WWE Mexico & Miscellaney

WWE is still considering running a new international territory, yet plans have stalled about beginning one in Europe. They had been in talks with Len Davies and Real Quality Wrestling about starting a developmental league in the UK but nothing has happened about it. They’re now thinking that targeting Mexico will be cheaper, easier for transportation and has a better supply of homegrown talent and are looking to start there, if indeed they proceed with the project at all.

The latest WWE videogame was all but complete, yet now they are removing Chris Benoit from it for obvious reasons so the release may be delayed.

In another aribtrary development, Vince McMahon has taken a liking to Sandman and wants him to get an undercard push. He is rather fond of Sandman’s character and interview style. He is also keen on Chris Masters, despite all the recent negative publicity about steroids. Vince has, however, lost all interest in Santino Marella and Meltzer says he is on the “endangered list”.

Brian Gerwitz is keen on making William Regal into a permanent commissioner or executive assistant fixture on Raw. He feels Regal can do better promos, facials and in-ring work than The Coach. No shit, Sherlock.

Dusty Rhodes’ promo on the 9th July episode of Raw was ad-libbed.

Shantelle Taylor is in line for a call-up to a main roster from developmental. WWE feels they don’t have enough women on Raw or Smackdown.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 16th July 2007 (click here for subscription information)

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