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Tim, have you made any summer music purchases that you’d like to rave about?

Sadly…no. I’ve been a bit lax with my music buying as of late, but I can’t even really tell you what I’ve been missing. I’m either so out of the loop or the music this summer hasn’t been all that great.

What I will tell you, I hate Hate HATE HAAAAAAAAATE “Umbrella” and that Suicidal song. Terrible. Just terrible.


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What, you don’t want me to link anything? Fine…I had this great link to a place that just gives money away, but if you won’t ask about it, I guess the readers will have to do without. You hear that, readers? All Mathan’s fault.

What I Read Last Week

Y, the Last Man #57 – Such a good issue. A great portrait of two folks with romanticized notions of each other dealing with the reality of each other. This is certainly a contender for issue of the year.

Scalped #7 – Red Crow is a loathsome character. That said, I kind of dig the guy. I’m a sucker for “by any means necessary” characters and he appears to be one them. He’s a bad guy, but I kind of dig him.

American Virgin #16 – I’d love to see this comic as a series on HBO. The phone convo between Adam and his sis was comedy. This was a well-written issue with all of the puns and whatnot. Really enjoyable read.

It’d be excellent for a TV series! Got on that people that make TV series(es?)! I gave my friend who has just started to get into comics this (by this I mean the series up until now) and he’s over the moon for it. And he hated Preacher. Thus, this is better than Preacher.

Okay, probably not. But I have to hassle the “Preacher is the greatest thing EVER!” crowd.

Also, The Boys? One note joke told rather weakly. I’m just saying.

Exterminators #19 – Ok, this book gets creepier and creepier. It’s especially creepy because I occasionally see a roach or two at the bus stop at night and my mind flashes back to this title. But it’s such a good read.

Supergirl #19 – Allow me to completely echo Starman Matt’s sentiments; Kelly did a commendable job during his run on this title. He cleaned up the messes others made and made the book a surprisingly good read. He made Kara feel like a kid. And he was given one issue to wrap everything up. It’s not flawless, but those who understand the behind the scenes stuff can look beyond the flaws. Joe Kelly you made lemonade out of lemons and it was truly refreshing.

I think you, Starman, and two more folks out there represent the sum total of people that feel that way. But damn if you all aren’t eloquent about it. Good on you.

For the record, I so disagree with the character’s existence, I don’t even bother with the book.

Faker #1 – I picked this up on a whim, but it’s a solid read. The characters have great voices and the story takes a quick turn at the end. At first it’s a look at life and then the story kicks in. Good stuff. Jock ties some new things and the college setting seems weird, but it works.

All-Star Superman #8 – Is it wrong that I feel really bad for Zibarro? I mean I know I’m supposed to, but when he confronted Clark about the rocket plans, my heart sunk. Personally I found the Bizarro speak to be funny, especially in regards to Zibarro.

Bizarro speak is so draining to me that it almost always pulls me out of the action. Sadly, this issue was not an exception. That’s a shame since there was a lot I really enjoyed, such as Zibarro and his writings, the Bizarro Justice League and Lois getting the news about Superman. Stupid Bizarro speak ruining everything.

Countdown #43 – Wow, Bart’s really dead. I’m glad that he got a proper send off. The stuff with the Trickster and Piper was really good as was the scene with Holly and Harley. I enjoyed the issue.

See, I thought the funeral was weak. I’m a sucker for superhero funerals. Superman’s was great. Hal Jordan’s funeral issue damn near made me cry (or made me cry…whatever). Sue Dibny’s was well done. Karen Paige’s was heartbreaking. And so on. Yet Bart’s….it just sort of sat there for me. The video tape was strong but otherwise…eh. Guggenheim did a better job memorializing him in those three pages that closed issue #13. Tell me that Robin’s silent collapse isn’t a 100% better than his speech and Wonder Girl’s (awful) eulogy combined. Go ahead…I dare you to tell me.

Atom #13 – I really liked the Chronos stuff. The alien civ stuff was cool, I guess, but the Chronos stuff was the highlight for me. I’m anxious to see how the things turn up next issue.

Chronos is/was great. He’s not the Chronos I love, but he’ll do.

Outsiders #49 – I’m so dreading Judd leaving this title. You have no idea. This issue is so bittersweet. The scene with Sasha and Bats was handled really well. But man, I’m not looking forward to the new team, in any sense.

