Murtzcellanious: LIVE Canadian Idol Recap – July 18 (RESULTS)

So this is what Richie Sambora feels like the day after partying all night long.

After an eventful night at the Idol Mansion on Tuesday (after the Top 10 performance show), to say that Wednesday arrived sooner than expected would be the understatement of the year.

Usually when people wake up, they go through a checklist of everything they have to do in the morning. I am sure you know what I am talking about. Shower, change, breakfast, remember to take the wallet/purse and keys etc. While this has never been the case for me since I usually go to sleep at 7 AM and wake up just before lunch, it definitely wasn’t the case on Wednesday since the only thing on my morning to-do list was Idol, Idol, and more Idol. I had to finish the performance show article from Tuesday, get ready and head straight to the results show which would also feature a performance from… Rihanna! Yes, the same Rihanna who just about any guy would share an umbrella with. Before the day even started, I knew that it would be a memorable one.

I have to say that it was going to be a pretty potent and powerful program. Not only would we find out which contestant would be the first to be eliminated, but a Rihanna performance in the same 30-minute show? That’s big time. And… that’s not all. The Media Idol Finals would be taped after the show (for use on a future broadcast). I mean obviously it wasn’t going to be the same with the People’s Media Idol Murtz Jaffer, but as per my bet with Z103.5 FM and Inside Pulse writer Ashley Greco, we agreed that whoever lost the regional competition would root for their opponent in the finals. She beat me. So minus the pom-poms, tonight it was time for me to play the role of cheerleader. It’s been an interesting two days. I went from journalist to rockstar Sambora-esque partier back to journalist and by the end of the night I could have been mistaken for somebody on Bring It On as I hooted and hollered for Greco to beat the rest of the reporters and radio personalities from around the country to be crowned the 2nd annual Media Idol.

Let’s get to it.

My pre-show prediction for elimination was Mr. Matt Rapley. I figured he would be joined in the bottom three by Khalila G and Mila Miller. I believe this was the general consensus from even casual Idol viewers. What’s interesting is that my prediction hadn’t changed from last week before the Top 10 performance show had even taped. I just think that the trio does not have the support that the others do.

The warm-up began at 6:47 PM, with Sue Brophy introducing the judges and Ben Mulroney as per usual. I know I said this already, but I absolutely LOVE the judges’ entrance music. It never gets old. Zack entering to “Cold As Ice” might be seen as cheesy, but I think it is hilarious and very creative. It’s awesome!

The Top 10 came out for a quick wave to the crowd. And then went backstage. While I initially was wondering why there were no couches set-up on the stage (considering it was results night), I quickly realized that there was a Rihanna performance that would probably be up first. Then I realized that the first group performance of the season would probably be even before that. Mental note… stop partying.

Before the show started, I also started thinking about how tough it really was for the Idols. I mean it took a lot of effort for me to go to the shows, the party, and write up the details. Compare that to what the Idol contestants have to go through. Not only are they pressured to pick their songs, but they also have to learn and practice them, as well as rehearse the group number and they were at the same party that I was. I know that everyone says that it is a grueling schedule, but I finally got an indication of what it must be like this week.

The show started and it began with the group performance. Brian and Matt started it off with Nickelback’s “Far Away.” The other guys soon joined in led by Jaydee.

After the guys were done, the ladies took over and they sang Avril Lavigne’s “Keep Holding On.” Carly and Tara led the charge and they came out holding hands which was appropriate given the song.

I thought that Martha Joy sounded the best on the group number. I also noted that it was a lighter group performance, with no choreography to speak of. This was probably because this was an irregular week.

Ben came back and said that 2.5 million votes were cast last night and also continued the ‘Umbrella Hype’ by telling everyone what we already knew. That Rihanna was in the house. He then threw to a recap of the performances from last night. I noticed immediately that there was a big Tara contingent in the audience as the place seemed to light up when she hit the big screen.

Right before the break, Ben announced that Rihanna was up next.


