[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feeds Recap – Day 10 (7/14/07)

An unusual wake up for the HGs this morning, seems each individual is awakened and told to go to the DR one by one and when they return they wake another to tell them to go to the DR. Some who’ve returned from the DR this morning are going back to sleep, others are doing their morning rituals. Finally BB gives the house the morning wake up call announcement or two. A few minutes later, BB announces that the POV will begin in 90mins.

The morning discussions begin with Nick and Dick who are in the storage room (exchanging their batteries) Nick says he won’t be using the POV, Dick (with only a few hours sleep behind him) says he doesn’t know WTF he’s talking about. But Dick is checking out things. He asks Eric and Jam if they would throw the POV, they both agreed and Eric say he probably won’t have to throw it (he assumes he will lose) Dani makes it known she doesn’t want anyone using the POV on her. Amber assuring her all is OK and she won’t be going home. Dani tells Amber she went to Jen and made nice.; Dani does ask if ED/Dad is campaigning against her and Amber assures her he isn’t. Dani is nervous having to compete against her dad for the POV, Amber telling her what will be will be don’t pressure yourself you’ll psyche yourself out. Dani agrees. Dick walks in and Dani says to him Good Luck as he walks out of the room. Dick looks to be hurt. Dani says this is a lose-lose situation to Amber. 60 minutes till POV, BB reminds them.

Joe scratching has a rash and he’s huggin’ up to Nick. Nick takes it ‘well’. Dick says he never thought he’d see the day Joe would be spooning Nick. Joe says he’ll go see about getting some meds for it.

Mike and Jen in bed says that everyone is whispering/strategizing shares that he lurking around listening. Dick walks in and the Jen and Mike chatter stops, Dick leaves and they commence. Jen confirms she’ll choose him in the POV if possible now that she knows he wants to play and he confirms he will back up her nominations 100%. They together have figured out the house is split down the middle between Dani and Dick. Jen begins to communicate via signing and BB calls her out for it they laugh. And 15mintues later Dani see’s Joe and Nick are still spooning! Jen doing a barometer check with Jameka now.. asks if shes ready to play POV.. Jameka says no and then Jen is called to the DR. The consensus of Amber Dustin and Nick is that Joe should go. As everyone starts gathering in the LR lots of chatter, what it will be endurance or physical.. some have their preferences. Amber checks with Eric in the bathroom who he would vote to keep he says to wait to see what happens. Dick and Jam in bathroom now and Dick shares with her that if he/Dick or Dani get the POV they both could end up staying. Jam is good with that.

We get the Blue Tunnel for about 20 mintues, apparently they chose who’s going to play POV. Jen/HOH has made a threatening statement that if one of her nominees are removed with the POV then she will pick from the pool of POV players. The POV players are: HOH/Jen, Nom’s Dani and Dick; HGs Mike, Joe and Amber.

With that said, Dani says that if she doesn’t win it, she feels she will be going home. Nick tells Dani that Zack told him to vote her/Dani out.

Amber goes to the gym to freak out and is being comforted by Dustin. She tells him she will not sure the veto if she wins it. Dustin tells her not to throw POV. Amber has another emotional crisis, breaks down crying and now doesn’t want to play the POV at all. Dustin has his work cut out to reassure Amber things will be ok. Just play, don’t throw the POV game and explains if she wins POV she is protected. Jen can’t nominate her because that’s the POV rules and Jen can’t change them. She afraid of the position it will put her in later, so she feels she still can’t use it. Then Jen walks in and hugs Amber and Amber tells Jen that if she wins she will keep her noms the same. That isn’t enough Jen explains, I want ‘help’ keeping them the same, so take Dick and Dani out first she goes on to tell Amber that if she/Amber uses the POV, she/Jen MIGHT nominate Dustin, so be sure to keep the nominations the same, she goes on, and Dani will go home and its like it is suppose to be! Jen leaves. Dustin and Amber hash it out again. Dustin comfortingly says Jen can’t demand results from the POV. You play strong, play to win. Hopefully Joe will be going home. Amber nervousing in the storage room asks BB for one of her anxiety meds.

Jen on a roll now; (Jen, Mike and Joe in the bedroom) tells Joe if wins and uses it, she will put up who ever is closest to Joe. Joe asks her who he’s closest too. She doesn’t know, and he tells her there is no one she could put up that would directly hurt him. Joe tells Jen he thinks it should be Zack that should go up coz he’s a bad performer he throws competitions and he admits it.