Action Comics #851 – I didn’t get the 3-D version, it was sold out. I liked the Mon-El stuff. I liked the Chris vs Zod stuff. I liked the Lex/Superman stuff. I didn’t like Zod rounding up the heroes. When did this happen? And why wasn’t it reflected in other DCU books? And why didn’t Batman have a plan for it?

Detective Comics #834 – Good conclusion. I’m glad that Bats has decided to let go of the past. I loved the art and the moments between Bats and Zee. What more can I say?

You could talk about Zatanna forcing Joker (through magic) to laugh. That scene was, in a phrase, totally AIRWOLF!

Nightwing #134 – Ugh, I’m really not digging the missing year or lack thereof. I’m glad that Metal Eddie is a bad guy. I’m glad that Sook’s on covers. But man do I miss Devin Grayson.

Ultimate Power #5 & 6 – I liked seeing Hyperion battle Thor, Sue and Johnny. I really liked Burbank and Reed’s interaction. I’m less than happy about Doom’s presence. I’m really curious what’s up with Supreme Power. Didn’t it end on a cliffhanger, with Redmond returning? What is up with that title?

Steven G. is a theology major

What ancient gods are running around the DCU? Are they real gods? Or what are they? Are they heroes, villains or non-entities? And what about the Marvel-U? Or should I go to their Q&A column?

On the DC side there are tons of gods running around. They’re almost commonplace.

We’ve got the Egyptian Pantheon are the gods who give Black Adam his powers. Hawkman and Metamorpho also have ties to these gods.

Then there are the Olympian Gods. In the DCU they were one set of entities who split themselves into two sets so that they could get tribute from both the Romans and the Greeks. They’ve since rejoined. They are frequently referenced by Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman and Son of Vulcan (provided we see that character again.) The Titans of Myth should also be noted here.

Both the Norse Gods and the Hindu Gods have a presence in the DCU but not nearly to the degree of the other pantheons.

The gods are real “gods.” They are the entities that were worshiped by those civilizations. They exist outside the normal plane of reality and make occasional appearances in the DCU.

They are usually characterized like they gods that they are. They don’t really get that involved mortal matters, beyond having a mortal champion. The Olympian Gods tend to get their hands a bit dirtier. Ares has been known to cause trouble in the pages of Wonder Woman.

As for the Marvel side, I’m sure they’ll be able to give you a more in depth answer than we could provide here in this space, so we’ll leave that to them.

Tim, can you think of any examples of ancient gods that I missed?

You seem to have summarized them rather well.

And since I’m a big fan of one step shopping, I’ll do my best to fill you in on the Marvel ones right quick although I know Mathan won’t be happy. That’s okay though, because I’m an adult.

You hear me Mathan?! You don’t get to boss me around anymore. Not now, not EVER!



Gods in the Marvel U are a bit of a different situation. They are superstrong and nigh immortal, but, more often than not, they are beings from different dimensions, not true deities. Of course, one could debate what makes a god a god. Is being immortal, powerful, and worshipped enough in and of itself? Alas, Marvel never really dove into these theological debates. Thus, all gods in the Marvel U are really “gods”. Similarly, it goes with devils/demons. There is no Satan, but there are plenty of folk that could be him (Mephisto) or descendant of him (Hellstrom). In the end, Marvel has no clear take on what, if any, divine forces exist in their world.

Of the “gods” we’ve see in the MU, the most prominent is, of course, the Norse pantheon because of Thor. A sort of unofficial cousin to the Norsemen in Marvel Comics are the Greek pantheon, represented by the likes of Hercules and Ares. Much like the DCU, the Greek Pantheon has more or less merged with the Roman one for the sake of storytelling.

“Lesser” deity figures in the Marvel U include the Japanese gods (they played a prominent role in the Ares miniseries), the Hindi gods (who once initially opposed the returning of the Norse pantheon to life), Egyptian, Aztec, Chinese, Persian, African, and Native American. They all belong to Council of Godheads and, apparently, meet occasionally to discuss the future of the Earth, who gets to win the pennant, and where the finest ladies on the planet live. It is sort of like Comicon, I’d guess, but with a lot more machismo.

