More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks – Resolution: Week 20

OK, so apparently when I compiled my list of albums for this resolution, I intended to use DJ Krush’s MiLight. However, the album that I actually put on my iPod as part of this experiment was Code 4109. Maybe I’ll correct that oversight at some point. Possibly.

Anyway, Code 4109 is basically a mixtape. At least that’s what Wikipedia says. And that would explain why I wasn’t really too enamored with it.

I mean, it’s cool as background music. I could imagine hearing it used as the soundtrack to the bumpers on Adult Swim. It’s got that ethereal house-hop vibe going on. It’s a good album, but it’s really just not “summertime in Las Vegas” music. It’s more of “background in a swanky lounge full of single people being pretentious” music.

It’s dope and it creates a mellow mood. But it also doesn’t really demand attention. Being that it’s a mixtape the songs blend together, so in many cases, unless you’re really paying attention it’s hard to know when one song ends and the next begins.

There are no names, which is ironic because the reason I got into DJ Krush in the first place is because Black Thought appeared on Meiso. This time around, there’s not much English, but Tha Blue Herb does bust some rhymes in Japanese.

I can completely see how I missed this album the first time around. And I can’t really foresee breaking it out, unless I get a bunch of trendy friends and invite them over the housewarming for my future loft.