Jen returns to the HOH with Zack for a house update chat. Zack worries what Nick will do. Jen wonders and asks Zack if Amber and Dustin have switched yet. Zack feels the house is still at a 5-5 split and that Jen will have to make the final decision. Zack says if one of them (Dani or Dick) come off the block that Amber should be put up. Then Zack adds if he wins HOH next week and Dick and Dani are still in the house they are going right back up on the block. !!

Joe appears in the HOH and Jen jumps all over him coz all she is hearing from everyone is that he will use the Veto if he wins. Joe jumps back wants to know who ‘everybody’ is asks for just one name and Jen won’t be specific. (and Joe hasn’t denied it either). Jen throws Dustin out there for an alliance partner. Joe says he has no alliances with anyone. Jen says if you think you’re with Danielle, you’re with everyone. It’s obvious to see that Dani is playing everyone. Joe whines to Jen that she always claims to have secret info about people which never quite checks out, but that its just gossip he argues. Jen brings up to Joe that it was just wrong for him to run to Nick and tell him that Jen was lying about Nick wanting to kiss her. Joe concedes he did go behind her back to Nick but that she/Jen knew he was going to do it. Jen finally give up a name Zack is one of the ones that are spreading lies about Joe. Joe trashes Zacks’ credibility saying he’s been caught in numerous lies. Jen wants to know how Joe will vote and he won’t give it up. Jen says Dani has the most potential and has everyone and everyone hates her/Jen. Jen feels you know exact where Dick is coming from but no idea about Dani. In the end, Jen provided a name Zack for Joe and Joe never concedes he will use the veto or how he will vote only he feels it will be split or a close vote.

Dick and Jen have their special moment Dick really pissy tells her that he expects to be put up, but that she’s next – that she only has 1-2 weeks left in the house — Stop making Amber cry! Dick makes the comment that he can’t wait to feel the bones of her neck crush between his fingers. In the meantime, Joe is running around telling all about Jen’s threat to Amber. Dick still pretty hot, checks in on Amber and she says she’s ok.. Dick says that Jen is a very selfish person who only cares about herself. Jam defends Amber too.

Joe still running around stirring the pot-he finds Jen and tells her that everyone is going to throw the POV. It won’t be 4 against 2, it will be her against the 2 nominees all because she’s threatened them. Jen is fine with that she said she would be happy if its only her against Dani and Dick.. The current drama ends as we finally we go to POV/Blue Tunnel.

90 minutes later we learn Dick won a plasma TV and see Dani wearing her POV!!

Some quiet chatter happening – who should be the replacement for Dani. Jam is concerned about herself. Jen coming down from the HOH in a bright red uni-tard, something to do with the POV contest. As Dani puts her POV necklace on the wall Nick asks if she will use it. She says no and Nick said he wouldn’t. Kail and Amber are handcuffed together (again has to do with the POV contest) and Dick says everyone getting what they should “her in handcuffs”. Joe wins a slop pass.

Nick and Jam have a little convo in the bathroom they think it will be Joe who goes up replacing Dani. In the Storage room Joe is telling Dani he didn’t throw POV.

Jam, Kail (and Amber who are handcuffed together and apparently will be for 24 hours) says she has some things she wants to say to Dick. Kail thinks it is going to be an interesting week Jam says it’s a crazy game. Jameka is showing Dustin, Kail and Amber how to step dance.

Nick has gone up to the HOH to find Jen:

Nick in HOH listening to Jen’s music

Nick: I cant believe you didn’t trade for the slop pass

Jen: I want to be on slop (Jen gets on the bed and lays down in a weird awkward looking position)

Nick: so you got a decision to make now huh

Jen: ha yep

Nick: I wonder if that’s going to be tomorrow..

Jen: no idea..

Jen: You can nap here I’m not going to have anyone else to sleep with… What does Zach want to talk to you about?

Nick: huh? Oh, were just gonna talk. Joes coming at you right away. What you thinking?.. you’re thinking something

(now they’re talking about before in the storage room with Dick, Amber and Daniele..)

Nick: I was just looking out for you, making sure nothing happened

Jen tells Nick, after Nick suggest Joe be put up that she knows she a target, why would she want Joe out when no one likes him that’s putting the focus more on her. Jen is talking about wearing the red uni-tard and doing the POV ceremony. She finds it funny that she loves her red uni-tard and that BB can’t seem to find or do anything to piss her off. Dustin joins them.

