Ladies And Gentlemen Ace Ventura 3

Credit: Variety

It won’t have Jim Carrey in it and it has been twelve years since the second was released, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be made

David M. Evans (The Sandlot) is set to direct the third film in the series. This one will star thirteen year-old Josh Flitter who has most recently been in License To Wed and Nancy Drew.

The story follows the son of Ace Ventura as his mother is accused of stealing a baby panda and he must do what he can to prove her innocence. Stepping into his father’s shoes as a “pet detective,” the boy will take on the case and track down the missing panda.

Ace Ventura 3‘s script was written by Jason Heimberg, Justin Heimberg, and Jeff Sank. Principal photography is set to begin in Orlando, Florida on September 17.