Ultimate Marvel Handbook #207

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I knew you would be ready. Your always ready. No Cory mail this issue. I hope he emails us next week. He might be on vacation after all. I know I‘m ready to go though. You?

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wolfbaronxylo posted

Speaking of Hulk questions: I just finished Earth X, and can’t help but wonder, why is the The Hulk referred to as David Bruce Banner? This is, of course, in lieu of Robert Bruce Banner. Is this a f#$k up on the part of the editors and writers? Is this an homage to Bill Bixby? Or is this a signal to continuity nuts that this is a “What if” storyline?

Earth X as I would call it was an odd continuity all to itself. Not really connected to the Marvel universe. Some of the changes included:

The Gods (of this Marvel Earth) are nothing of the sort, but are instead long-lived mutants of incredible power who are mentally mind-locked by the Celestials into believing that they are immortal, never-changing gods so that they won’t evolve further as mutants and potentially become a threat to the Celestials in the future

Wolverine is not a mutant at all, but instead one of the few remaining “pure strain humans,” free from the genetic manipulations of the Celestials (as well as a descendent of Moon Boy).

The superhero Colossus arrives from the future and adopts the identity of Nathaniel Essex.

Sarah Rogers bears her first son, Matthew. Matthew is a sickly boy and dies after a few years.

Many other changes and weird continuity impact Earth X

And here I just thought it was a “possible” future outcome for the universe like Kingdom Come…

Bart Gunn emails

I want to read the Civil War series. In what order should I read all the graphic novels, to have a nice linear storyline?

I‘ve actually been working on one. Which would be page by page BUT I do have one that‘s issue by issue ready now. Here‘s the list:

New Avengers Illuminati Special
Fantastic Four #536-537
Amazing Spider-Man #529-531
Civil War Opening Shot Sketchbook
Civil War #1
Marvel Spotlight Millar/McNiven
She-Hulk #8
Wolverine #42
Amazing Spider-Man #532
Civil War: Front Line #1
Thunderbolts #103
Civil War #2
Civil War Frontline #2-3
Amazing Spider-Man #533
New Avengers #21
Fantastic Four #538
Wolverine #43
X-Factor #8
Thunderbolts #104
Civil War #3
Civil War: X-Men #1-2
Cable & Deadpool #30-31
X-Factor #9
New Avengers #22-23
Black Panther #18
Wolverine #44-45
Young Avengers and Runaways #1-2
Daily Bugle Civil War
Civil War Frontline #4-5
Amazing Spider-Man #534
Fantastic Four #539
Ms. Marvel #6-7
Thunderbolts #105
Heroes for Hire #1
Civil War Files
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11-13
Sensational Spider-Man #28-34
Civil War #4
Wolverine #46-47
Civil War: X-Men #3-4
Amazing Spider-Man #535
Civil War Frontline #6-7
Civil War Young Avengers and Runaways #3-4
Heroes for Hire #2-3
Cable & Deadpool #32
Captain America #22-23
Fantastic Four #540
Ms. Marvel #8
New Avengers #24
Civil War: Choosing Sides
Black Panther #21
Civil War #5
New Avengers #25
Iron Man #13-14
Amazing Spider-Man #536
Civil War Frontline #8-9
Wolverine #48
Punisher War Journal #1
Black Panther #22-23
Captain America #24
Civil War: War Crimes
Iron Man Captain America: Casulties of the War
Fantastic Four #541
Winter Soldier: Winter Kills
Moon Knight #7-10
Ghost Rider #8-11
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #14-16
Civil War Files
Civil War #6
Civil War Frontline #10
Amazing Spider-Man #537
Punisher War Journal #2-3
Blade #5
Civil War: The Return
Black Panther #24
Fantastic Four #542
Civil War #7
Amazing Spider-Man #538
Black Panther #25
Civil War Frontline #11
Captain America #25
Civil War: The Confession
Civil War: Battle Damage Report
Fantastic Four #543
Marvel Spotlight Civil War Aftermath

Thank you in advance.