JEN ANNOUNCEMENT (to Nick and Dustin): Whoever sleeps up here with me tonight doesn’t get nominated. Nick never opens his mouth and Dustin is all about that idea.

Back downstairs in the kitchen, Kail is still taking step dance lesions from Jam. Amber confides to Kail that she is glad she is chained to her because some others would have gotten on her nerves.

Nick and Dani in the bedroom — he says she beautiful and wants to make love to her in a vat of chocolate; Dani tells him to shut up.

Back in the HOH: Jen says that Dick and Dani were both expecting others to help them, and this is why Dani got so upset and was yelling because Jen threatened the others. Zack joins them with his opinion that Joe should go up he’s the instigator of why Amber started crying in the storage room earlier. Jen says “Whoever I put up will be going home not Dick.” (and she is probably right too) Zack pipes up — This is a golden opportunity to go after Joe. Zack is trying hard to get Jen to backdoor Joe but she feels it’s a wasted nomination and says she wishes Daniele would just go home especially if Dick got it (POV). Zack tells her that if Mike was put up that would probably mean Dick would go home, Jen disagrees and says she won’t put up Mike or Kail. Even tho Jen feels it’s a wasted nomination since everyone dislikes him,

Zack feels she ought to consider it seriously and he begins showing her with the Alice in Wonderland chess pieces on the chess board — saying that this is how he makes decisions about the game, since it changes every day. He has selected a piece for each house guest as Jen watches. Jen is one of the knights. According to Zack he displays the chess pieces and the connections between the HGs.. Eric is with Dani; Jess is Joe’s lap dog. Nick doesn’t have power. Eric is not with Dick. Nick is not with Dick. If Joe left, lots osf people would be floating (Zack trying to make Jen believe that Joe is the glue between most if not all of the HGs)

Back in the kitchen Amber is telling Dick, Jess Kail and Dani all what Jen said. She’s very stressed and thought this was supposed to be a fun game. She doesn’t need the pressure.

Jameka brings up the mushroom contest for the 1st HOH and Dick thought she started talking about mushrooms the psychedelics. So the conversation turns to Alice of Alice in Wonderland and how mushrooms effected her in the story and the writer of Alice in Wonderland was dropping LSD when he wrote the story. Kail says WOW, drugs really do pay off. Dick then shares his opinion of the ‘good’ that has come from drug use (in the arts). Many talented musicians’, which Dick names several some who had died (of drug overdoses) and some which are still living, used drugs and how it had influenced musicians and their music, how music progressed under the influence of drugs, but namely heroin and LSD. Dick thinks marijuana should be legal and feels the government shouldn’t lump it in with cocaine, meth or the other hard drugs. Not many of the HGs knew about drugs or their influence in our past culture.

A while later Dick and Jen go at it.. Dick saying she could have played the HOH much smarter than she did. And that she really has no idea what is going on in the house. But he knew if she won HOH he was going up. Dick is still steaming about the Tea Cut only holding 9 gallons of water. Jen feels she would have looked stupid had she not nominated him especially after he yelled at her and she tells him she KNOWS that he won’t be going home. Dick says in all the BB games none of the HOH’s have threatened anyone like she has the POV players and the people on the internet are going crazy. Dick informs her she has 1-2 weeks maybe left in this house. Jen appears to pretty much keeps her cool during these confrontations. Dick tells her she was so smart with her rein as HOH and nominee choices, that now it looks like both nominees (Dick and Dani) will be staying. Jen plays that off as though she planned it that way and tells him she knows he and Dani will be staying. Dick telling her how rude she is and how her speech about him (being a trouble maker with the rest of the houseguests) was all BS. Jen tries to correct him by telling him what she said was that he makes trouble in front of everyone not WITH everyone and that she isn’t rude she is upfront.

Dick is relentless verbally beating her up and Jen keeps her cool and just agrees with him. Dick brings up again to her about the first food comp where she told nearly everyone she didn’t want Dick touching her. Jen tells him it was because he had just smoked a cigarette. Dick says now she has created two huge enemies (her former nominees) and those she threatened who played in the POV. He’s not sure why she is here, she says to meet new people; Dick tells her that she is the person that they (viewers) will love to hate. Dick adds that her experience isn’t going to be good. Dick even brings up all her JenXXX shirts and how goofy they are. (Anyway this battle royale between them goes on for quite a long time. Dick pretty much covers everything she’s done, said, how she acts and what she does that gets on (most) everyone’s last nerve.

