Murtzcellanious: LIVE Canadian Idol Recap – July 17

We’re finally here. The Top 10. Where singers are born and legends are made. And we are no longer at the Trinity Studios as the show has moved to the big stage at the John Bassett theatre in downtown Toronto.

There was an Idol party at the mansion tonight for all the media in attendance. I will have more on that at the end of this recap. The party was basically because Tuesday would feature the Media Idol competition (yes, the same won that I lost), so the winners were all in town including my pal Ashley Greco from the Z103.5 Morning Show who I am totally rooting for.

Before the show began, I predicted that Matt would be going home and that Mila, Khalila and Matt would be the bottom three.

When I saw the song selections, I was surprised that Martha Joy elected to go with Celine Dion for the second week in a row.

The audience warm-up began at 6:47 PM Eastern with Sue Brophy making all the judge and host introductions. You could tell that the show was much bigger now because when the judges came out, they had their own entrance music. It was very WWE and I loved it. The particular standout was Zack, who came out to “Cold As Ice.” Haha. Nice. A close second was Ben Mulroney who was accompanied by “Let Me Entertain You.” These are great little touches that really add a lot to the show, even the one that isn’t televised.

The show started and Ben welcomed everyone to a special 90-minute Canadian Idol. He then asked the judges for their opening comments.

Jake said that he didn’t think Canada had picked their winner yet. Farley said that it was impossible to know who was going to rise to the occasion every week. Sass said that the contestants had to lock into the emotion of the song. Zack said that he looked amazing all season and wondered if the unexpected ‘wow’ factor would be seen in the contestants tonight.

Time to start.

Dwight D’Eon
Age: 28
West Pubnico, NS
– Sang “Unwell” by Matchbox 20.
– In his opening video, he talked about being a fisherman back at home and how his dad has always taught him to be a man.
– Very cool opening as he is wearing leather jacket, but keeps his arms folded and then at a high point in the song, pops his arms loose.
– Immediately grabs the audience’s attention.
– Sounds amazing as per usual.
– I expect judges to rip his song selection.
– Already sounds much better than he did at the Trinity Studios and I believe that the larger Bassett stage will benefit him more than the others as he is a seasoned performer.
– The #1 hit theme of the show will also be to his advantage because it forces him to sing a song that people actually recognize (even though I realize that the Matchbox 20 choice was still a little out there).
– Very hot performance.
– I dug it.
Jake: Thought performance and singing was good.
Farley: You’re staying the course, good job!.
Sass: I’d find it more interesting if you sang better.
Zack: While you didn’t sing, you apparently are a rock star.


Khalila G
Age: 23
Dorval, QC
– Sang “Killing Me Softly” by Roberta Flack.
– In her opening video, her dad said that Khalila’s Idol experience has made their family come together and Khalila said that the competition brought them closer than they ever were before.
– Singing well.
– I think singing The Fugees cover would have been a better idea, as it is more contemporary and recognizable.
– I don’t think that the crowd will remember the good singing as it will be masked by the slowness of the song.
– Still a decent performance.
– I think she is in trouble again, hopefully she will be able to last another week because I believe that she deserves to.
Farley: You sang with a lot of intensity and a lot of control.
Sass: Really nice.
Zack: It was mature, it was nice… is nice enough?.
Jake: Good enough to keep you here another week. Vocally it was great, but I just wish there was more emotion out of you.


Carly Rae Jepsen
Age: 21
Mission, BC
– Sang “Inside And Out” by Feist.
– In her opening video, she said that she hopes that when she represents Mission, she can make all her friends and family proud.
– She comes out on the stage wearing a trenchcoat, circa Dick Tracy.
– I was 100% sure the jacket was going to come off during the performance.
– Surprisingly, it stayed on for the entire thing.
– Her song choice is superb once again.
– She is very good at picking songs that are good for her voice.
– Amazing performance and another unique spin.
– Huge pop from the audience.
– Perfect.
Sass: That was so cool. I loved that! That was killer!
Zack: I didn’t get it. I dug the Bond thing at the beginning but I just didn’t dig it kid.
Jake: I thought you sang it well. I think you sing well when you sing with emotion but that song didn’t bring emotion.
Farley: I think you could have brought happy emotion to that song.
Zack: You do look great on camera!