It‘s no trouble.

Ummm, Jim? He asked what order to read the trades not the individual issues? Think you can list them next week?

Soak posted

so in the newest issue of the hulk there is a character called namora. now i remember namorita, but who is this character? what is her back story and stuff?

Sure thing:

Anything for the great and powerful Soak.

Real Name: Aquaria Nautica Neptuna (Later changed to Namora in honor of her cousin)
Alias: Namora, Aliases Avenging daughter, The Sea Beauty
Identity: Secret
Affiliation: Agents of Atlas, Long-time ally of Namor, the Invaders, and the All Winners Squad.
Relatives: Namor (cousin), Talan (husband), Namorita (“daughter” cloned)
Base Of Operations: Atlantis
Gender: Female
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 225 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Unusual Features: In her Golden Age appearances Namora had wings on her ankles, this was later changed and she only had tiny buds (vestige of undeveloped wings)
Status Citizenship: Lemurian
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Adventurer
First appearance: Marvel Mystery Comics #82

Powers: Namora possesses superhuman strength, speed, durability, agility, and reflexes; she can lift up to 10 tons underwater, although prolonged surface activity can reduce her strength to 33% or lower. She can survive underwater indefinitely and has special vision adapted to undersea depths. Namora ages extremely slowly, even by Atlantean standards; nearly a half-century old, she appears to be in her twenties. Namora’s vitality diminishes when out of water; renewed contact with water immediately restores her to peak strength.

History: During the Golden Age, Namor the Sub-Mariner was not as much as the lone wolf he’s become in the modern era. In fact, he had something of a family, including a cousin, Aquaria Nautica Neptuna. At one point, having successfully concluded a case in Asia, Namor returned home to Atlantis, to find that everyone in Atlantis had been wiped out by a gang of criminals in a submarine. Everyone, that is, except Aquaria Nautica Neptuna. Namor nursed Aquaria back to health, and, when she was up and about, they jointly swore vengeance on the murderers of their race. To emphasize this point, Aquaria changed her name to “Namora”. From that point on, Namora had various adventures, both with Namor and on her own. According to some reports, she even teamed up with the Golden Girl (I) and Sun Girl.

In the modern era, Namora was reintroduced and her past fleshed out. She is/was still Namor’s cousin, but was the daughter of a human mother and an Atlantean father. She was born in Maritanis, which is where Namor discovered her; it was Maritanis which was destroyed, not Atlantis, and the gang of criminals used nuclear torpedoes to destroy the city. In 1953, she surfaced long enough to attend the funeral of the Union Jack.

After Namor’s disappearance in the 1950s, Namora married Talan, an Atlantean, and the pair emigrated to the city of Lemuria. It was there that Namora was apparently killed by the Lemurian princess Llyra. At some point before Namora’s supposed death, Namorita was cloned from her by the Atlantean geneticist Vyrra. At another point before her supposed death, she helped the Monster Hunters.

Recently, Namora was discovered and revived by the newly reformed Agents of Atlas, at which point she joined the team.

Dhaise posted

How do Skrulls infiltrate prominent positions in the MU for hypothisized years without all the ‘futurists’, geniuses,time travellers,super science detection, spider-sense/cosmis awareness people and telepaths looking functionally retarded?
And the writers fiat of ‘because if they couldn’t-we wouldn’t have a story’ doesn’t count.

Skrulls found ways past it. For instance there are mutant Skrulls. They could’ve adapted and founds ways past detection. A prime example of this was when Wolverine was replaced by a Skrull for a time before the real Wolverine joined Apocalypse. You would think Xavier would know correct?

Oh what about the Skrulls during Civil War the organs have been harvested from shape-shifting Skrulls in Heroes for Hire under everyones nose till then.

Skrulls could be replacing the right people and making sure not to be detected.

Plus as we said before…the writers need an out, and good old Joe has said more than once to let “continuity” be damned in place of “good story telling.”

