Mysterio Comeback & Other News

Rey Mysterio made his comeback on the 4th July show in Tijuana and showed no ill effects from his knee surgery. There has been some talk about moving him to ECW but it’s more than likely he will remain on Smackdown as he has asked to work a follow-up program with Chavo Guerrero. He’s now slated to return full-time on the 24th July show in Fresno.

In other Smackdown news, Vince McMahon’s latest whim is that the show should not be thought of as ‘the wrestling brand’ but instead ought to be booked the same way as Raw. Weirdly, the reason behind this is that Smackdown hasn’t enough wrestling talent to cover the loss of London, Kendrick, Kennedy, Booker and Benoit in the draft lottery.

Chris Jericho said in a recent Baltimore Sun interview that he plans on working a full-time schedule when he returns to wrestling. He says he was burned out when he left in 2005 but that writing his autobiography gave him his desire for the business back.

Matt Anoai, former Rosey in WWE and now Ro-Z in AJPW, will be on a reality TV show called Fat March, starting on the 7th August. It follows people walking from Boston to Washington, DC, in an attempt to lose weight.

Goldberg’s Bullrun show has been cancelled by Spike TV, so there’s now less than zero chance of him going to TNA as Spike would have had to help cover his salary like they do Sting’s.

TNA has been in talks with Rikishi about bringing him and Brian Lawler in as a tag team. Scott Garland is also now a free agent.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 16th July 2007 (click here for subscription information)

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