Brian Melo
Age: 24
Hamilton, ON
– Sang “If You Could Only See” by Tonic.
– In his opening video, he said that he loves the people in Hamilton and that his bandmates have been very supportive.
– As soon as I saw his song choice for the evening, I predicted that he would be the best of the night as he could not have found a better match for his voice.
– In general, I think that Brian rivals only Carly Rae at making the right song choices.
– Amazing.
– Best of the night?
– Crowd is LOVING it.
– Strong ending.
– I think it is the biggest pop he has ever received.
– Flawless.
Zack: You had some real rock star moments in the vocal. Don’t aimlessly meander around the stage, go somewhere and do something because there’s a reason and a purpose to do so.
Jake: That’s the song you auditioned for us with, that’s the song of why we kept sticking with you all the way… you did a great job!
Farley: I found you a little shaky. You’re one of the best singers in the competition, no doubt about that, but I think you need to come out with a little more confidence.
Sass: I was really happy to see that intensity.


Mila Miller
Age: 17
Toronto, ON
– Sang “Signed, Sealed Delivered” by Stevie Wonder
– In her opening video, she said that she is happy to have the support of her family and that she loved roller coasters.
– She compared the roller coasters to the competition.
– The fro is back!
– Mila always performs with personality.
– I never thought that I would compare her to Jacob Hoggard since they are so different in their singing styles, but both are spectacular performers.
– I hate the song (which some of you must know if you are familiar with my past coverage of Canadian Idol), but she was great.
– Maybe I have been too tough on her?
Jake: Stevie Wonder is tough to sing. I don’t think you did it well. I thought it was karaoke.
Farley: I want you to be a little more intense.
Sass: I just found it a little safe.
Zack: I thought it was old school who cares. I thought we showed up to the Top 10 to win, not to perform at a bar mitzvah.


Jaydee Bixby
Age: 16
Drumheller, AB
– Sang “It’s Only Make Believe” by Conway Twitty
– In his opening video, he said that he loved his hometown and even though he knew all of the people there, they were still acting like they had just seen him for the first time.
– He also said that he started singing when he was 6 years old and that he wanted this more than anybody else could ever imagine.
– Started the song by sitting on the edge of the stage.
– Awesome slow opening.
– I love the song.
– Back-up singers are also into the performance.
– How could you not like this guy?
– He is there to win and I think he is the only contestant thus far who is basically doing whatever it takes to win the ultimate prize.
– My favorite part of the performance was the crowd cheering in the middle of the song, to the point where it was even hard to hear Jaydee from the fourth row.
– That’s how much support he had in the audience.
– Amazing, simply amazing.
– Jaydee looked like the Canadian Idol.
– It is so loud that I can’t even hear the judges’ comments.
Farley: You’re going to be one of the most famous people on this planet.
Sass: Are you for real?.
Zack: Anyways Bucky, people ask if Michael Buble could win. You’re the Michael Buble… .
Jake: You’re a little awkward in your movement. From the waist up, it looked like Bobby Derin.


Greg Neufeld
Age: 23
Vancouver, BC
– Sang “All These Things That I’ve Done” by The Killers.
– In his opening video, he said that his family was super supportive of him coming back for a second time and said that he wanted to show Canada what he could do.
– Good song choice.
– Lots of words in the song though.
– Seems awkward on stage and this was the first time that I felt like he didn’t look at ease.
– Still a decent performance.
– Not sure if the song suited him, but the fact is that the song is popular and that will equal votes in the pivotal Top 10 round.
– More positives than negatives in this performance.
Sass: I liked that a lot. You really delivered it.
Zack: Broke into stuff that you shouldn’t be doing. Upper register was like nails on a chalkboard.
Jake: Intensity in which you delivered that is something we’ve never seen before.
Farley: Jaydee was the fighter and you fought back and said that you were taking it back.