With so many gods to choose from, how is Steven G. supposed to know which one is right

And that brings me to another point – is there an over-riding religion in comics? Seems to be some sort of Pantheism in many cases, but I am confused. I’ve read at least one Elseworlds where Christianity was the overriding force, but that’s about it. The lack of religion is something that makes comics attractive to me, but am I missing something?

Nope, you’ve pretty much got it pegged. The DCU is very much into the Pantheism thing. All of these various pantheons and gods all coexist with fictional pantheons (like the Parliament of Trees or the Atlantean gods.) No one supreme deity from one pantheon is more powerful than the supreme being from another pantheon.

However there are characters and entities that stem a decidedly Judeo-Christian origin.
The Presence (also called The Voice) represents the Judeo-Christian god. From this entity we get Zauriel, The Spectre and Eclipso. Still the Presence isn’t any more powerful than Zeus on a godly plane.

And I’m guessing that the Elseworlds you’re referencing is Holy Terror, which was certainly one of the better uses of the “Elseworlds” concept. I remember reading it rather fondly.

I’d have to guess that religion’s been left out of comics to avoid any stigma or threat of propaganda. Plus creators tend to come from a variety of religious backgrounds, so putting religion into a comic might turn off creators and readers alike.

Tim, can you think of any overtly religious comics?

Green Lantern, the most recent volume, numbers 1-8ish. Apparently the DCU does have a specific god and that god’s name is Hal Jordan (and his nerves of steel. HE’S A TEST PILOT!!!!!!!).

Besides that though, maybe Spectre? And that was less religious (in that it did subscribe to or endorse any particular faith) and more deist. Zauriel miniseries was all about angels and demons of the Christian bend, but still reads like the most non-Christian comic about Christianity ever.

Although DC is more explicit in its depiction of deities, it too subscribes to the Marvel model of not really taking a stand on which faith or faiths are right. And, really, isn’t better that way?

Coren is so friggin’ wrong

Mathan, I think that the conversation in JLA9 goes a bit deeper than you indicated. In JLA 10, Wildfire flat out says that he’s in the Red Tornado body in the future.

You’re wrong.

I’ve scoured the issue and actually the entire crossover and scrutinized every line of dialogue between those two characters. I’ve found nothing that explicitly states Wildfire is in Red Tornado’s body.

In JLA #10 Red Tornado tells Wildfire “You don’t have to do this” to which Wildfire responds “Sure I do. Don’t forget, I’m you John, I know how this one ends.”

I read the response as Wildfire’s in the same position as Red Tornado (a guy who lost his flesh and blood form) and he knows that his story doesn’t have a happy ending.

Next scene they’re in Reddy say’s “You’re angering me”, to which Drake responds “I remember. And I know where that anger comes from, John.”

Now I interpreted the response as Wildfire telling John that he remembers the anger he felt when he found out he was trapped in a new form. Wildfire knows what it’s like to lose his body. Plus Wildfire actually lost his physical form twice, so he really knows what it’s like to finally feel (again) and lose that ability, just like Red Tornado did.

Finally Wildfire tells Red Tornado to “fight what’s inside you, John. I know you can.”

I read it as Wildfire telling Reddy to fight the desire to withdraw from human interaction and possibly fight the self pity he’s feeling.

Now maybe my copy of the issue is missing the page where Wildfire tells Red Tornado “look, I’m in your body, and yes it did survive to the see the 31st Century.” That’s possible.

Tim, where do you stand on this debate?

I stand on the side of being really wrong. I thought Coren had you nailed because I swear I can remember the scene he describes as well. But then, I look back and I too find no such scene. So, Mathan wins. Again.

That Bootleg Guy picked up Titans 15 years ago. Which means he’s like your dad’s age.

I picked up my first issue of “Teen Titans” in about 15 years. Questions abound, such, who the hell is the leader of the group? In the “Death of Titan” (#47) issue, it appears that Nightwing is calling the shots.

Ugh. The mess that is the current Teen Titans.

I guess the current leader of the Teen Titans is Robin. He’s the guy who leads them into battle and provides the strategy. He’s also the one everyone turns to when there’s a battle brewing.

Personally I’d like to see Cyborg as the leader since it’s the only book he’s appearing regularly, oh wait, he’s barely appearing in it at all.

