MGF Reviews Tegan and Sara – The Con

Tegan and Sara – The Con
Vapor/Sanctuary (7/24/07)
Indie / Rock

The Con, the latest offering from twin sisters Tegan and Sara, is a little darker than their fans might be used to. The edgier, more mature songs could be a result of the twins (now 26) spending time apart after what seemed like an endless touring stretch.

Their previous record, 2004’s So Jealous was critically acclaimed, and carried unmistakable songs, “Walking with the Ghost,” “You Wouldn’t Like Me” and “Fix You Up,” that made frequent appearances on shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Veronica Mars and One Tree Hill.

While The Con could be seen as more melancholy, it is not without the trademark catchy hooks that Tegan and Sara have carved out for themselves and by which have come to be known. The album, due out on July 24, was co-produced by Chris Walla and Jason McGerr of Death Cab for Cutie, Matt Sharp of the Rentals and Hunter Burgan of AFI. The title track is a synth-driven song, reminiscent of their touring partners, The Killers and Hot Hot Heat (it’s been in my head for days now).

“Are You Ten Years Ago” takes a darker turn, and uses more frantic and fast-paced vocals which are done by both sisters in unison. The vocals overlap and in turn create a much more dramatic and lush sound for the track.

“Back in Your Head” and “Hop a Plane” are probably the most upbeat and poppy songs on the album, and both are perfectly acceptable for singing along. They are also tracks that have already found their way onto “My Going Out for a Night on the Town” mix.

“Dark Come Soon” sounds like the most carefully produced song of the set. Hello, Grey’s Anatomy? Maybe?

Don’t miss out on The Con (even if you did miss out on tickets for their upcoming, sold-out American tour).