was learning that Santa was his mother when he was 4 and having to play along for his older brother. Zack said didn’t learn bout Santa until the7th grade. Zach says he gets universal gifts like a nose hair trimmer when he graduated from college. Jen said she got a bed for a birthday present. She couldn’t take it with her when she moved out of her house. There was awkward silence and then Zach changed the subject.
There is more general quizzing between Mike and Zach. Carol is STILL asleep and ED is STILL cleaning.

10:00 AM 12:00 PM
BB informed Kail that she has an hour and a half to leave the HOH Room. She and Jen are doing their hair and makeup. Kail tells Jen that she has 5 piercings in one ear and three in the other. They talk game for awhile:
Kail says she thinks ED wants her out but says he did tell her he owes her one b/c she didn’t put up Danielle.

Jen wants to put up ED and Danielle.

Jen thinks ED is on everyone’s nomination list.

Kail says “really?”

Jen says yeah, Eric does and I think Joe.

Kail: what about Jam?

Jen: Jameka?

Jen: I think Eric is going to try not to win HOH

Kail: really?

Jen: yeah, for strategic reasons

Kail: Oh, you have to win, you have to win

Jen: giggles

Nick and Danielle finally get out of bed and made their way to the kitchen.
Nick ate breakfast. Kail, Zach, and Jen join them. Danielle made cookies. Everyone chit-chatting, but nothing exciting is happening in the house. They are all still on an inside lockdown. Jen tried to talk them all into going into the DR together to change the washer to the dryer. No one wants to so she ends up going by herself.

Eric, Dustin, and Joe join everyone else in the kitchen. Dustin compliments Kail. The cookies are ready and Danielle offers them to those in the kitchen. Zach and Kail play chess.

12:00 PM 1:00 PM
Zach and ED talk about Jen.

Mike: It was like day 1, we were all sleeping and Jen came in and trying to wake them up.

Zach: What if she was your daughter?

ED: If she was my daughter I would know I did something wrong. Someone who is that self absorbed…

Zach: It just shows you don’t have to do drugs to end up messed up.

Zach: You never know, you might could start dating.

ED: I’d rather put my little ED in a meat grinder.

ED: I would keep her around just to torture her.

Zach: Julie is going to say “remember this quote, I’d rather put my dick in the meat grinder”

Zach to ED: Would you rather have slop for a week or Jen as HOH?

ED goes on rampage about her sitting next to people and talking about herself non-stop “me,me,me,me,me,me,me”, and calls her a stupid b. He also says he hates her and has to get rid of her. He apparently got worked up because he confronts Jen in front of Amber, Dustin, and Jameka.

ED: “if you don’t start being considerate of other people I’m going to make you the most miserable b—- in the house. (Jen tries to interrupt) Shut-up and listen. You never have any consideration about anyone else You come in and sit next to me while I’m sleeping and start “blah, blah, blah”. You inconsiderate b—-.”

Jen: But BB said to wake up houseguests.

ED: it’s not your responsibility to wake us up. And there isn’t any conversation that doesn’t revolve around yourself. If you don’t start thinking of other people, I will make you the most miserable b—- in the house!
Dustin, Jameka, Jessica, and Amber go to the exercise room and are having an ab class. Everything is calm again after ED’s confrontation.
BB asks all HG’s to go outside.

1:00 PM 2:00 PM
Live feeders get the water tunnel for an entire hour. They must be preparing the next HOH room.

2:00 PM 3:00 PM
HG’s are on another inside lock-down. Jameka, Kail, Jessica, Carol, Joe, and ED are in the kitchen watching Jameka make pasta salad and eating.
Jen and ED have another conversation. She apologized for being inconsiderate and ED leaves.

3:00 PM 4:00 PM
There isn’t much going on in the house. Zach talks about the armband that he is wearing. His Dad’s friend was diagnosed with liver cancer right before he came into the house and he didn’t get to say goodbye, so the armband is for him in case he is watching.

Nick and Joe have an explicit sexual discussion with Zach in the room. Nick makes multiple ambiguous gay comments throughout the conversation. (ED: I will let those of you who want to know read it for yourself in the live feeds).

4:00 PM 5:00 PM
The HG’s talk about My Space. ED asks Kail if she got to do a blog, and she said she did but that she doesn’t even know what a blog is.

Kail asked if the West Coast viewers got to watch the Live broadcast on the internet. Danielle says no, and explains how it works to her. Kail doesn’t believe her.

Everyone is getting ready for the Live show and chit-chatting. They are quizzing each other and then move to the LR (except for Jessica and Joe). Joe thinks everyone is dumb for sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting on the show to start. He says he can’t wait for someone’s “ugly ass” has to move out of the HOH room.


7:00 PM 8:00 PM
Kail and Jen are talking. Kail asks Jen what she thinks her CD will be. Jen says it will be U2, because that is the only one she asked for. Kail starts singing “Red, Red, Wine” because she thinks it’s by U2.