But yeah, Robin is in charge, except when Nightwing comes to visit. Nightwing was the original Robin and the original Teen Titan leader, so when there’s a huge Titan get together they usually defer to Nightwing in those moments.

I’m less worried about who the leader of the Teen Titans is than what direction that book is heading in. I’m really looking forward to this book getting a regular writer and that can’t come quickly enough.

Tim, you can’t seriously tell me you’re loving the Teen Titans as it stands right now?

Oh, not at all. I don’t think it has been particularly on since just prior to OYL. There have been some good moments, but, overall, the book has been way off its game.

That said, it is not Titans bad.

What is keeping me on it is that Sean McKeever, a writer who’s work on teen characters over at Marvel has been top notch, is soon coming on. So, I’m dodging the crossover stuff until issue #50 and then, I’m back in. Hopefully DC McKeever will prove as good as Marvel McKeever (I am ignoring Countdown for the sake of this response as no writers, not Dini, not Beechen, not McKeever, are coming out of that looking good) and Teen Titans will be worth reading once more.

R. Hardin is packed with questions and thus, from what I’ve read, really satisfies.

With Batman taking Nightwing’s place as leader of the Outsiders, a couple of questions pop into my head: Is Batman leaving the Justice League?

If yes, does that give Dick a chance to join along with fellow Titan alum Roy?

If no, does that put Batman on the road to (more?)overexposure?

Could this put Nightwing into the midsts of Checkmate? The presence of Nightwing could be a boost to Checkmate’s sales and set up some interesting storylines.

Yet another tragic side effect of Batman returning to the Outsiders – densely packed questions.

This could quite possibly be the most densely packed question ever. That’s like four questions right there, because all are answerable.

Is Batman leaving the Justice League? I don’t think so. The Justice League is so loaded with talent that Batman doesn’t really need to show up every time. He’s like Superman; “call me when it’s a real emergency.”

However if he did leave the Justice League I don’t think it’d open the door for Nightwing to join up. The League doesn’t need Batman so they don’t really need a skim-Batman either. And if I was part of the JLA I’d make a rule that we couldn’t have more than two former sidekicks on the roster at the same time.

Is Batman at risk for being overexposed? Negative! Batman used to have four monthly titles, plus various team memberships. Appearing in JLA and Outsiders isn’t that big of a deal. Plus I don’t really expect Batman to be going on too many missions with the Outsiders. I think of him more in an Oracle or Mockingbird capacity where he’s supervising the missions rather than being a grunt.

Could Nightwing be a part of Checkmate? Sure, in theory. But I don’t think that Nightwing would really fit with that book. Mr. Terrific works because he’s “the third smartest person in the DCU”®. Nightwing doesn’t really have much on his resume other than former sidekick, former Teen Titan leader and former Outsider leader. And frankly that last one isn’t that impressive an accomplishment.

Plus I think that Checkmate would mess up Dick Grayson’s private life. Dick Grayson has an active life outside of Nightwing and I think that Checkmate tends to monopolize that. Checkmate seems to come first and I don’t think that Dick Grayson would go for that.

But I do agree that Nightwing would probably amp up the sales of Checkmate, I think that the two wouldn’t have a happy marriage. It’d be like that time Lisa Marie and Michael Jackson got married; the buzz was there, but it made absolutely no sense at all.

Tim, feel free to jump in on any or all of these.

All I have to say is, “STOP TRYING TO PUT NIGHTWING ON THE JUSTICE LEAGUE!!!!” I mean, it is not the worst idea in the history of comics (that would be canceling Sleepwalker), but it is pretty damn close.

That Bootleg Guy

Hey, when did Beast Boy get those crazy pointy ears? I remember the old Changeling had ears like you, me and everyone else.

Speak for yourself; my ears are deformed from an awful childhood accident involving s’mores, earmuffs, and duct tape. It’s really too tragic, I don’t want to go into it.

As far as Beast Boy’s ears go, I’d look no further than the success of the Teen Titans cartoon. The animated Gar Logan has pointy ears. Thus, since DC cancelled Young Justice to set up the latest incarnation of Teen Titans to capitalize off the success of the cartoon, they also gave Garfield Logan pointy ears, just like his animated counterpart.

Call it corporate synergy or crass commercialism; I’m still pining for my Black Pete Ross.

Tim, are your ears normal?