The show resumed and Mulroney introduced a video package that featured Rihanna giving advice to the Idol contestants. It was hard to hear what was being said in the video because the crowd was already screaming as Rihanna was on the stage while the video played. The excitement was definitely understandable though. Even I was excited. This was probably the closest I was ever going to be to Rihanna, and ‘Umbrella’ was my Myspace/Murtzspace theme song for like a month! Haha.

What I did manage to hear in the package was the singer telling the Idol kids that they should be strong. Mila also asked her a question and Rihanna said something like ‘you always have to fight for what you believe in.’ Pretty generic advice. I think my dad told me that last week.

Rihanna came out and told everyone to get on their feet (which was a pretty moot point because everyone was already standing… including yours truly) before starting to sing her #1 hit single “Umbrella.” I personally think it is the best song of 2007.

I know that I am a hype-machine and I have basically been waiting for this performance all week, so I was concerned that it wouldn’t live up to the big build-up that I had given it, but luckily it did and was spectacular. Rihanna performed well and Jake Gold was especially impressed because at the end of the performance, he was the only judge who joined the crowd in giving the gorgeous singer a standing ovation.

After she was done, Ben Mulroney presented Rihanna with a plaque commemorating the platinum sales of her third album, Good Girl Gone Bad. Rihanna threw in a plug for her upcoming tour with Akon and said that she was excited about stopping in cities that she hadn’t been in before like Saskatoon.

After the break, Ben said that we would be getting a sneak peek at Kalan Porter’s new video.


During the break, the couches were set-up. Let’s get to the analysis!

On the front couch (from left to right): Khalila, Carly, Mila, Dwight, Tara.

On the back couch (from left to right): Matt, Greg, Brian, Martha, Jaydee.

VERY strange set-up. There was only one guy on the front couch (Dwight) and only one girl on the back couch (Martha). I was fascinated by this. Why not put all the girls on one couch and all the guys on the other? What did this mean for Dwight and Martha? So many questions!

After the break, some behind-the-scenes footage of Kalan Porter’s new video was played.

Time for Ben to read the results.


Ben pulled a little trick on Jaydee for the second week in a row, announcing that Martha was safe first and pausing before telling Bixby that he would be back. Up to this point, Ben was calling names in pairs. Then it was time for a curveball.


Another Idol shocker! This show is going to give me a heart attack. After last week’s debacle, I thought nothing would be crazier than seeing Liam, Tyler and Montana all leave in the same week. Now my pick to win and the undeniable favorite in the competition is in the bottom 3? What is going on?! I want to turn in my citizenship! What are the voters thinking?

I think the way that this was executed was also well done by the producers. It came out of nowhere as Ben didn’t even get to Brian, Matt and Greg. He just dropped the three names from nowhere.

And while I was stunned about Carly Rae, equally as shocking to me was the fact that Matt had managed to at least get the seventh highest number of votes. Unbelievable!

Ben asked the judges for their thoughts while I tried to collect mine.

Farley: Critical that you guys see it as a competition.
Sass: Canada votes, Canada decides.
Jake: Predict Mila, but I am usually wrong about these things.
Zack: Carly Rae should be here and all the way to the end.


My new prediction was Khalila.

The show resumed and Ben announced it all at once (just like he did with the bottom 3).

Carly Rae and Khalila were safe but still seemed just as shocked as I was.


Thanks for voting Ontario (sarcasm intended).

A Mila recap package was played before she sang us out with “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.”

End show.

I still can’t get over Carly Rae being in the bottom 3. What a disaster. Hopefully it will serve as a wake-up call to voters.

After the show, it was time for Media Idol. I thought the event had greatly improved from last year and so had the quality of the competitors. I will talk about it more when the episode where it is featured actually airs. Suffice to say, it was sorely lacking a purple suit, a purple fedora and a man named Murtz Jaffer.

Catch you next week… I’ll be at the shows literally right before I fly off to Florida.

It’s 60’s week, so it should be pretty interesting. Man, how much do you miss Mullendore now?