[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Jen's NEW Nominations

Jen nominated two people earlier this week during the live feeds. You saw that it was Daniele and Dick last night on the show. But before even last night’s episode aired there were some changes to the nominations. The “Power of Veto” changed the nominations, which only can mean a few things…

One of the nominations has won the “POV”. That person is Daniele for the second straight week! Jen had to replace her with a new nomination. There was heavy speculation, but the new nominee is…


Joe will join Dick as the two people up for elimination. According to Jen, they would also be two of the most negative people in the house. Find who goes home on Thursday, but stay tuned tomorrow to see the dramatic “Power of Veto” competition and replacement nominee ceremony on CBS at 9 p.m. ET/PT, and of course complete coverage of that episode and more on Reality Dish.

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