Tapouts: Champion and Challenger Test Positive for Steroids

As reported by Sherdog.com, 155lb lightweight champion Sean Sherk and challenger Hermes Franca both tested positive for anabolic steriods. Sherk was found to have Nandrolone Metabolite in his system while Franca tested positive for Drostanolone following their championship fight at UFC 73: Stacked. Both fighters will be fined $2,500 (the maximum fine allowable by the California State Athletic Commision) and will be suspended from fighting for 365 days.

On the UFC website, UFC President Dana White had this to say, “Our policy on fighters using steroids, illegal drugs or any banned substance remains the same – you cannot use them,” said White. “It’s not only unhealthy and unsafe, it is against the law. The UFC fully supports the commission’s efforts and we will continue to take measures that keep this sport clean and keep the athletes safe.”

Middleweight champion Anderson Silva and challenger Nathan Mardquardt have been cleared for any banned substances. It is not known yet whether or not Sherk will be stripped of his title.