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Pulse Wrestling’s WWE Raw Report
Live from Corpus Christi, Tx


  • The Faceoff between Bobby Lashley & John Cena

    ‘King of Kings’ starts to blare…the crowd pops big. But when King Booker & Queen Sharmell come out, it quickly turns into boos. Booker says that it is blasphemy that Triple H would be known as the King of Kings, when Booker is the true King of Raw. He then orders HHH to relinquish any reference to ‘King’. Booker then says that he must attend to another issue. He turns and looks at Jerry Lawler. Booker wants Lawler to remove ‘The King’ from his name. Lawler says that, he thinks they can both coexist as Kings. Booker then convinces Lawler, and Lawler says that despite what the fans & JR call him, he will no longer call himself ‘The King.’ Booker then orders Lawler to kiss his ring. Lawler, of course, says no. Booker jabs Lawler with the mic, and Lawler fights back! We have a scuffle around the announce table until refs come out to break it up.

    I guess tonight we will have comments from other WWE Superstars on who will win the Cena/Lashley match at GAB. First up is Ric Flair, to chooses Cena. Flair, apparently, has his nose up Cena’s ass.


    Recap of Umaga killing Santino the last 2 weeks.

    Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin (w/ Charlie Haas) vs. Santino Marella vs. William Regal – 4 Corners Elimination Match – IC Title Shot at GAB
    Hardy & Shelton fall to the outside to start. Santino goes right after Regal, and tries to lock on a cross arm bar. Regal & Santino roll outside, and Hardy & Shelton back in. All 4 are in the ring, and Santino tries to roll up Shelton, but Regal breaks the pinfall, by kneeing Santino right in the head…Regal pins him for the elimination. Shelton and Hardy start duking out, and Shelton ends up giving Hardy the electric chair.


    We come back and Shelton & Regal are double teaming Hardy. Hardy hits a back body drop on both, and then hits Regal with a Twist of Fate for the pin. Hardy is up, and Shelton is waiting on the top rope, and nails a HUGE Blockbuster for 2. Jeff then hits the Whisper in the Wind. Haas on the apron, and Jeff knocks him off, and then tosses Shelton on him. Jeff then leaps over the top on both of them, and then rolls Shelton in the ring, and goes up for a Swanton…but misses. Shelton tries for a quick cover, but Hardy kicks out. Shelton looks to be going for a powerbomb, but Jeff blocks it and rolls up Shelton for the pin.

    Next in the Cena/Lashley predictions is Edge. Edge says that he can’t stand Cena, but still respects him, and says that Cena will retain.


    Slam of the Week: Rhodes/Orton recap.

    Todd with Randy Orton. Todd says that Orton challenged Cody Rhodes tonight, and Cody will face Orton tonight. Orton says that he will end Cody’s career before it even starts.

    Maria is trying to console Santino. Santino says that every time he loses, he feels like a fraud. He then thanks Maria for keeping his chin up. Santino wants Maria to spend the night, and promises to make her breakfast in the morning.

    Batista is next in Cena/Lashley predictions. He says that first off, the fans will win, because it will be a great match. But if he has to pick a winner, it’ll be Lashley.


    Snitsky cuts a riveting promo, saying that, as much as he likes winning, he likes hurting people more.

    Snitsky vs. Val Venis
    Total squash. Val got no offense in. Snitsky wins with the Pump Handle Slam.
    Winner – Snitsky

    Todd now with Cody Rhodes (man, it’s tough not to type Runnels). Cody says that an RKO will not defeat his Dad’s legacy, and tonight he is going to make his Dad proud.


    Jerry Lawler gets in the ring, and he explains the Texas Bullrope Match. Basically, both guys are attached to the rope by the wrist. Then, all bets are off, and there is no DQ. First pinfall or submission wins.

    Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes (w/ Dusty Rhodes)
    Orton is all over Rhodes, the whole match. Orton continues to pick apart Cody. Cody gets a series of punches, and then hits a missile dropkick for 2. Orton up quick, nails a European uppercut. Orton stalks Cody, and lays out Cody with the RKO for the pin.
    Winner – Orton

    After the bell, Dusty checks on Cody, and Orton looks like he may go for the RKO…but Dusty sees it coming, and Orton backs off.

    Next Cena/Lashley prediction is Stone Cold. Austin says that both are evenly matched, but he goes with the Champ.


    Mickie James vs. Melina (w/ Beth Phoenix) – WWE Woman’s Championship
    Candice comes down to ringside. Mickie tries a quick victory roll for 2. Very back and forth match up. Beth distracts Mickie, and then Mickie turns right into Melina’s weird leg drop thing.
    Winner – Melina

    Commercials. (Seriously, if ‘Who’s Your Caddy’ makes any sort of real money, I think I will slit my wrists)

    SmackDown Rebound: Edge’s Mardi Gras Celebration.

    Edge has a Major Announcement for SmackDown this week.

    Hacksaw is chilling backstage, and Regal comes over and wants his 2×4. Basically, this turns into a big dick joke. Faarooq says DAMN.

    Foley bets on Lashley for the GAB match.

    Commercials. ECW night will be CM Punk vs. Marcus Cor Von, and Johnny Nitro is holding a press conference.

    Carlito vs. The Sandman
    Sandman starts the match with a series of wrestling moves. Carlito fights back and starts scraping. Carlito locks on a neck wrench. Sandman gets out of it, and scoop slams Carlito. Sandman goes to the top, but William Regal comes out and takes out Sandman.
    No Contest.

    Regal pummels Sandman. Duggan comes out and makes the save…yippie!

    JBL says that he picks Cena in the GAB match.


    WWE Rewind: Super Crazy rolling up Kennedy 2 weeks ago.

    Mr. Kennedy vs. Super Crazy
    Kennedy completely dominates the match. He pounds Crazy into the corner, and then hits a running boot for 2. Kennedy locks on an abdominal stretch, and when Crazy tries to fight out, Kennedy rolls him up for 2. Crazy fights out. Crazy goes to hit his Triple Moonsaults, but Kennedy shoves him off at the 3rd Moonsault. Kennedy then hits an Inverted SUPERPLEX for the pin.

    JR & Lawler run down the Great American Bash Card:

  • Dusty Rhodes vs. Randy Orton – Texas Bull Rope Match
  • Batista vs. The Great Khali
  • Umaga (c) vs. Jeff Hardy – IC Title
  • Johnny Nitro (c) vs. CM Punk – ECW Title
  • Candice (c) vs. Melina – Woman’s Title
  • Edge (c) vs. Kane – World Title
  • John Cena (c) vs. Bobby Lashley – WWE Title

    Lashley & Cena walk toward the ring.


    Coach has a podium on the side of the stage, and there are 2 in the ring. Coach introduces both Lashley & Cena. Coach asks Cena if he thinks his title reign will end on Sunday. Cena makes a joke about the retarded question. Coach then asks Lashley how he thinks he’ll win on Sunday. Lashley thinks this whole idea is dumb (as do all of us), and then he tosses over his podium. Coach tells them to not confront each other, and Lashley decides to charge up the ramp and goes after Coach. Coach says that if Lashley attacks him, he will lose this title shot. Cena then tells Lashley that he better concentrate on the Title Match. Refs come out and backs Lashley off, and he goes to the back. Cena then says that Lashley is a former US Champ, and a former ECW Champ, and on Sunday he will test just how indestructible Lashley really is. This brings Lashley back out, and they stare off at the bottom of the ramp, and then they start to scuffle, as the camera turns off.

    Show Over.

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