Umm…yes? They appear to be. I think. Well, maybe one is too big? Or both? Are they uneven?

Oh god! I’m so self conscious now!

R. Hardin is just starting to realize the horror that is multiple earths

So, it appears that the Titans of Tomorrow are coming back in Teen Titans #51. I see from the solicitations that Conner and Bart appear to be alive in the future. Care to speculate on that?

Sure it seems pretty easy to me. First off it’s an alternate timeline or possibly even characters from another Earth, so the rules of who’s dead and who’s not don’t really apply.

But I’m sure you’re wonder for my theory on how they might be alive. Well it’s pretty easy. Conner is a clone after all. Given that Lex and Kal are still alive it should be pretty easy to recreate Conner given the technological advances when it comes to cloning in the DCU.

As for the recently deceased Bart Allen. Well, in the recent JLA/JSA crossover the Legion brought someone back to the 31st Century with them. Given that the person they brought back with them was riding the lightning, like Wally, it’d be safe to assume that he’s a speedster. Plus when you recall that Bart was born in the future, it kind of makes sense that they’d want to bring him home where perhaps he could be brought back.

Plus wasn’t Conner calling himself Superman in that storyline? Seems to me it was being called Superboy that got Conner killed in the first place. Call it meta, but seems to me you take “Superboy” out of the equation and it’s ok to use Conner.

Tim, are you excited about returning to Tomorrow, or is it too soon to return to glory days?

I thought it was a very cool storyline and it is about 2 years old now, so why not? If DC can stripmine Kingdom Come, I see no reason why we can’t enjoy a follow up to Titans Tomorrow.

That Bootleg Guy is so materialistic

And, the Superboy clone…I get the whole “imperfect duplicate” angle that’s been Bizarro’ed to death, so I won’t ask how it happened. Instead, I wanna know where he got that cool black “backward S” insignia shirt! Seriously.

Well, when I’m looking for villainous fashion I always check with Paul Gambi. Gambi is the guy who’s responsible for that entire Rogue chic from the Central City area. All of the Rogues got their flashy vines from Paul Gambi. In fact he’s where I got my Reverse-Flash t-shirt.

But I’d have to guess that Deathstroke had Match’s shirt custom made. I mean Slade’s got means. So getting a custom t-shirt made is probably a piece of cake.

There’s also a chance that whoever made the original run of Superboy t-shirts might have had a few mistakes with a reversed “S”, so perhaps they could be found in a discount rack.

Sadly I’ve got no definitive answer for where that shirt could be found. It’s quite possibly just an image dreamed up by an artist.

Tim, is there any hero symbol you wish would be immortalized on a t-shirt? I mean other than Aztek.

Hmm…I could rock the Parallax simple. The green symbol on a black shirt. Yes, it is incredibly nerdy, but eh…maybe that’s just who I am.

In all honesty though, I’ve never really had much of an attraction to shirts depicting comic characters or symbols of comic characters. We all need to pick our merchandising avenues, I suppose.

That Bootleg Guy cries “Never more?”

I always enjoyed the Raven character back in the pre-Crisis days. Then, when she was essentially “cleansed” of Trigon, she became infinitely less interesting. One, have you read any storylines, recent or otherwise, that might make me give a hoot about her again? Two, has Trigon ever been resurrected since his apparent demise way, way back in 1985?

First answer, nope. I don’t like Raven. I’ve never got the character. I’ve never liked her. I cringe at storyline that feature her as a main character. I’m not that disappointed that her announced mini-series has yet to materialize. In fact I’m irked just by you bringing her up. I thought we were friends, man.

As for Trigon, he, like Barry Allen managed to stay dead. In fact I’m going to stop referring to Barry when I talk about a character that stayed dead and only make reference to Trigon.

Any good things to say about Raven, Tim?

She rocked the bald look almost as good as I do. And, she’s apparently be doing lots of cardio. Did you see her glutes as rendered by Tony Daniel? The lady’s gotten serious about getting her butt in excellent shape, clearly.

R. Hardin looks into the future

Now that speculation is running rampant on the web about the new “Villains” teaser poster DC has released, what is your take on it? Any hopes/fears raised by the image?

Yeah, the image is a cool one but the more I think about it the more it fills me with dread and not in a good way.

I hope that Catwoman maintains the same quality of story and art that it has OYL despite being part of whatever’s happening.