Shay emails

Back in the eighties Mr Fantastic & Spider-man teamed up to fight Every-man who was the son of an old friend of Reed’s, Turns out he was a pawn of Dr Faustaus, around the same time Cap America also fought an Every-man who though he had a different costume he had a very similar origin. Were they the same guy or just a very similar idea that got by editorial?

Same guy actually:

Real Name: Larry Ekler
Identity/Class: Human, technology user
Occupation: Enemy of superhumans
Group Membership: Schutz Heiligruppe
Known Relatives: Milton Josh Elker (father), Carol (mother)
Aliases: Zeitgeist, “Spirit of the Times”, Time Spirit
Place of Birth: Central City, California
Base of Operations: Mobile, including Berlin, Germany and South America
formerly the Fenhoff Institute
formerly Hell’s Kitchen, New York
First Appearance: (as Everyman) Captain America I#267 (March, 1982); (as Zeitgeist) Alpha Flight I#78 (December, 1989)
Powers/Abilities: As the Everyman, Ekler wielded a foil which could fire blasts of energy, a shield, and the Absorbascann. As the Zeitgeist, he wielded a camera which could take pictures of people’s deaths before they occurred, and a belt which could allow him to change appearances, and become invisible.
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 169 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Reddish blond

Jeff Ritter emails

Jim! How are ya? How’s life workin’ under Dork Vader? Oh wat, I work for him too. Nevermind. Good column last week, I thoght I’d throw my $0.02 in. Ya know, that would be so much quicker to type if those IBM geniuses would have included the “cents” symbol on my keyboard. Seriously, do I really ever use either of those symbols on the button to the left of the “1” key? Never. I can hear it already…

Hey Jeff. I don‘t mind Daron although it be nice to have the articles posted sooner. Although I do understand Daron is busy with work. But of course Daron might not like the Dork Vader thing.

Yeah…he might not.

Oh, and while I’m here, let me go get my violin and some cheese for you two whiners.

“Bud Light Presents, ‘Real Men of Genius.’ (REAL MEN OF GENIUS!) Today we salute you, Mister Keyboard Designer Guy. (MISTER KEYBOARD DESIGNER GUY!) You brought us out of the dark ages that was 1979 and gave us function buttons we still don’t understand. (WHICH ONE’S SELF-DESTRUCT?) No more writer’s cramp, we now succumb to carpal tunnel. (I THOUGHT HE WAS A GENERAL!) Your canny prediction of market trends allowed you to make the tough decisions, such as axing the cents sign, the umlat, and the symbol for Pi. (I LIKE MINE ALA MODE!) So here’s to you, O Top Dog of Typing, without you, we’d never have learned to round up to the nearest dollar. (MISTER KEYBOARD DESIGNER GUY!!) {Bud Light Beer, St. Louis, Missouri}

I like that one. If I had any control of those commercials that would be perfect.

Please…don’t encourage him.

But I digress. I’d like to respond to a couple of Cory’s questions first. On Nick Fury, I’m not a fan of colorblind casting. Nick Fury has been a white guy in THE MAINSTREAM MARVEL UNIVERSE and it’s not like there’s a shortage of older white actors to play an older white character. If they’re making an “Ultimate” version, fine, do whatever. But I think running too far away from the comics is a bad idea. Let me put a different spin on it, so no one can accuse me of racism or sterotyping. Would you want to see Luke Cage played by Eminem, Black Panther played by Ewan McGregor and Blade recast with Jean-Claude Van Damme? Nope, me neither. I just don’t get why people in Hollywood want to force multiculturalism into movies, especially if the source material isn’t. Ever read Michael Crichton’s “Rising Sun”? The lead character wasn’t black, but they cast Wesley Snipes in the role and wrote in some retarded black/white tensions that took the emphasis off of the Asian mobs and onto the Snipe/Connery race issue. The moral of this story, don’t watch Crichton movies — they ALL suck. Except for…

