Saw V and VI Confirmed

Credit: Bloody Disgusting

Well, Saw IV still won’t be released in theatres until October 26, but that doesn’t mean two more sequels can’t already be planned.

It has been rumored for quite some time that Tobin Bell would reprise his role as Jigsaw for six films total. No matter what you saw in the first three films, he would be back. But it seems that we wouldn’t know if there would be another until the release of the next film in the series. Things have changed as multiple sources have already confirmed that David Hackl will direct both the fifth and sixth films in the series.

Hackl was a production designer on parts 2-4 and also was a second unit director on 2. He was originally in line to direct the current film, Saw IV but didn’t end up with the spot.

Not much more is known, but we’ll get it to you as we get it. But for now you can know that around Halloween each year at least until 2009, there will be blood.