Ring of Honor Results, 7/16/07 – Budokan Hall

Results according to Gabe at the ROH message boards…

Just walked in from the show, we are about to run out for more sushi, but after a quick glance I don’t see results yet so here they are in quick form:

1) Delirious came out to welcome the Japanese fans to ROH. NRC jumped him until Jack Evans & Suzuki made the save. Evans challenged Romero & Richards to have their match right now. Romero & Richards defeated Evans & Suzuki after Romero kicked Evans in the head several times. This was a hot opener.

2) In a suprise NOAH match Taniguchi defeated Ito.

3) Jimmy Rave defeated BJ Whitmer

4) Bryan Danielson defeated Go Shiozaki in a long match that was an absolute classic. The Tokyo fans were chanting “ROH” after the match and gave Danielson a huge ovation. Danielson challenged the main event winner to a title match in the future.

KENTA came out right after intermission and told the crowd he injured his leg last night at Budokan Hall and would be unable to compete. The crowd was very understanding.

5) Delirious defeated Roderick Strong in a Fight Without Honor that saw the crowd really cheer Delirious and boo Strong. This was the best match between these two and they both agreed.

6) Naomichi Marufuji, Jay & Mark Briscoe defeated Matt Sydal, Ricky Marvin & Aoki. Let me just say this match was amazing.

7) Takeshi Morishima defeated Nigel McGuinness in another outstanding match. This had Budokan main event title match heat. At the end of the match Bryan Danielson entered the ring with the belt. He told Morishima it was his belt. Danielson then acted like he was going to hand Morishima the belt but instead slapped him. Before Morishima could kill Danielson, he tried to run off. However, Danielson ran right into Nigel who hit him with an uppercut. Nigel then picked up the belt and Morishima extended his hand. In a show of respect they shook hands and Nigel handed Morishima the belt to end the show.

On another note, Naomichi Marufuji will replace KENTA in Osaka.

I think you will all be very happy with this show when the DVD is released. We are all very proud of it.

Credit: Gabe Sapolsky via the RoH messageboard.

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