Front Row Girl's Archive: Leah Randazzo – At the Root

Leah Randazzo- At the Root
Independent (6/6/06)

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Leah Randazzo is a fresh young artist, with a joyful sound spray-painting the musical canvas with funk, soul and jazz. Her voice is contemporary, having been compared to artists like Fiona Apple and Norah Jones, but she also has a touch of someone who could have been played in the 1950s and soared. Her debut album, At the Root, is the perfect thing to listen while unwinding in the evening with your favorite adult beverage. What I love about Leah’s style is it doesn’t feel forced—you can feel her love for mixing different genres. Truthfully, the girl could sing any style she wanted and stick with it, but she’s creating something that she can call her own.

“Kick it up and let’s see what we see,” from her sexy track “Passes Me By”, is a perfect way to describe the album as a whole. “Higher” has such remixing possibilities and really shows off her range. Another strong track is “Photograph”, which is very powerful and a can’t-miss track that should impress the casual jazz listener. “My Weapon” kicks off the album with the lyrics: “I got myself some bullets, and I got myself a gun/But I don’t need to use it, my voice will make you run.”

Leah’s every bit of a confident, gifted, true lyricist, and by the way, she’s beautiful. I’m waiting for the right big name record label to take this 23-year-old talent on because she could go very far in the jazz market. If you’re looking for a jazz album and a artist that sings it like she means it, get this one.