Lance Storm: “The status quo isn’t working; people are dying.”

The following is from Lance Storm’s latest commentary on his Web site:

This is what has gotten to me the most, the denial. We’ve seen countless drug-related wrestling deaths in the last 10+ years and we (me included) have always managed to grieve, accept, and move on. In the past I think we have all managed to look the other way accepting that, for the most part, drug-related deaths are self-inflicted, and those who died had made their own choices and suffered their own fates. That doesn’t wash anymore! Two very innocent people are dead (Nancy and Daniel) and drugs in the wrestling business were at least, to some extent, a contributing factor. We can’t look the other way any more, attitudes about drugs and drug use in this industry have to change and they have to change now, before more people die.

Read the whole rant here.

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