Jameka wants to braid Jen’s hair, but Jen won’t let her because she is afraid of what it will look like on National TV. ED is still telling Jen how inconsiderate she is. Eric talks about how the BB execs are loving that Jen got HOH because “it is going to be one great week of TV”. Amber and Kail discuss Joe’s cancer joke, both were offended.

Dick, Nick, and Amber talk in the BY. Dick knows that he is going to be nominated. Amber thinks she will be the second one, but ED isn’t so sure.
There is general small talk amongst all the HG’s in the BY. Nicks comments that he thinks George Clooney is handsome (ED: What is UP with this guy?)
Nick and Dick have another nominations discussion in the BY. Nick thinks that he is a target because he is the only other person who has had a confrontation with Jen.

Everyone moves to the dining room and has dinner together.

8:00 PM 9:00 PM
After dinner, Nick and Dustin do the dishes. Danielle, Joe, and Dick are in the BY talking strategy. They think that BB set it up so that Jen would win HOH.

Jen’s HOH room is ready and everyone goes up to see it except for ED. There are pictures of her family, and again she hates her pictures. Jen got Sleepythings earplugs, bottle of red wine, nutter butters, cashews, leggings, Kabushka, and U2 Cd’s. She introduced her family.

9:00 PM 10:00 PM
Jameka, Dustin, and Amber are in the big BR talking about Jen and Kail. Jameka told them that Jen said it was cool that everyone was being nice to her now. Dustin commented on how Kail reacted to Jen’s HOH win and thinks Kail shouldn’t be so obvious. Zach walks in and comments that he isn’t cool enough and is teased by the others. Dustin goes to the BY to workout and offers to take their laundry down for them. Amber tells the others that she thinks she will be nominated for eviction again. Jameka thinks it will be another male; possibly Dustin since Joe is campaigning against him and it would break up Amber and his alliance.

Eric, Jessica, and Jen are in the HT. Jen says that the spy screen will be fixed tomorrow.

Danielle, Amber, and Jameka talk about Jen and how she wasn’t happy with the pictures she got in her HOH room. She didn’t want pictures of her family; she wanted pictures of her dog and the children works for. They talk again about how they thing the game was rigged. Danielle also tells them that she thinks ED will be nominated and she thinks he is bringing it on himself. Jameka says that before all of the stuff happened with Nick, Jen said she wanted to nominate two guys because Jen thought the girls needed to stick together. They all agree that they need to play that angle with her. All three girls are talking about Zach. Evidently, they don’t like him and think he is fake.

Jameka: Zack’s got one more time to come out his mouth wrong to me…and that’s all I got to say about it. He got one more time so help me god I will.

Danielle: You should call him out on it.

Jameka: I need confirmation like today. He caressed my leg on the couch.

Danielle: Like me too I totally know!

Jameka: You better get your boy. I’m gonna pray about it, not let my mouth get me in trouble. It’ll work itself out.

Jen and all the others are out in the HT. Jen talks about how everyone is going to think that the competition was rigged. She said she could see why people would think that if she wrote down “8” but she didn’t want to go over. Jen says she doesn’t like Joe, but that more people would vote to keep Joe than ED so she won’t nominate him.

Everyone gets out of the HT and Jen and Kail go to HOH room. Kail is coaching Jen on how and who to nominate. She is telling her that it is a big decision and she needs to go after the alliances. Jen says she is probably going to put up Danielle and Dick, and Kail agrees with her. Jen said she is also looking at who would benefit her further in the game and who she thinks would put her up. Nick is also on her nomination list with Danielle. The conversation is all over the place with them running different scenarios.

10:00 PM 11:00 PM
ED is going to try to make a fake deal with Jen. Mike, Kail, and Zach are talking game in the kitchen. They think they have 6 votes. Zach has laid out how everyone is connected on the chess board (he was “playing” chess by himself earlier) and compares it to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Zack thinks that Jen should nominate Dick and Joe, with Joe going home because of their votes.

They are playing Ice Block Shuffleboard in the backyard. Amber is giving Eric a backrub. Dustin is doing cartwheels. Everyone seems to be having a good time and telling jokes.

Jessica and Danielle are in the kitchen. Jessica burnt popcorn and her and Danielle are joking about it. They start talking about how Kail celebrated when Jen won HOH. Danielle thinks she is going up. Nick joins them in the kitchen, and they pick on him about a groin injury.

11:00 PM 12:00 AM
Jameka finishes in the DR and joins Danielle and Jessica in the kitchen. They all joke about Jessica having to cook.

Amber gives ED and Zack a back rub. Jameka, Jessica, Danielle, and Nick are laughing and goofing off in the kitchen. Everyone is still playing Ice Block Shuffleboard and are getting along well.