Martha Joy
Age: 16
Toronto, ON
– Sang “The Power Of Love” by Celine Dion
– In her opening video, she said that that sings wherever she goes and explained that taking salsa lessons helped her perform on stage.
– I found her choosing to do a Celine song for the second week in a row a bit suspect.
– Guess it makes sense because she did receive a lot of positive feedback last week.
– Sounds good and notes are all on point.
– She can sing.
– Usually Idol judges rip when contestants sing Whitney or Celine, but this performance cannot be ripped in my opinion.
– Basically showing everyone that she is the best singer in the competition.
Zack: Fo the most part, that was a really strong performance. You are definitely the best singer here.
Jake: Arrangement of the song felt really deliberate and slow. Felt like you were milking it.
Farley: I am absolutely convinced with your skill set.
Sass: (Inaudible).


Tara Oram
Age: 23
Hare Bay, NL
– Sang “You Win My Love” by Shania Twain.
– In her opening video, she says she appreciates the support of her family.
– She also said that she performed in a country band before Idol and that she couldn’t wait to get on the stage again and make Canada and Newfoundland proud.
– I think she could have picked a better Shania song.
– Sounds just like last week.
– Do not underestimate the blonde factor.
– Blonde equals votes.
– She’s from Newfoundland which also equals votes.
– Unfortunately, Murtz is not a big fan of this performance.
– It doesn’t really matter what I think, because she isn’t going anywhere.
Jake: You singing Shania is a little predictable but it was the best performance that you have given us this year.
Farley: A lot of young women would like to aspire to be like you (Murtz’s note: Huh?).
Sass: You have a great voice.
Zack: There are some limitations in your range gut that was the first time since the 22 that I really dug what you did .


Matt Rapley
Age: 18
Regina, SK
– Sang “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” by Gladys Knight.
– I believe he discussed his church choir experience in his opening video, but I was answering somebody’s question in the audience.
– This guy has got to go.
– He is trying to show personality, but seriously people… he is not the Canadian Idol.
– Sass seems to like the performance as she is bobbing her head.
– Meh.
– Not the best close to the show.
Farley: Nice, energetic performance.
Sass: You’re like the glider. You glide through the song.
Zack: Pretty strong vocal performance, but man… do something cooler.
Zack: You relate to these kinds of songs. Thought you sang it okay, I just didn’t get a lot of vibe from it.


End show.

Who’s going home? I think it is definitely Khalila, Mila or Rapley. I think it’s Matt’s time to go.

After the show, the reporters were shuttled over to the Idol mansion. It was the total rockstar treatment, and I have to say… it was awesome. If that is even a taste of what the winner of the competition is going to get, I think they are in for quite a ride. I don’t know about you, but I have always wanted to be one of those people that arrived at an airport and had a guy holding a sign with my name (and I don’t mean airport security). So I loved being picked up and taken over to the Mansion.

When we arrived, it was a pretty awesome party and I got to mingle with the Idol contestants. They also got to mingle with Murtz.

My favorite conversations were predictably with Carly Rae and Dwight (who I predicted would be the final two from the audition stage of the competition). It was great talking to them and it was especially funny when I told them that they had to make it to the end, not only for the prestige and record deal that being the Canadian Idol provides, but also because the prediction record of the world’s foremost reality television expert was on the line.

They were laughing. It was funny. I also talked to Dwight about his song selection and why he chose songs that weren’t the most popular. I asked him why he didn’t sing Bon Jovi every week. He said that he preferred to sing what he liked and doing that brought out his best performances. He also said that he would rather sing well and be out than continue to stay in the competition just because of high regional voting. Classy guy with a classy attitude.

Carly Rae was awesome. I hung out with her the most and she was very funny.

I loved getting them to pose with me for a picture as I made the trademark Murtz peace sign pose (which in this case signified them being my Final 2 picks). They joked around and said they wanted to make the #1 sign.

I also had a good time talking to Jaydee Bixby. We discussed Donald Trump and how he has a germ phobia.

It was a great time and gave me my first insight into the competitors.

While I compared the experience to being a rock star, I certainly think the analogy holds true… because today I am feeling the effects of last night. Just call me Richie Sambora. All I need is Heather Locklear. Or Denise Richards?

See you tomorrow when Rihanna performs LIVE on the Idol stage.