BLATT vs. ECW live coverage for July 17th, 2007

So Johnny Nitro has an announcement tonight. Let’s hope it’s nothing like Edge’s announcement (warning: spoiler). Let’s also hope that the Great Khali doesn’t win the ECW championship.

Looks like we’re keeping Marilyn Manson as the music for ECW. I think they could have done better, but I guess that they need to promote something that’s not Drowning Pool. Joey and Tazz try to sell us on some “reporters” being outside the champ’s locker room. Someone walks out to say that this is the last time that we’ll see Johnny Nitro on ECW. I suppose they’re trying to make people stay tuned later. I don’t think it’ll work, I think most people will be checking the internet after the show later.

CM Punk over Elijah Burke by GTS
Wow, opening with this one? Interesting choice, but I guess they’re going to try to keep us in suspense, even though no one really cares and people want to see Punk wrestle.

Staredown to start as both men acknowledge the crowd’s chanting for Punk. Burke challenges Punk to start in the middle of the ring. Punk lets Burke know that the crowd is firmly behind him. Burke circles CM Punk and they go into a collar an elbow and Burke powers Punk into the corner. They circle on the ropes and they get tangled and separate.

both men are slow to get into a test of strength and Punk pulls Burke’s arm around with one arm, then Punk lifts Burke and drops him while still twisting the wrist. Punk grabs Burke in an arm bar, then rolls him through by his head and drops some knees on the arm while still holding the arm bar. Punk holds Burke’s arm in a submission before Burke powers out and knock Punk down with what looked like a push. A push? Nah, he hooked the leg and then missed a short elbow.

Punk goes back to the arm (which will REALLY stop the Elijah Express, right?) and kicks Burke in the ribs a few times before throwing Burke shoulder first into the turnbuckle while in a hammer lock. Punk can only get a one.

Punk gets a body slam and a short leg drop for a two. TWO! Punk goes back to the shoulder as Burke powers out and pushes Punk to the corner. Clean break, then a boot to Punk’s midsection. Burke pounds on Burke, gets a snap mare and finally hits that short elbow for a two. TWO!

A few more forearms to the back by Burke before Punk reverses a suplex attempt for a two. TWO! Back to a triangle submission on the arm and Burke powers out and gets a whip reversed into the opposite corner, but drills Punk with a boot reversal.

Boot vs. Face. Face rarely wins.

Burke sets Punk up near the ropes and jumps to sit on the top rope and pulls Punk out with his legs. Both men are out, so we’re going to commercial.

We’re back and Punk is hurt and Burke is going after the leg with a single leg Boston crab. The crowd is behind Punk, but that doesn’t help him get to the ropes. Burke cuts the crab short and drops a few elbows and forearms on the lower back of Punk. That can only get a two. TWO!

Burke goes back to the legs and this time he grabs both legs and cinches in the Boston crab. Punk powers out and drags himself ALMOST to the ropes and teases a tap out. Instead, he grabs the ropes. I think he should have tried that first. Burke goes back to Punk’s legs, but gets kicked instead.

In the corner, Burke tries a few punches, but they’re reversed by Punk as Punk battles out and hits a few kicks for good measure. Burke cuts off Punk’s attempts at something off the ropes with a punch in the midsection and an uppercut to the side of the head. That gets a two. TWO!

Burke drops CM Punk into a seated position and hits a shoulder tackle to Punk’s back. Burke puts Punk into a surfboard, and no one wins with this move. Punk nearly turns it around, but Burke picks him up into a backbreaker. This gets a two. TWO! And another two. TWO! TWO!

Burke gets frustrated with Scott Armstrong and sends Punk to the ropes chest first to hit a few forearms to the lower lumbar region. This is a slower match than these two normally wrestle. Perhaps it’s because they taped Smackdown first and the crowd isn’t as hot for ECW as it normally would be.

Burke grabs the arm, steps under and gives Punk a body slam. He goes to grab one leg as Punk hits a few kicks from the laying down position. Punk hits a few more roundhouse kicks followed by a clothesline, a back elbow and finishes the sequence by pancaking Burke. Punk hits a roundhouse to the chest, but only gets a two. TWO!

Punk goes for a suplex and only gets it halfway before Burke turns it into a back suplex and covers Punk for a two. TWO! Punk grabs Burke and plants him with a DDT for another two. TWO!