Elsewhere in the house Daniele, Jam, Joe and Jess in the bathroom have shared that they have caught Mike spying and eaves dropping. Dani says we’ve caught him three times. Jameka thinks is possible that the Mrs. Robinson alliance will be recruiting Amber and Dustin. As they hash that out Dani tells them that she started screaming in Jens face earlier today after she won the POV and now Jen won’t look at her. Jam asks Joe who would he suggest Jen replace Dani with. They all decide they want to all suggest the same person and be on the same page and Zack walks in the bathroom as they decide this. Dani thinks Joe would campaign against anyone as long as it isn’t him and Nick agrees; Jan wants to suggest Zack to Jen. Dick walks in and congratulates Dani for her POV win.

Nick and Dustin in the gym get a few minutes of strategy in. Nick tells Dustin that they want Zack up and Dustin doesn’t think that will work. Dustin asks if Dani would vote to evict Joe and Nick tells him yes. Dustin then tells Nick to tell Dani to make it Joe. No one would be able to stand Joe being on the block for 4 days.

Back in the bathroom, Joe (must be feeling the heat) tells how he set Zack up. That all they need to do is tell Jen all the examples of catching Zack spreading lies and causing trouble. Dani isn’t sure it will work and Joe says it won’t if no one tries. Joe admits that he feels he’ll be put up. Joe makes his exit and Jams’ feelings are that Nick won’t be put up Jam doesn’t believe Jen will use pawns. Jam wants to say to Jen ‘look at the people who are hanging around you now, who didn’t last week’. Jam also feels if Joe goes up he’ll call out all the alliances.

On lounge chairs outside Jen asks Jess who she thinks will go. Jess says if the nominations stay Dick will go. A surprised Jen says I thought it was a tie. Jess says then she guesses it will be up to Jen, but that Dick rubs people the wrong way comes on strong. Jen thinks because he comes up with all the fun sports activities and makes dinner a lot he would have more support. Jess says she’s not involved in that kind of stuff. Jen tells her that Dick has a lot of people close to him. Jess says that more are worried about who will replace Dani, that since she did the nominations before, wonder if it will be the same route. Jen asks Joe and Eric? Jess says she doesn’t know about Eric but she confirms Joe is very worried. Jen tells Jess that everyone seems to think she will put up Joe, but that she hasn’t made up her mind yet that everyone except Kail is a possibility. Jess suggests that BB get a sponsor to put their logo on Jens red uni-tard.

Late afternoon now and Dani gets a few moments with Kail and Amber. She apologizes to Kail for being rude earlier, but that Jen was just walking around like nothing had happened and Amber was very upset over what Jen said to her. Kail said it was sweet that Dani is sticking up for her. Kail calls Dani the Veto Queen.

As evening turns to night, Dick passes through the kitchen tells Dustin and Mike he is still mad at himself for choking in the POV game. But Mike agrees with Dick that Jen choked worse. Dick goes out to the back yard where most the others are. Discussions of hair, tats and art take place. Its been a few hours but Jam is still trying to teach Kail the stomp dance

Kail, still handcuffed to Amber has to go to the bathroom. They maneuver it so the camera’s can’t see Kail on the toilet, Amber tells Kail if she has to fart, to go right ahead. As they leave the bathroom they talk about Joe and Dustin. They agree that Dustin is still in love with Joe, but that Joe is an instigator. Joe was Dustins first boyfriend and that Dustin feels that his association with Joe will hurt him in the game.

Joe tries to start conversations saying the Veto comp was ‘nice’. That even with the threats and everyone saying they wouldn’t throw it or try hard to win it, everyone cheered each other on. He asks Kail when her anniversary is (Aug 18 18 years). Eric who was lying down, got up and left. Joe then asking since Kail is an early riser how will that work being chained to Amber. Amber says she’ll get up and they are glad it is only for 24 hours.

Joe leaves and Amber/Kail discuss the Joe/Dustin relationship. Amber tells Kail that Joe asked her if maybe she would get Dustin to trust him again (since Amber and Dustin are so close). Amber told him no and says that Joe is the typical gay guy to which Kail agrees. They also both agree that it is difficult to tell that Dustin is gay most of the time and how much more mature he is and older he looks, he’s only 22.

Jameka who’s been dancing in the back ground asks Dustin what is his type and he says taller, more built, manly and mature .. Nick! Dustin gives an explanation of how he and Joe ended up together Joe’s charm and his giving ability and Joe came along when he was pretty needy and had a void in his life. But now, Joe is the complete opposite of what Dustin prefers.

