Maybe Roenick can play in Russia

Roenick Not Retiring

Jeremy Roenick’s agent has told the media that his client is yet to make a formal announcement concerning what’s left of his pro hockey career.

Despite not being anything near the Jeremy Roenick hockey fans knew while he was in Chicago, Roenick has attempted to remain relevant in the current NHL despite not being able to rack up much of an offensive output.

Sitting at 5 goals short of 500 for his career it looks like J.R. may have to continue to stare at that 495 total unless a team is willing to offer the 18 year veteran a contract soon.

Does Roenick deserve a shot at reaching 500? Sure..but Roenick has been tossed in the backburner in the eyes of many over the last several years.

After the lockout, the Flyers dumped his salary on the Kings where Roenick came into camp completely out of shape and went through an injury plagued season that saw him pose for pictures out on the beach in his hockey gear, disco dance in Vegas and tally 9 goals all year in Los Angeles.

During that time period, Roenick was also spurned by Team USA when they didn’t select Roenick to be a part of the Olympics.

Roenick cited himself as one of the guys who made the team what it has grown to be in international competition but he was nonetheless left off the roster.

Heading into free agency Roenick declared that he would love to play for a Canadian team…no one cared until Phoenix (which happens not to be in Canada) offered him a contract which resulted in Roenick being a healthy scratch several times and leaving the team to watch the game at a local bar rather than in the arena.

Chances are someone might bite and give J.R. the chance to have a farewell tour but even J.R. would be lying if he said he was surprised that no one did.

IIHF Members Ratify Agreement….but not Russia

Six countries that include Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Slovakia all signed a new agreement that involves their leagues and the NHL through 2011.

The agreement allows for players from their leagues to transfer to the NHL in exchange for compensation ($200,000 per player for development). However, there will be a limit to the number of players who would be able to transfer annually and they must be signed by July 15 or August 15 if they were drafted.

Players not under IIHF contracts are fair game.

Where does Russia stand in this? They refused to sign because they want the NHL to honor their league contracts.

How about Roenick for Chereponov straight up?