Triplemania XV Notes


AAA’s Triplemania XV took place last night in Mexico, and here are some quick results:

– Kenzo Suzuki lost his hair in the main event.
– Sean Waltman also wrestled in the match, and came to the ring with Alicia Webb (formerly Ryan Shamrock)
– Sabu wrestled his first post-WWE televised match, which will air in Mexico next week and in the US on August 11, teaming with with Headhunter I, Ron Killings, and mystery partner Rikishi in a win (Rikishi got the fall).
– Super Calo (formerly from WCW and ECW) was unmasked and will now wrestle as Jordy Stone.
– Ozz and El Cuervo vs. Joe Lider and Crazy Boy in a ladder match for the AAA tag titles was a spot-fest and reportedly match of the night.

David Brashear should have full results in the next Lucharan!, so stay tuned.

Credit: Joe Lavaia and

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.