The 13th Warrior. Which leads me to casting Thor. Watch this gem and pick any of the Norsemen for Thor, particularly the leader of the Norsemen, played by Vladimir Kulich. Though he is getting up there. I don’t know if he’d fill out the suit enough but Vigo Mortensen might make a good Thor too. Don’t knock all wrestlers as actors though. Tyler Mane did fine as Sabertooth and Roddy Piper was great in John Carpenter’s “They Live.” I think the harder choice would be: Who plays Loki? Who’s THAT good at being malicious and off his rocker? I also agree with Daron that Scarlett is still too cute to be MS. Marvel, and I wouldn’t care to see Jennifer Love Hewitt as Wasp because if you shrink her down all you’ll see are a pair of boobs with wings (and somewhere in England, Garth Ennis just had an “Eureka!” moment…or do they even use that expression in England, perhaps he said, “By George, I’ve got it! A rack with wings! That’s a right cracker, wot!”). As for alternatives, Sabrina Lloyd for Wasp (look her up) and…um…Ms. Marvel’s kinda tough. Hmm, if she’s played as a little more “veteran” hero how about Daryl Hannah? I though she was great in “Kill Bill” and is prime for a Travolta-like resurrection. Virginia Madsen and Jennifer Beals are slightly younger and both have a sexy yet somewhat tough vibe.

Some interesting castings there. I do agree about most of your points. I think you get what I mean with wrestlers in movies to a bit. It‘s the HHH idea that scares me

Well at 46, I don’t know if I’d label Virginia Madsen as “young.”

Moving on, I think the Skrull stuff is Marvel writing themselves an out for everything they screw up. Something’s not working? Musta been a Skrull. But if Winter Soldier turns out to be one — which I can’t see happening — that would really cheapen all the work Brubaker has done on Cap’s book.

You make a good point with the out factor. I almost don‘t want it used too much (IE: Cap dead) because over using it could get to be a bit much.

Jason mentioned favorite Marvel artists, I’d just like to point out that Lenil Yu hasn’t exactly come from nowhere, he was all over DC and Image before landing at Marvel, and some of his older work was actually better. His art looks overly caffeinated now. My faves would include Deodato, Lark, Maleev, Land, Romita Jr., Cheung, Bagley, Kitson, Epting and Perkins. NOTHING looks better than Captain America right now, Epting and Perkins don’t get paid enough.

Very good list of artist. I do agree with the Cap thing as well.

Finally, I liked Skyywolf’s question. As a wrestling fan, I’m used to heroes and villains switching sides. For my villain switching to a hero, THE RHINO!! Rhino rulz, yo! The unstoppable force needs a break from digging webbing out of his eyes. And as our UK readers may recall, he was an Avenger in an alternate universe Death’s Head II encountered. For my hero going over to the dark side, Hank Pym. I can’t stand the whiner. He beats his wife, he invented freaking Ultron, he’s mentally unstable (go back a few years) and he’s probably the 2nd biggest tool after Stark.

Good choices.

I can definitely agree with the Hank Pym one. I would rather see Rhino get a bigger push as a villain though.

Hope all of Jim’s readers are having a good summer. Keep up the good work. It helps keep Daron’s lazy ass motivated!

Have a good summer yourself, Jeff

Bah humbug!

Initiative update

Ms Marvel #17: Sean covers his past leading to Modok with a bomb planted inside of him in New York. Level 3 is called for all Avengers to report to New York. Ms Marvel and crew teleport to New York with help to deal with Modok. Modok explodes and Carol goes to deal with him. Monica escapes by killing Baines. Carol absorbs the radiation and gets Modok away from the Earth. Turning blue she falls to get caught by Wonder Man. Sean contacts Aim until Monica kills him and begins to rebuild AIM. Bains is buried. Carol questions what happened to her as Sean is be made into Head Case.

