[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feeds Recap – Day 9 (7/13/07)

Big Brother gives the wake up call at 8:15 and announces that the Food competition will be in one hour.

The first ones awake are Jen and Dani. Dani corners Jen in the workout room and asks her about nominations. Jen tells her that she is nominating people that put a bad environment in the house, that she can’t tell Dani it won’t be her because she is always off in a corner with Nick and that makes her feel uncomfortable.

Dani tries to explain that she has a boyfriend at home and that her and Nick just click and talk about stupid stuff. She then tells her that she had no intentions of putting her up, which is a lie.

Dani corners Nick and tells her about the conversation and how she thinks she is going up. Nick tries to calm her down but Dani is upset. Dani then tells Nick that she can’t stand Zach because he always interrupts conversations and said “you can stop talking about me now” Jamika comes over and she repeats her thing about Zach and then tells her not to trust Joe because he repeats everything you tell him. She then tells them that they (Keil, Zach and Mike) are in the bedroom chatting right now and they should go in and interrupt them. Dick was close by, never said anything just went barging into the bedroom and plopped himself down on the bed to end the conversation.

Dick gave a loud shout out to his son Vincent for his birthday today! Happy Birthday Vincent!

Jen complains again about pictures, she hopes that they don’t’ air that she freaked out because she got family pictures and not friends pictures.

Jen and Kiel have a conversation about her nominations. Jen explains that she wants to put up Dick and Dani because she can’t stand to be in sequester with them and that Dani takes Nick away from her. Kiel said that Dick can’t campaign against his daughter so it would be good idea to put them up together. Jen replies “who doesn’t talk to her father for two years”Kiel just rolled her eyes. (This was after Jen just finished telling Kiel and Dani that she lived with her Mom till she was 10, then her father until she ran away at 14 and with her boyfriend at 16).Jen wonders how Dick will act if he gets put up and ends up staying in the house and if he will target her (he has had her on radar since they entered the house).

Zach and Mike whisper to each other that they want Dani out too. They also discuss how Nick is playing both sides, said he was aligned with them then always chatting with Dani, Amber and Joe.

The food competition lasted from 2:05 PM to 3:51 PM. When the feeds return we learn some of the house will be on slop. We then figure out it must be all the girls (except Jen which she announces very loudly that since she is HOH she can eat) are on slop. Dani takes this hard and is very upset with it. Nick tries to calm her down.

Dick and Zach were in the storage room. Zach tells Dick he can probably work some magic to save Dick, but that Dani will go up in his place most likely. Dick says, “I kinda thought it would be both of us.” Zach says he’s not sure and he can probably make it happen that Dick is safe. Zach says it would probably be better for Dani if she leaves anyway with the slop thing. Dick says she’ll still be on slop all week. Zach says, “That’s right.” Zach says, “Well I mean, if you don’t need my help, then good, but I think I can help you out.” Dick says, as long as my hands are clean with her (Dani).

Throughout the day all the houseguests except Dick approach Jen about her nominations. All told her that she was not on their radar at all (different story then last week for sure when they all said they wanted her gone) Here is a summary of them all:

Jess- wants her to put up who she wants but wanted her to know that she wants to start getting rid of the guys. She said she is all for getting rid of negative and rude people.

Zach Amber and Dani with Dani going. He said putting up Dick and Dani is solid but Dick really has no alliance and is a good swing vote in the future. Jen explains that she can’t put up two girls because all the girls will be mad at her. Zach then makes the comment that Jess makes him slimy and Jen agreed with him. Jen asks him who Nick thinks she should put up and he said Joe. She said she really does not want to deal with Joe if she puts him up and he does not go home. When Zach leaves the HOH he runs into Nick and tells him that she is putting up Dick and Dani.

Jen then approaches Mike and asks him if she put up Dick and Dani who would he evict, he said Dani, just the answer she wanted to hear.

Dustin wants Joe to go. Jen tells him that’s he does not want to listen to him complain so he would need to be back doored. Jen said that she does not want to be in sequester with any of them three (Joe, Dick or Dani).

Joe- After Jen tells him that a lot of the house want her to put him up, he immediately starts on why Dustin has to go. Jen shuts him down and said she is not putting Dustin up so stop talking about that. Joe then suggests putting Zach up. Jenn acts surprised. And tells him that she can’t put him up because he wanted to rub butter on her (from the HOH question). Jen then tells Joe that his comment to Nick the other night (about the kiss) ruined her and Nick’s relationship and she did not like that. That she does not like that stuff in the house.

Eric Jess (AP choice possibly) He claims she adds nothing to the game and said she was gunning for her (Jen).

Kiel Anyone but her Mrs. Robinson alliance. She would like to see Dick gone too.

Amber and Jamika never talked to Jen either.

Nomination ceremony started at 5:25 PM and the feeds were not turned back on until 7:34 p.m.. We learn that indeed Dick and Dani have been nominated. Jamika is seen in the bedroom crying, she is upset because father/daughter are nominated together. Joe and Dick talked to her and calmed her down. Once they left Jamika, Joe runs into Jen who then said to Joe” Are you surprised your key was last? Joe replied “No” Jen then said “You need to work on your attitude, it is real negative.” Dick mumbled “kettle kettle.”

