Random Reality: Big Brother 8 – Episode 5

Carol was the first person evicted from the house on Thursday. We get that recap to start off with. Jessica is not sad for Carol. Her “enemy” is gone. Kail says she accomplished what she wanted to accomplish. Apparently Jen was the one person to vote for Amber to leave. Amber and Dustin have established an alliance with each other. Dick says he trusts Amber as well. Jameka says that after Carol left, everyone realizes that it’s really a game now. Sure thing.

We see the recap of Jen winning the HOH competition. Everyone is shocked! No one is happy really. Dick said she was the only one that he didn’t want to win HOH. Kail thinks she is safe, since she was nice to to Jen. She is happy. Joe explains that Jen won despite being stupid. Everyone else didn’t think the door would affect how much water the teacup could hold, but it did. So it’s technicality and Jen wins as a result. Dustin thinks that Jen doesn’t have a strategy, so it will probably be personal. Dick and Daniele think they are going to be put for eviction this week. Daniele says Jen is jealous of her and Nick. Dick thinks Jen would be stupid not to put him up.

Zach, Mike, and Dustin like to play a game with Jen that she has no idea that they are doing. They say that Jen LOVES to talk about herself no matter what the conversation is. It will always go back to what she does as she will say “I…” and whatever she does. So they try and say something so that she can talk about herself. Hehehe. Dustin says she has no idea.

Jen gets the key to her HOH room and everyone goes to see what her room looks like. Dick is the only one that doesn’t go see her room. He wants her to drown in the tub actually. As usual, the room is transformed into her own bedroom with pictures of her family and stuff. Jen is, of course, disappointed with her pictures. She wanted more recent pictures. Oh good lord. She goes on and on about the pictures. Jameka says that Jen is so self-centered. Jen even takes her picture with her mom down from the wall. Joe is left in the room with Jen. He wants Jen to nominate Dustin for eviction, since he was one of the “original three enemies”. Jen doesn’t trust Joe one bit, though.

Time for the guys to work out. Mike and Nick like to lift weight together. Dustin and Zach decide to make fun of them by coming up with names for them. Mike is “Magnus von Vagnusson” from Austria and Nick is “Kragnus von Vagnus” from Croatia. We get joke commentary from Zach and Dustin while they left weights. This should be noted, because as I watch live feeds right this second on Sunday, you will see these names come up again. Probably on the Tuesday show. I won’t spoil it, but it’s highly entertaining. Nick says it’s tough to lift weights when Zach and Dustin try to make them laugh with their commentary. It is pretty funny.

Now it’s time for our first “showmance” of this season. Nick and Daniele are in love, if you didn’t know. Nick says that they like to flirt, but that’s about it right now. Daniele says she connects with Nick the most. “Daniele, don’t run away from your feelings” says Nick. Nick then gives Daniele the “key to his heart”, which is also his suitcase key. That’s sickening.

Jen and Kail talk nominations. Jen says that Dick and Daniele would put her up if they were HOH, so she should put them up for that reason. Jen doesn’t think Dick or Daniele could win a real competition. But Jen doesn’t want to eliminate any more girls. So she may want to put up two guys. Kail suggests Joe or Dustin. Jen tells Kail about Joe trying to work her over. Jen then brings up Nick as a suggestion, which Kail dosn’t like. Kail then tries to throw out more names to get Nick off her mind. Kail suggests Jessica, but Jen says she will protect herself over anyone else.

Time for the next food competition! The house gets into two teams, red and blue. The red team consists of all the girls, minus Jen, and Joe. The blue team consists of the rest of the guys. They will be playing “Name That Pie”. They have to name the type of pie it is in the fewest amount of bites going against an opposite team member. The first team to 7 points win the game and food for the week. Daniele says she can’t eat slop anymore. They need to win.