Missing from the backyard is Dani and Nick who are in the bedroom. Nick up to his one liners says that when he first met Dani she had sox on, now she doesn’t, so that means he charmed the sox off of her. Some game talk between them wanting Jen to put up Zack. Jam comes in and says Zack or Joe. But Jam also tells Nick (they feel he’ll have some influence with Jen) to let Jen come up with the name based on what all the houseguests want. As Jam leaves for a few minutes and Eric pops in for a second and he tells them he got in trouble for talking about his DR sessions. Nick tells Jam there is a hammock date for the two of them tonight. Then Nick shares his long term plan that they can all work together against the 4 upstairs and when the 4 are gone the Mafia 5 or whatever we decide to call ourselves will go after the stragglers. Once that’s accomplished then it is everyone for themselves. Then Jen comes in, Nick gets out of bed and Dani sit up. Small talk follows Jen asks what can they do she’s bored. Talk of the veto comp then the food comp (pie eating contest). Last weeks votes to evict Carol vs Amber. Jen confirms she has to wear her uni-tard until the end of the week.. No abs classes until its over, she don’t want to stink. Jameka tells Jen she’s been very consistent. Jen says so has Dick, but if he appears not to be now, its because they talked and he’s going to try to work on things i.e. name calling, being mean and yelling and he asked her to work on things too, adding that she didn’t want to be in the house if someone smoked and assumed Dick knew why she didn’t want him touching her she didn’t want Dick rubbing cancer all over her.

In the backyard some are playing freebee others watching them, some are doing laundry. Zack and Mike find a couple minutes at the bathroom sink. They know Dick knows he’s staying. Zack says if Joe and Daniele stay, we have major problems. Dani at the kitchen bar catches Dustin and updates him that Zack is the target to get Jen to put up. Amber and Kail come in and joins Dani, Nick and Dustin and then Jen joins them small talk. In the small bedroom we have Jam, Jess and Joe talking about Zack being aligned with Jen, Kail and Mike. All strategy stops when Amber and Kail come in. Since Amber/Kail left the backyard, the strategy starts with Eric, Nick and Dick all agree about getting Zack nominated.

Its 11:30pm and the beer is here. Dick and Nick grab a beer and head for the hot tub to talk/rehash more strategy. Actually everyone is talking everywhere. But Dustin finally tells Jess and Jam that they are the only two that have named Zack everyone else is talking Joe. Jam wants to know how many sympathy votes they should give him.. Dustin isn’t sure until he knows who’s voting for who he don’t want him to have too many. Jam is still concerned that Joe will out everyone’s alliances. Now Jam, Jess and Dani coach Dustin to work on Jen tonight in the HOH (he will be sleeping up there with her) that she needs to get rid of Joe — so that next week Zack is the first in line to be nominated. Dustin feels Zack has his hands in too much that Zack is trying to recruit him, Amber and Mrs. R. A bit later Jess reveals that Joe had told her that Dustin and Joe had an agreement that if one got on the block the other would have their back. Dani and Jam tell Jess that they believe Dustin over Joe. When Zack enters the room the talk stops, Jam asks him questions (nice cover Jam!) until he leaves. Zack leaves then Dustin, leaving Jess, Jam and Dani. It seems Jam, Jess and Dani are quite tight an obvious alliance.

Alliance talk between Zack and Mike they want to officially get Jen in their alliance and maybe a 5th person possibly Dustin. Maybe another, but Mike doesn’t think there is anyone left.

Back at the hot tub is just BS chatter between the boyz +1 = Zach, Joe, Dustin, Jen, Dick, Nick and Mike. In the small bedroom Jess, Dani, Amber Kail and Eric chatter with unimportant chatter. Eric says he will be naming his son Zack Morris Stein, his daughter Madden after the football game and his dog Circus. Then Eric jokes that people are comparing Dani to Janelle. Dani says yeah, but without the fake boobs and Eric adds and without having to change into a one piece bathing suit halfway thru the show. The group jokingly gets on Eric for bashing all past houseguests. Dick and Dani get a brief moment Dani says it’s good Amber chose Kail to be handcuffed to, it keeps Kail from talking game with Jen. But Dani says that isn’t what they were thinking.