Dick being Dick walks by a camera and said “Nine gallons in a tea cup” and gives the camera the finger. Dick goes outside where Joe joins him. He tells him what Jen said and then they both yell out to Vincent Happy Birthday. Jen comes out back and Dick said “I knew I smelt fish” Jen then said that Joe’s attitude should be changed by not brining up his and Dustin’s problems, and that the norm’s are what they are because of the negativity in the house.
A bit later Dick and Amber have this conversation in the hammock.

Dick (about being nominated): I wouldn’t have it any other way it’s not easy, and it shouldn’t be easy.

Amber: Did you say anything to Zach about me wanting him out of the house?

Dick: No

Amber: Somebody did, and I think it was Joe.

Dick: Joe’s been blabbing his mouth to Jen about everything.

Amber: We’ve gotta get Zach out of here.

Dick: It’s not gonna happen you saw the order the keys came out. She’s a simpleton. She’s one dimensional. She’s an idiot.

Nick stops by the hammock and said to Dick that he really likes his daughter and that is where his vote is going. Dick said he understood. Dick then said he was not going to make any scenes but he has spoken his mind many times and will continue to do so. Hen then said” Later: If someone wins the POV and has the balls to use it, then the Queen Bee will be swinging from her t!ts.” They then go on to discuss Dani being on slop.

Meanwhile Joe grabs Jess’s ear and tells her about his conversation earlier with Jen. He tells her this” Do you think that Dick’s negative you don’t think he had a positive effect by cooking everybody food almost constantly. And she’s like “Well, no because he played a joke on Eric and Eric really hated it. And I go, “Did Eric tell you he really hated it?” and she said “No, but I think he was thinking it subconsciously.” And I just looked at her for a second and I said, “Well that’s nice of you to think for him.”

Ed and Nick had a conversation on the hammock about POV. Nick said that he didn’t think Dick had anything to worry about and Dick said that he thought the votes would be split. Dick said look how well Dam=ni did in POV the last time, and Nick replied then you would definitely be staying, that Joe would go up. Dick said that Joe is very confident and that he doesn’t believe he would leave. Zach said no, Joe is not confident, he is scared, and that during the nomination ceremony he went white when there was only one key left in the box.
Kiel and Dick have a quick interesting conversation too. Dick asks Kiel why last night she asked him if she was on his radar. He then asked her why should ask him that and if he gave her that impression. Kiel being Kiel waited a few seconds to respond and answered with a question “Did you answer me” Dick said no, Kiel asked why not and Dick said because he didn’t want to show her his cards when she does not show him hers. All Kiel did was smile and then like on cue Dick was called to the diary room.

Nick tells Dani in the bedroom that he belongs to the Mrs. Robinson alliance he makes her swear not to tell anyone else. Dani then told Nick that she is only 20 years old and they pinky swore not to tell each others secret!

Mike is seen eavesdropping on an Eric and Jessica conversation in the bedroom. He had his ear tight against the door. They were talking about Jess trying to figure out what Eric is doing wrong and why people are trashing him behind his back. That he is only trying to be genuine. Mike crept away, then Amber joined Eric and Jess and Eric snuck away and caught Mike listening in. He did not confront him, just went back and mouthed to the others that Mike was listening in.

Joe, Dani and Eric discuss Mike’s spying and Zach’s creepiness and their alliance Dani visits Joe and Eric. They tell her how Dick caught Mike spying too. Dani said when she was in the bathroom she kept hearing something and thought it was Mike. Eric said he blew Mike’s spot up trying to sneak into Mike’s room. And Eric said Zach exposed that he (Zach) was trying to eavesdrop too by having a coughing fit. Dani says Zach climbs into bed whenever Dani and Nick are talking

Eric calls Zach a molester. Dani says in the DR she complained about how Zach will sit up and just stares at her in bed. Eric says Zach was all over him the first night and was like “Sorry dude” but didn’t explain WTF he was doing.

Eric, Dani & Joe discuss the other alliance. Eric says Zach and Mike can jerk each other off on the hammock all week and then Kail can be a replace if POV is won.

Dani says Mike is the ears. Kail is the brain. Jen is the mouth. Joe says Zach is the muscle.

Dani calls Zach an ogre.

Dani says someone needs to pull an Alison and hide in the pot. The three of them think they should find a time when they’ll be huddled up in there and eavesdrop.

Dick and Amber have their late night chat in the backyard. He asks her if she played for POV if she would use it. She said she couldn’t because it would put a huge target on her back and she doesn’t want that. That it was only week two and she was up last week. Dick then said he wants Nick to assure him that if he won POV that he would take Dani off. (Nick already said he wouldn’t use it). Dick feels confident that he could beat anyone else on the block with him. Amber said what if Jen puts up Nick? Dick said she never would because she wants his attention. Dick said that Jen is upset that Dani is the hottie in the house and Jen never expected someone else besides herself as being the hottie and wants Dani gone because of it. After Dick questions Amber about her loyalty to Dustin and not himself, he tells her he is disappointed in her. That he didn’t come here to win friends but wished that his alliance members would at least help him out. Amber headed to bed at 3 am. Dick hid his bunnies, ate some ice- cream and chips. He babbled about Kiel and Mike. He wished harm on Jen too. He is amazed that 9 gallons of water is the question that put him where he is. Dick finally heads to bed at 5:45 am. BB promised an nice and early wake up call at 7 am!

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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