Richly Deserved: Big Brother 8 – Episode 6

This was supposed to be, the easy week. Everyone single-mindedly focused on the same target.

Then, at the Head of Household competition, the houseguests were Jenerally mortified and Jenuinely upset to learn the Jenmaster was in charge.

The Jenmaster, totally oblivious to the unanimousness of the hate against her, is having fun giving the rest of the houseguests all Jen all the time.

Of course Evil Dick had heard enough and confronted the Jenmaster. Bad move ED, The Jenmaster is in charge and you and your daughter are up for eviction. Here’s what happened next.

After the nomination ceremony, Joe thought JEN is the negative energy. Dick wasn’t surprised. Danielle thought Jen was jealous of her flirting with Nick.

Amber (crying again) says she loves Danielle and Dick. Nick gives them a hug as well and feels bad. Dick hates being against Danielle as he wants more time to fix their relationship. Danielle is there to play the game (perfectly how she should approach it).

Nick admitted his alliance to Danielle and offers her a place in it (Love that, a great alliance needs a loose fifth wheel). Nick feels he can trust her the most. He even said he’d take the fall before her. She is comforted that he gave his alliance away to her. There’s definitely chemistry here and while I’m not a big fan of showmances, there’s something about this one that I hope there’s a friendship there.

Zach though feels Nick is being played and expresses his concerns to Mike. He feels everything is cool now but is considering voting for Danielle.

Time for Erie to get his America’s Player instructions. Now we find out who he has to climb into bed with. It’s Joe. So Eric slowly slips into Joe’s bed. Joe wakes up briefly. Eric feels very awkward and decided to bail out. He failed his task. Joe and Eric discuss it and Eric pretends he knew nothing about it.

Time for the veto competition. Jen chooses Mike. Danielle picks Joe. Dick picks Amber. Dustin insists on hosting. Amber cries again because of the pressure. (WOW, babe, enough of this already).

Jen threatens Amber that if she wins and uses the veto, Jen will put up Dustin. Amber said that’s not fair. Jen threatens Joe the same way but he’s not close to anyone. He feels he is safe. Amber relays Jen’s message to Nick, Jameka, and Danielle. Jameka tells her to pull it together. Danielle confronted Jen and said she didn’t have to put that pressure on Amber like that. Dick confronts Jen as well (Jen is now officially the most hated woman in America, congratulations).

Jameka chimed in and Zach said “Thanks for finally saying somthing to me”. That was some rather unnecessary confrontation. Jen does apologize to Amber but no one (read: Dick) buys it. Dick tells her to leave Amber alone. Dick says “Nobody wants you here, why don’t you just leave?” What a commercial-to-commercial segment of reality television this was.

(This is the most volatility in the Big Brother house since the Eric-Michael blowup of two years ago).

Time for the veto competition, and unfortunately, we didn’t go the entire show without hearing Holly. I mean, uh, Jessica.

The veto competition is called “cutthroat Christmas”. IT INVOLVES CURLING!

Eliminated curlers get a gift from the tree. It’s probably set up so the last person standing gets the veto.

Jen throws her rock within 12 feet of the target line. Joe was 13 feet. Mike is one foot away. Dick was right by the line. Danielle was four feet. Amber was seven feet. Joe is eliminated but collects a gift, a slop pass.

Mike is at five. Dick is at 17. Danielle is at one. Amber is at five. Jen was horrible. She is eliminated but gets a unitard that she has to wear for the rest of the week.

Dick is right by the line. Danielle was at four. Amber is at six. Mike is at 10. Mike got a Big Brother date, a romantic dinner with someone of his choice.

Danielle got on the line. Amber is at six, Dick is at 12. Dick chooses a gift. A plasma TV.

Danielle gets within 5 feet. Amber decided to throw the competition. Amber gets to be handcuffed to someone for 24 hours. She takes the safe route and goes with Kail.

Danielle wins the Power of Veto for the second time (can we nickname her Jan-ielle yet?) Dick was really happy for her.

We see Jen in her unitard. It does accentuate features. Kail and Amber seem to be getting along. They play red rover with Dustin, they hang around eachothers friends, seems like fun.

Eric tries once again to follow America’s wishes up and try to get Jessica as the replacement nominee. Jen isn’t buying it.

Nick and Zach discuss who should go up. Nick is separating himself a bit from the alliance. Zach still has his doubts.

Zach then talks to Jen about putting Joe up. Zach tells her having him and Danielle up is a powerful combination (really?)

Jen then talks to Dustin, Amber and Kail. They also pitch putting up Joe. Jen leaves the room. She goes to see Danielle and Nick together and has a look that could kill. Jen returns to the HOH room and decides she’d like to put Nick up. Kail looks very worried.

Danielle has to use the veto but is sorry it might affect her dad. She gathers everyone and gives her dad a chance to make his case. He jokes with her to use it but tells her to make her own decision. She is choked up about it but does use the veto to save herself. Jen chooses Joe to go up in her place.

Joe said he’s going to fight to stay here. Dick realizes he’s an SOB. I hope he stays so the patching-up process continues.

And hopefully you had a chance to share your feeling with Eric.

A great episode. See you next week.

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