Dick appears in the bedroom with Jess and Dani and question who Jen will put up. Dick says he’s not worried. Jess said Dick didn’t need to worry. Dick thanks Jess and he leave for the backyard. Jess whispers to the girls how Kail is trying to make nice with everyone and how fake she is. Dick back outside shares his conversation he had with Jen and Dick is still complaining about the 9 gallons the tea cup holds. But he’s good and not stressing. He thinks he’ll be ok with the vote.

Eric, Jam Dani and Jess have gathered about the memory wall making a game of which star they look like. Jessica says Jam looks like Whitney Houston.. everyone laughs. Jess begin naming anyone black Oprah, Gary Coleman, Eddie Murphy Every back person Jessica has ever seen in Witchita, they are all just laughing their butts off. Eric says Dani looks like Sally Jesse Rafeal laughter again, but Joe comes in joins in the fun. Kail Susan Sarandon. Joe adds Dani Anna Nicole Smith minus 300 pounds. They all agree. Then a while later the hot tub kids join in: Dani said Nick is Mandy Moore with his bangs. Jameka thinks he is John Ritter and someone else’s lovechild. He’s also Jared from Subway. Zach is Shrek given by Joe. Jim Carey with the mask.
They re-explain Jameka’s look-alikes. “Every black person, man and woman, in Wichita Kansas.” One of the guys says Dani is Skeletor. Jameka adds Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Nick says Eric is like Jason Biggs and Adam Sandler. Eric laughs and says “Basically every Jewish celebrity.” The guys laugh hard that Amber is Amanda Bynes and the MGM lion. Jessica says Shakira. Joe is Screech. They add Beaker from the Muppets. Dustin laughs hard at Jen being the tootsie roll owl.

Nick says Dustin is Steven Dorf. Jameka says Matthew McCoughnahy. Zach says a little Ryan Secrest. Nick says Dustin got all the good ones. Jessica is the Wicked Witch of the West and every white person Jameka ever went to school with. Dustin says Olivia Newton John. Mike was King Kong and Jase and the Slim Jim man. Jameka adds Michael Keaton. Everyone was have a good time figuring out the celeb look-a-likes.

After the fun, its back to strategy.. and Nick is talking with Jen recruiting her into Mrs. Robinson alliance and get her to nominate Joe. Jen ain’t buying it. Jen did say she is made she didn’t wait and nominate Dani after the veto. Jen said its possible she may put up Nick and Zack says the vote would be close but Nick would vote out Joe. Jen says she doesn’t care that Nick would vote Joe out, Zack says he cares. And nominating Joe is her best move. Jen is (a little) pissy that Nick doesn’t talk to her much.

Kail works on Jen about getting Dick out. Kail feels he should go cause how crazy he went being nominated and when he gets nominated again he’ll treat them bad too Kail pushing hard – feels the house should be warned this week is the week to get rid of Dick. Jen said she’d put him up again its entertaining. Amber betrays Dick by offering to sacrifice herself (as a pawn) against Dick. Amber thinks she can carry the votes including Dani’s. Kail says don’t be so sure that Dani would vote against her father for you, Amber is pretty certain of herself. Dustin comes in and gets updates on the conversation at hand and quickly agrees saying Amber would have the votes. A while later its back to Joe instead of getting Dick out. All this time in the HOH Mike has the headphones on listening to U2 and not participating. Dustin lies to Kail and says that he’ll make things right between Kail and Dick. Telling Kail to trust him/Dustin — she isn’t on Dicks hit list at all. Amber is on a rampage about Zack how she hates him and wants him out going on and on and on even Dustin is surprised about her actions and carrying on. Then Amber asks Kail not to say anything to him, just watch him.

Dani, Nick. Jameka and Jessica discuss recruiting Eric into their alliance since he is with no one and they still want Zack out. Nick tells them his plans are to win HOH next week, put up Kail and Zack and if the veto is used put up Mike.

On the Dick at Night show, Eric is up with Dick for awhile and Dick tells Eric he can’t completely trust Amber. Eric thinks that if Dustin and Amber go up together Amber would sacrifice herself and asked to be voted out. Eric also believes that Jess is a threat coz she doesn’t complain about the slop (?) AND Eric admits he did throw the 1st HOH.

Dick: 9 Gallons my ****** !!

Eric: That’s a Julie Chen Special.

Eric goes on to bed and Dick stays up to do the dishes. He tells us feed watchers he thinks he is golden this week but that he can’t trust Amber. After he does the dishes he joins the rest and off to sleep he goes at 6:23am.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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