New Warriors #2: News hits on the New Warriors catching the attention of the FF, The New Avengers (Wolverine especially), The Mighty Avengers as well. Tony and Carol talk over this team. In the New Warrior base Sofia talks to Night Thrasher about joining and we watch her leave to think it over. After she leaves we see a larger group has been formed already. The detectives try to track the team. Sofia dreams of her past again before going to see the old man. Tony offers the New Warriors amnesty which angers Sofia who takes the device Thrasher gave her and she sees Jubilee there who talks her into joining.

Thor #1: We start with Thor and Blake dreams of the past leading to Blake lifting the hammer. In the void Thor has been in he talks to Blake who thinks Thor is needed yet again. Blake comments on the Gods being reborn and where Thor goes so does Asgard. Thor decides it is time and does battle to live and reach his hammer. We go back to Earth with Blake who is still in Oklahoma and moves into a new place to live and calls down a lightning strike.

Deadpool and GLI #1: Squirrel Girl starts the issue only to have Deadpool interrupt. We start with Dionyssus getting drunk and captured by AIM. Deadpool starts looking for Dionyssus and goes into the Baxter building running into the new FF. The GLI while investigating another matter later run into Deadpool and they team up to face AIM and free Dionyssus. After the GLI and Deadpool eat dinner after he’s made a reserve. Squirrel Girl heads off. Deadpool watches tv and the GLA ask Big Bertha to get him out. She and him go on a date and run into the mob. The two take them out. Deadpool says looks don’t matter and she agrees till she sees his face. Squirrel Girl goes to see Penance and learns what happened to him. Flatman visits Deadpool who is taking a bath about matters and Deadpool still won’t leave. Squirrel Girl goes to see Doom about his time machine and time travels to see Speedball in the future. While there Mr Immortal comes to tell her to go back and she does kicking out Deadpool.

New Avengers # 32: The New Avengers talk over the Skrulls on the way back to the states with each wondering who was a Skrull. Even Wolverine stating anyone could be. Spider-Woman suggest taking Elektra to Tony and they don’t agree. The plane has problems and prepares to crash. Wolverine tosses Spider-Woman out. Everyone else survives and Spider-Woman seeing the wreckage goes for the body fighting Wolverine and winning taking the body.

Omega Flight #4: Arachne’s daughter talks to Guardian about helping the teams. The team finds themselves fighting demons and Bill deals with the Crew as the team comes to help. Sasquatch shows up and attacks Talisman. The team fight the Crew and Sasquatch looking close to defeat as the Guardian shows up and gets attacked by Sasquatch ready to kill.

Punisher War Journal #9: Shots come at Hate Monger’s crew. Earlier: Frank is taken to Hate Monger’s secret location. Micro calls G.W. Hate Monger talks to Frank to recruit him. GW shows up in Phoenix. Punisher is told to attack the reporter and he does so joining the National Force. G.W. and Micro meet. One of the National Force find out who Frank is and is taken out. Punisher takes on the National Force and is defeated. Present: G.W. is the man shooting we learn.

Sub-Mariner #2: We find out the remains found where Namor’s (supposedly). 6 days before Namor contacts Iron Man ready for a fight. Namor commands his men to do nothing. Namor goes after Iron Man and the two begin a fight. A worker is attacked by the Atlantian sleeper cell. Tony goes back to the surface. In Kanses Namor investigates the scene and is attacked by some men. The General, Iron Man was talking to goes to see Norman Osborn and Venom is ordered to help. Namor goes to Xaviers and runs into Wolverine

Civil War Update

Fallen Son Iron Man #5: Cap’s casket is taken to Arlington by horse and then various heroes to the grave site. Tony tries to speak but can’t. Falcon takes over and gives a memorable speech first mentioning the old WW II heroes and saluting them in honor of Cap. Todays heroes are also honored todays heroes as well. The New Avengers watch on tv as well. 3 days later Jan, Hank and Tony go to the Artic where they found Cap and plan to bury him there. They placed a fake body in his grave. Namor arrives and helps them bury his body in the sea.

