Richly Deserved: Pirate Master Episode 1-8

Darkness after Pirates’ Court and Nessa was sad to see Joe Don go but was happy to give him the goodbye kiss. Kendra told Jay she gave him his word (she didn’t) and he knew it. Jay called her out. Kendra just didn’t like the choice and considers them the enemy saying “the Triad needs to be broken”.

Break in the action. That theme song is really growing on me by the way.

Dawn breaks and it’s some rough seas out there. Even the Triad gets down to assist. Christa got a little sea-sickness. Louie said it’s a must-win for the reds.

The chest is opened for the next treasure, it’s time to meet the ghosts. Starting with Christian, the evicted pirates return (Yep, Survivor: Pearl Islands all over again). Nessa loved seeing Joe Don again. Jay was a bit nervous. The ghost pirates would be the red crew in a winner-take all challenge. If they win, the ship would become captainless and they would choose the three pirates to be black-spotted. Louie is quite pleased either way. Joe Don is pumped.

Ghosts and Pirates row off. They go up the jungle river to a coffin with the next clue. Black led but Joe Don led the way to the casket on foot. Sean was also fired up. Both sides were even getting away from the coffin. They then went to the key to the treasure and a sabotage point. The black crew got out and started running. The ghosts were close behind.

Azmyth got to the key. Ben got to the sabotage point. John climed up to get their key and get by the sabotage. Even Joy was working hard. It was on to the next clue spot. Azmyth got to it first followed by John. But John unknowingly dropped the key. The black crew seemed to be lost but the ghosts suddenly had a dilemma and Joe Don was clearly not pleased.

So we have a battle between two crews going the wrong way. Now the red crew is looking in the jungle for a key. And the black crew was searching for the right direction. Nessa leads the way to the cryptic messages on the tombstones. Meanwhile, chaos reigned in the red crew. The black crew got to the treasure. Now we know why John was set adrift first. Joe Don hated the fact he couldn’t exact revenge.

They counted the coins in the jungle. $50,000. Azmyth keeps his officers. Nessa said people are tired of the Triad.

Jay felt he would be the one gone had they lost. Nessa told Louie she hoped the red crew would win. They discuss the idea of a mutiny and talk about winning the crew over. Nessa talks to Jay about it and he gives it thought to get rid of a stronger player in Azmyth. Could it be? Could it be?

Laurel is now trying to sell Jupiter on the idea. She’s interested in relaying the information to Azmyth. She’s telling him in front of everyone that there’s talk of a mutiny. She’s trying to be fair with him. Azmyth now considers putting Jupiter up. They also look at Laurel as well with her attitude. Jay thought it was a stupid move. Kendra bid on the pardon, refusing to go home. Jay wants her gone. Looks like Laurel, Kendra, and Jupiter.

Jupiter welcomes the challenge. Kendra feels she is one of the slower people on the ship. Laurel is ready for a battle and wants to embarass Azmyth. Nessa and Louie still talk mutiny and try to sell the idea to Jay and Ben.

Pirates’ Court, and Azmyth said Kendra is still a liability. Jupiter addressed the dissatisfaction with the captain. Laurel has an attitude. Laurel tells Azmyth to be quiet and asks him why he think he’s so “super super special”. Kendra says she’s getting stronger in the expeditions (yep, she’s becoming my fave). Jupiter said she will continue to be by Azmyth’s side. Azmyth says he has two amazing guys by his side and says he’s a fair captain (Hmmm, why should HE have to defend himself?)

The three ballots are cast, Louie, Christa, and Nessa. The Royal Pardon went to Kendra for $4,000. She didn’t need it. Laurel is safe. No mutiny votes. Jupiter is done 3-0. No goodbyes.

Jupiter was surprised because she felt she had Azmyth’s back.

Next time, Jay finds that Christa may be able to help him along. Have to truly respect his game.

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