I hope that J’onn’s role is a minor one. I don’t dig his new look or his new attitude.

I fear the presence of New Gods. Darkseid, Desaad and Granny Goodness are all present. Plus a Mother Box. I’ve never read a New God tale that really “wowed” me. Mostly I’m left with a “ho hum” vibe. This could be another one.

I hope that Eclipso is handled well. The character has tons of continuity ties (both as Eclispo and Jean Loring) so her tale could be pretty tangled. I’m optimistic though.

I fear that Lex is really going to adopt his Silver Age look. I’m a fan of business suit Lex. I’ll always be a fan of business suit Lex. I loathe the guy in that image and I’m happy he’s bloody and crying. It fills me with joy.

I fear Pied Piper is going to die. His instrument is there, yet he’s not. And his death might cause Trickster to a) adopt a new look (that of Trickster II) and b) turn to other villains for help.

I fear Connor Hawke is going to die. Not really for myself, I don’t care about the guy. I know that Tim digs him. There’s clearly a broken green arrow on the ground and we know that Ollie’s got a wedding, thus a future.

I hope that DC manages to pull off the Kingdom Come Superman and the Mullet Superman. I want their presence to be cool and not hokey.

I both hope and fear the death of the Black Racer. The character is way corny, but DC can’t really afford to loss yet another Black character and one of the few Black New Gods.

That’s about it for me. Tim, do you have any hope/fears brought up by this image?

Well, you nailed the Luthor fear. Why, oh why, does Luthor have to go back to the Silver Age silliness? WHY?

The Penguin thing is disappointing for similar reasons. I figured it was always just a matter of time before he went bad, but I sort of hoped it would last a little longer and we’d get to see more of Penguin: Semi-Legitimate Businessman.

Maybe DC is filled with a person who always wanted but never got their MBA and that’s why they are so anti-businessman?

The three Supermen are both cool and not. Cool because I’m interested to see how SuperMullet fits in, not because poor Kingdom Come Supes has been so strip mined by now, he has no more resources to give.

Given J’onn and Catwoman’s presence on the Outsiders, I assume they are their as spies for Batman. The presence of J’onn in the Judas position (this is the Last Supper, don’t you know?) lends further credence to this idea.

Granny Goodness being there sort of reinforces the theory that she is running that Home for Girls in Countdown, not a true Amazonian.

Hmm…not much else, prediction wise, at this point. I’m just ignoring that arrow, by the way.


I really enjoyed The Sinestro Corps, although I question the need to bring in what should be Superman villains. Has the disco collar superceded the Nehru jacket as the dress of choice for evildoers?

I guess when I think “disco collar” I’m thinking butterfly collar. That huge collar. That Saturday Night Fever collar.

Personally kind of dig Sinestro’s collar. I like it. I’m not really a fashionable guy, but I do wish I could pull off a look like that. I mean, collar wise, not huge forehead and red skin.

But I venture to guess that no bit of clothing will ever surpass the Nehru jacket as the choice of evildoers.

Tim, is there a villain that you think is particularly sharply dressed?

Why, the Monocle, of course.

Colin isn’t color blind

Kyle’s had the Ion entity stripped of him, and been infected with Parallax. Why is he still green? Hal still being green as Parallax made sense, but knowing now that Parallax is the yellow impurity, ought not Kyle be in yellow armour?

Very valid point. Why would the introduction of a yellow parasite create green armor?

I think that answer lies in the individual. Hal was green because he believed he’d absorbed all of the Oan energy. He looked the way he felt.

But Hal’s look pretty much defined Parallax. So when it was introduced to Kyle, Kyle put his spin on what he thought Parallax looked like. Just like Kyle shaped his own image when he became Ion, he did the same thing when he became Parallax. He just based it on Hal’s version and tweaked it.

That makes sense, right?

Can you think of any other reason for Kyle to be green, Tim?


That’s going to do it for this week’s edition. But we’ll be back next week with tons more questions. Maybe we’ll recommend a good Wildstorm Primer or the best trade to introduce Human Target. Or maybe we’ll tackle JLA: One Million. Who knows, we might even answer your question, provided you send it our way.

You can either email me or post it on our thread.

But before I go here’s my question to you; what’s your favorite Vertigo title?

There it is, we were only one push from the nest.