Make Movement: Buildup For The Bash


RAW is remembered mostly for the video packages of ‘who do you pick?’ with various WWE superstars in a UFC-inspired packages, on who will win in Lashley versus Cena I. It’s the most affective way to show main event video hype packages. Fans seem to be pretty pro-Cena and mild-Lashley. I thought the main event faceoff was good for what it can be, Lashley is not a talker and it’s wise not to book him in situations where he has to buildup a angle. I enjoyed the word choice by Lashley calling Cena the hype man. Cena is a affective talker when he’s not being goofy. The goofy stuff in the beginning of the faceoff did nothing for me and had the potential to ruin the good work he did at the end. I don’t know if the fans feel a passionate connection to this angle because there is no deep boiling emotional issue tied to the story. Lashley wants to be champion, his ECW championship was taken away and all he cares about is being a champion again. Cena’s story is he’s the champ and he backs down from no one. The match itself this Sunday at the Great American Bash can be a solid match, but I don’t know if people will buy the PPV unless they feel Cena has a real chance at losing. Lashley has the potential to be the one to end the winning streak, because he has been pushed solidly for half the year, but WWE has always found a way to keep the belt on Cena.

The teasing with Triple H’s non-return and King Booker’s mocking, as well as connection with Jerry Lawler was a good way to start off RAW. Lawler is always the go-to man in these mid-build up stories and the fans really do rally behind him. I’ve always been a fan of King Booker’s work and the idea that Triple H may start his comeback against Booker will be a lot of fun.

One of the most disappointing aspects of RAW however was Cody Rhodes versus Randy Orton. Cody could be one of the bigger stars in the next few years, and his opening match, had nothing memorable to give or show other than a sweet missile drop kick from the top rope. Granted, I did not want or expect Cody to pull off a win, Orton has more ring experience, so there’s no reason for Orton to lose. However, I need to see more out of Cody. Since Cody is Dusty’s son, he is getting that rub, and it’s good to have him in front of Texas crowds. I believe the chemistry with Orton and Cody in the ring could be good, but Cody can’t get buried too soon or we may not be talking about him next year. The actual match with Dusty Rhodes and Randy Orton in a Texas Bullrope match should bring some nostalgia to the crowd on Sunday, and a chance for Cody to help his dad to continue the feud.

Umaga and Jeff Hardy for the IC Championship should be a good match as well. Hardy has worked hard the last few months and I would like to see Hardy win this one. Umaga beat Hardy originally for the belt, and right now, Umaga is the only monster heel in the division. By the way, with Shelton Benjamin and Jeff Hardy working this division again, what has happened to the tag team division? You can’t have the IC division and the tag team division work in the same night? So sad.

As usual, Mr. Kennedy is in a category all his own, but I find myself bored with him wrestling Super Crazy on the show. He’s not even on the PPV. In the “I don’t care at all” category would be anything involving Snitsky and Val Venis. That crowd had no reaction, it should be a eye opener to the writers but they are ignoring this and are going to continue to push Snitsky and even Val, who hasn’t won a match on TV in years. In the “what the hell” category would be anything involving Jim Duggan, William Regal, Carlito and Sandman in a new feud. Was this a writing prompt challenge by someone in the back? It’s the only way I can explain this marriage of talent. Very zany. Maybe Ron Simmons should come in this one too and do a Dominator on all their asses.

The PPV this Sunday has the potential to be good but they have to do better than last month’s and really deliver a solid showing based on all the attention they are getting from the mainstream media.

Always remember, for things to change, you have to make movement. Thanks for reading and for all the feedback, feel free to contact me anytime at