Back in Black Update

New Avengers # 32: The New Avengers talk over the Skrulls on the way back to the states with each wondering who was a Skrull. Even Wolverine stating anyone could be. Spider-Woman suggest taking Elektra to Tony and they don’t agree. The plane has problems and prepares to crash. Wolverine tosses Spider-Woman out. Everyone else survives and Spider-Woman seeing the wreckage goes for the body fighting Wolverine and winning taking the body.

Annihilation Conquest Update

Wraith #1: A Phalanx ship: Wraith is on board and fights his way out past a group of Phalanx escaping on his bike. On a Kree world 4 days later Wraith stops a man attacking a woman in the streets and ask questions about an underground group. Wraith follows the man to a secret location to find a woman named Ra-Vann. As they talk the Phalanx attack and Wraith tries to escape before getting stopped and placed face to face with Ronan.

Nova #4: Nova arrives at Hela to help and battles the Sentries. The Phalanx watch with Gamora who is under their control helping them. Nova takes out the Sentries in a big explosion and stargates out. On Kree-Lar: Ko-Rel and her crew find a burning bosy (looking like Nova) and as she approaches it gives her Nova Force powers.

Endangered Species Update

Uncanny X-Men #488: Masque and her Morlocks plan their next move. Caliban, Warpath, Hepzibah and Storm go into the sewers to find Masque. Back at the mansion Val and Xavier talk of the Morlocks and Caliban. The X-Men find their way to the Morlock’s old home. Kurt and Xavier decide to go find Magneto without the ONE getting involved. Skids plants a device on a train that explodes and knocks out the people on board as Masque shows up and deforms the passengers

Beast continues his efforts in Wundagore with a team of others after getting no from all those he tried to contact. Leading his team up the mountain under a disguise until a freak accident makes one fall and Beast save them. The Knights of Wundagore arrive to stop Beast.

X-Factor #21: Two Jamie’s drink together to start the issue. A mystery man (he looks somewhat like Cable) in a cave gets thoughts of various people he can’t shut up without pills. At X-Factor base Layls and another girl talk. Madrox returns and the girls argue over what happened. The Isolationist arrives in NY. The other girl staying with Layla wakes to see the man. Wolfsbane visits Rictor and they kiss and more. Val sees Strong Guy about a job. X-Factor is hired for a new job. We learn a pregnancy test was flushed. Jamie runs into the Isolationist at the bar.

Beast meets with the Knights of Wundagore who tell him to leave. Beast sends his people off and begins to fight the tiger woman until High Evolutionary stops the fight. Evolutionry agrees to talk to Beast. Beast learns someone came first to see Evolutionary before and he leaves unsatisfied.

World War Hulk Update

Ant-Man #10: Damage Control with Ant-Man clean up as Hulk’s ship arrives and we see Hulk holo warning. Agent Carson is contacted by SHIELD. Black Fox shows up in Ant-Man’s place and robs him. Many evacuate as Ant-Man and Monstro watch until Hulk crashes into the building they are on. Ant-Man finds himself in hulk’s body and gets trapped until he’s lucky to escape. Ant-Man crashes and wakes up on the Hellicarrier.

Gamma Corps #1: Years ago there was a secret meeting to decide what to do about Hulk involving Ross, Banner and Talbot we learn that Ryker was to be at. Present: Ryker at his wives funeral (still hiding from SHIELD) is found by SHILED who ask his help to deal with Hulk for his freedom. At a secret AIM base Griffin is interrogated and turns into his mutated form taking out AIM. Griffen’s team comes out as Prodigy, Mess, Mister Gideon taking out armored men. They are there for Flux who is being held. Grey shows up and kills Flux. Ryker contacts the Corps.

I thought it was an enlightening column as always. What did you think Daron?

I think you still need a better closing…but that’s just me.

I had a ton of fun as normal. Hope we get more emails and Cory back of course. Signing off time.

And away we go. See you all next week!

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