Eric joins the fun in the kitchen. Jameka goes out to the BY and get a back rub from Amber. She is making a lot of noise and ED asks if can watch. They talk about using the teacup as a place to “relieve themselves”. Mike and Jen are in the hammock discussing HOH questions.

Zack announced that there would be no alcohol and a food competition would be tomorrow.

Jen and Mike talk about possible nominations. Mike mentions Dick, Joe, Danielle, and Jameka. Jen said that after the confrontation with ED she feels she has to nominate him. She thinks that if she nominates Danielle and ED that Danielle will go home.

Someone found $20 in the laundry!

ED asks about the real story between Jessica and Carol. Jessica said they used to go to the same church, but Carol’s family only came during election time. They started fighting, the $5 incident happened during dance camp and they stopped being friends.

Zack talks to Jen in the hammock. Jen likes all the attention. It appears that he is campaigning against ED.

12:00 AM 1:00 AM
Dustin and Nick talk about porn.

Dustin, Eric, Nick, and ED talk game in the backyard. Dick says that Mike isn’t as dumb as people think he is. They discuss how excited Kail was when Jen won. Kail is not sleeping in the HOH room so that Jen can make deals.
After her DR, Jen joins them in the BY. Discussion turns to the Food Competition. Jen announces deal making in the HOH room and leaves. The rest of them discuss Jen and how she is handling being HOH. They say she is doing it all for the attention and basing her nominations on how people are treating her. ED talks about how everything he says to Kail get repeated.

Jen and Nick talk in the HOH room about the “kissing” incident. They also talk about Danielle. Nick asks her who she thinks she is putting up.

Nick: Some people find you hard to swallow, and I’ll be honest I’m one of them, sometimes you come off arrogant, you talk about yourself a lot, obviously your very beautiful you have a great body, who cares how you look, I’m trying to update you, people are getting irritated. They think you’re superficial.

Jen: It’s hard to be like a dumb girl when I’m not if that makes any sense. Obviously I’m good at figuring things out. I’m not stupid, you hang out with Danielle and it bothered me.

Jen: Hanging out in her bed is too much.

Nick: Why would that bother you, that’s jealousy.

Nick: I’m fine with talking to you and hanging out. I’ve been hanging out with Danielle because she’s in my room.

Jen: You sneak away with Danielle all the time.
Nick: I’m a flirt.

Jen: It’s not just me that’s saying that.

Jen: Who does ED think I’m putting up?

Jen: What if I put you and Danielle up?

Nick: Go ahead you can do what the F you want, you’re a grown woman.

Nick: I’m not doing this for the money, it’s a good experience.

Jen: I’m not here for the money

Dustin also went to make a deal with Jen.

1:00 AM 2:00 AM
HG’s are in the BY talking about possible nominations. Amber thinks it will be Danielle and her or ED and her.

Kail tried to talk Jen into getting a deal with Jessica and told her to get some information from Jameka. Amber starts crying. They all realize that Kail isn’t as honest as they thought she was. Talk turns to how Jen got cast for the show.

Eric talked to Jen in HOH room. He is campaigning against Jessica. Eric also throws pretty much everyone (except Jameka and Dustin) under the bus with her, especially Danielle.

Jameka, Amber, ED, and Joe discuss Zack in the BY. Jameka goes over Zack touching her leg again. Kail and Mike meet in the kitchen and talk about where they stand.

2:00 AM 3:00 AM
The HG’s talk more about nominations. Jameka and Nick talk in the WC. He told her about his conversation with Jen. Everyone is STILL awake, except for Zack and Dustin. Nick discusses a conversation he had with Zack to ED, Danielle, and Amber about Danielle. Zack told Nick that Danielle was just using him, but Nick doesn’t believe him. Everyone starts bashing Zack. He also tells them what was said in the HOH room. It appears that Eric is campaigning to have Jessica and Danielle nominated, but Zack as a possible back-door. Dick went to meet with Jen, but doesn’t want to talk to him and hides from him in the BY.
The HG’s are trying to think of a way to get alcohol. They talk about singing non-stop until BB gives in. Jen talks again about the pictures and says she doesn’t like them because they are old.

3:00 AM 5:00 AM
Mike and Kail plot to get Danielle voted out. They are discussing Nick’s loyalty to the alliance. Jen, Amber, and ED discuss the live show in the BY.ED, Amber, and Eric continue to bash on Zack. Eric told them about his conversation with Jen in the HOH. He said there wasn’t much game talk.
Kail and Jen are in the HOH room talking about nominations. Kail keeps mentioning Jameka. They discuss the order of the keys, and say that ED and Danielle are going up.

ED and Eric are talking in the BY. ED tells Eric not to trust Joe. Before ED went to bed, he told Amber not to trust Dustin too much based on the history with Joe. They talk game fir awhile and ED talks about the need to win POV and other possible scenarios.

FINALLY, everyone is in bed and snoring away.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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