The first pie is Banana and Bacon. Jameka has to guess it in in five bites to win over Dick. She does and gets a point for her team. The second pie is Potato and Pineapple. Amber says she can name it in four bites. But she doesn’t guess it right, so Dustin gets a point for his team. The third pie is sausage and apple. Eric says he can name it in four bites. He fails miserably and shoves the pie in his face. Kail wins another point for her team. The fourth pie is hot dog and strawberry. Jessica fails to name it, though, and Nick wins a point. 2-2. The fifth pie is pepperroni and mint. Zach fails as Joe taunts him. Another point for them. The sixth pie is carrot and cheese, which Daniele guess right over Mike. It’s 4-2 now for the girls + Joe. The seventh pie is something and licorise, which Dick guess right. The 8th pie is salmon and blueberry. Amber almost throws up, but she guesses it right. The 9th pie is guessed wrongly by Kail. The 10th pie is tuna and jelly beans, which Nick guesses correctly. It’s 5-5 now. Joe tastes the 11th pie, which is anchovy and cabbage. Oh lord, that’s really nasty! He misses and the guys pull ahead. Daniele and Mike go now. Daniele tries to guess the pie. It is pickle and clam. She guesses wrong, though, and the guys win food!! Dustin is concerned for the girls that have to be on slop for a second week in a row. Daniele is going to be blown away by the wind this week! Dick tries to comfort his daughter.

Time for the next “America’s Choice” question for Eric. America wants Eric to try and get Jessica put for eviction this week. Eric didn’t see that coming at all. That doesn’t make a lot of sense either, except that America can’t stand her annoying voice and dumb attitude. That may just be it. Eric tries to convince Jen that Jessica is up to something fishy.

Jen and Nick now talk. Jen says that she thought she was going to be close with Nick. But instead that didn’t happen and Daniele and him got closer. She is Jen-lous. She tells Nick that she is going to put up the most negative people in the house. Nick says she can put him up if she wants to. It doesn’t matter to him.

Now it’s time to hate on Jen for the hour. Jen walks into the room and wakes up Mike and Dick with her talking about herself. They aren’t listening because they are sleeping. But apparently Jen talks about how she dries her air. Towel or blow dryer. Yes, this is very interesting stuff. Dick the goes off and tells the others. Funny line from him. Dick makes fun of Jen by saying she would say “Oh, you’re play chess, look at MY chest!” It all comes back to her. Dick says that if she was his daughter, he would be in even worse shape as a parent than he is right now with Daniele. Dick says he would put his private areas in a blender before he would date her. Okay, I wouldn’t go that far. Maybe just duck tape her mouth shut. Dick then goes off on Jen. He tells her that she is an inconsiderate bitch who can’t stop talking about herself. That’s true as Jen tries to explain, but can’t stop talking about herself to listen to him and also can’t stop playin with her hair the whole time. HA!

We get the next question for America. Eric is going to pretend to sleepwalk. “Whose bed should he stumble into while he sleepwalks?” I say Jen’s! But go vote now!!

Time for the “nomination ceremony”! Dick thinks he is going to be put up for sure. Nick and Joe think they could be put up for eviction. Jessica is not scared about being put up, though. Jen says she hasn’t strayed from her plan all along. Jen says the nominations should be better people to have better lives or something like that. Jen then pulls the first key and it belongs to Jameka. Jameka pulls Kail. Kail pulls Mike. Mike pulls Zach. Zach pulls Nick. Nick pulls Jessica. Jessica pulls Amber. Amber pulls Dustin. Dustin pulls Eric. Eric finally pulls Joe. So that means Dick and Daniele are going up for evictin this week!

Jen says that together they provide an awkward negative energy in the house. Jen says the house would be happy with those two gone from the house. Daniele says that is a load of crap and a lie. She says “bring it on” in true cheerleader fashion. Nick says that Jen is jealous of Daniele or anyone that takes the spotlight from herself. Jen doesn’t care if Dick yells at her or not. She is just going to go in the hot tub. Dick says he won’t campaign against his daughter. He wants to save them both from eviction. That means one of them has to win “Power of Veto” on Tuesday. Who will win and what happens if either Daniele or Dick do win? Who would Jen put up in their place? Find out on Tuesday night with Richard, right here on Reality Dish.

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