Punk misses a slow punch and Burke hits a german and can’t bridge the back and has to roll around and hook a leg for a two. TWO! After some taunting for Punk to get up he lays into him with some punches and a clothesline or two until Punk reverses it into the GTS. One. Two. Three.

If you’ve noticed by now, I usually cover Punk’s matches move for move, cause usually they’re worth noting. It’s been a while since he’s fought someone he hasn’t beaten nearly half a dozen times.

Post match, Tazz and Joey talk up “Big Daddy V”, who is up next.

After a long promo for the Cena/Lashley match at the Bash at the Beach, we’re finally back. And we’re back with out teacher, Matt Striker. He’s still Matt Striker, he’s still our teacher. Last week he gave the Boogeyman a lesson in redemption. With that, he introduced “Big Daddy V” and once again the only man in the WWE with four boobs comes to ringside. It’s a good thing that they keep pushing this young talent.

Big Daddy V over a Red Shirt
SQUASH. Literally.

This just in:

Marcus Cor Von is not at the Smackdown/ECW taping in Laredo, Texas tonight. All references to the scheduled Cor Von vs. CM Punk match have been pulled from’s ECW on Sci Fi preview as I have been told that match will be changed. No idea yet what may have caused Cor Von to miss the taping. He was in New Orleans at last week’s taping, but not utilized. (PWINSIDER.COM)

I wonder what that’s all about? I suppose we’ll find out soon.

If you are really curious, Big Daddy V’s finisher looks to be a Bossman Slam.

The Miz is in the ring and declares himself a chick magnet. I guess they’re going with this angle. He says that every woman in the arena wants him. The Miz and I share a problem in this regard. checks dig him and their men fear him. The Miz calls out Extreme Expose, and the Nitro Girls saunter out. Apparently their “surprise” for hte Miz is dancing with him in a chair. The song is “Like A Boy” by Ciara. The Miz looks impressed, the live audience doesn’t. Oh, a change, they rip each others shirts off to reveal bras before giving the Miz lap dances. I have a fear that this angle will end with a match between the Expose girls.

Kevin Thorn over Tommy Dreamer by throwing him shoulder first into the post

06/19/07 – Thorn over Dreamer
04/10/07 – Thorn over Dreamer
02/06/07 – Thorn over Dreamer
10/10/06 – Dreamer over Thorn
10/03/06 – Thorn over Dreamer

With a record of 1 for 5, I wonder how this one’s gonna go for Dreamer. They lock up and do the brawling thing. Dreamer maintains control and Thorn pulls DDreamer’s left shoulder over the ropes and thorn’s got control. Wow. Dreamer is selling from last week? That’s called SELLING LIKE A CHAMP. Thorn goes after the shoulder more. They go through the usual back and firth between these two, nothing really new here, although Dreamer does pul off a frog splash. Not five star, maybe three stars.

There’s a debate going on over matches like this and the CM Punk vs. Stevie Richards match from last week. Personally, I can’t really get into a squash match like these, especially when there’s a long history of these two going head to head with the same result over and over again. To some degree, the end result doesn’t completely ruin the match. For an example, you could look at just about any Hulk Hogan Wrestlemania match, but at the same time, those matches are big league matches and not filler matches on the WWE’s “C” show. I don’t care how competitive the Punk/Richards match was, the conclusion wasn’t going to be different than most of the previous matches.

We cut back to Nitro’s locker room and the press agent walks out of the ring and all of the reporters follow him. Wait a second, isn’t Nitro giving the press conference?

Rey Mysterio’s coming back, did you know?

The press guy is in the ring and is talking about Johnny Nitro’s history in the WWE. He’s got as much charisma as Lashley in that ring. Johnny Nitro won’t be seen in ECW again because…

He’s changing his name. Yeah. Changing his name. And his music and look as well. It’s the same idea, but more Stillwater in the look. What’s Nitro’s name going to be?

John Morrison. That’s what he says his birth name is.

LIES!!! Although now that I’m looking at him, he’s got the Jim Morrison hair going on. Check out John Hennigan‘s Wikipedia page for more answers on this.

Nitro talks about Punk’s nickname for a bit as Punk comes out and Morrison sucker punches Punk and we’ll see these two again at the Bash I suppose.