In Hindsight: On The Lot – Episode 11

This week, five directors debut their action films.

Adrianna “Costa” is back to wearing evening dresses and showing her boobs. Anything to juice the ratings, I suppose.

As usual, we go to the Rock StarOn the Lot mansion where the last two women get the boot, and Zach calls Adrianna “Andrea”. Apparently, America hates female directors. That or they just had the misfortune of being in a very strong group. Bloody shame too, as I thought Shalini had done a really good job up until First Sight, which actually wasn’t bad, but Carrie was right – people don’t really like unsubtle preachy films. It’s still hard for me to tell whether people are voting in blocks or not, as it’s generally been the director of the worst film that has been eliminated, and if we’re being honest, this was no exception.

Now it’s time for Group “B”, and they’re showing action films. This week, joining Eddie and Debbie’s kid and your crazy Uncle Gary is Antoine Fuqua, director of Shooter, Training Day and The Replacement Killers. It’s a safe bet to say that that Antoine knows action films.

Movie time!

Sam Friedlander‘s film is Key Witness. We start seemingly in the middle of a scene, and it’s a buddy action flick where the witness and his protector are trying to escape some bad guys. Not too much in the way of action apart from the one stunt though. There’s shooting, but shooting alone doesn’t equal action to me.

Carrie – I thought it was a lot of action, but I thought that the action overwhelmed the story. I thought you could’ve done a little better.
Antoine – You did a really good job, but it is a little bit of style over substance, and the ending didn’t really come together.
Gary – Great action but some of the motivation was a little weak. I thought it was a good job.

Jason Epperson does an action comedy with Sweet, which is about a forgotten anniversary (the man is apparently married to the Pink Time Force Ranger), and he dedicates it to his wife. The music is great and it really fits in with the movie. Jason mixes in the action tangentially, but it works as the guy runs to buy flowers. Not bad, but not something I’d pay to see.

Carrie – This is my favourite thing that you’ve done so far. Completely relatable situation. Your wife should be proud.
Antoine – You showed that action doesn’t have to be violent. You took the time to build the characters. Good job.
Gary – The film was alive and I think you did a terrific job.

Next week… Chick Flicks.

Andrew Hunt takes on a car chase in his film Zero2Sixty, and the show blatantly plugs an American car company, and specifically, an XUV, in the guise of a car chase. It’s kind of the opposite of Jason’s film in that it mixes the comedy into action, and I think that it did feel big… or at least as big as you can get on the small screen.

Carrie – I think you did a really really great job. This was a really inventive idea. Good solid job.
Antoine – You really did a good job.
Gary – I love a car chase and I think you did a really good one. Maybe you and Jason once in a while should change hats.

Adrianna talks to character actor Patrick Kerr, who is in Kenny’s movie.

Kenny Luby, gets a skater’s view of things in The Losers, and he even wants to do a stunt on his own, but the stunt coordinator doesn’t let him do it. I’m assuming that’s because of union rules. There’s lots of characterization, it’s a cute film, but as far as action goes, Kenny got way too close during the skating, and you don’t really get a sense of the action here. Kenny’s done.

Carrie – You’ve got this awesome eye, and your stories aren’t as developed as your films look. Visually you’re an artist.
Antoine – Good job. I felt like the geography was all over the place. My feeling is you have to trust the people you’re working with, step back. You did a bit too much.
Gary – I love that you’re wild and abstract. I was a little bewildered. Stay wild, stay unique.

It’s Mateen Kemet in the pimp spot, and he’s showing Catch. He’s got some good action and stunts in there, all wrapped up in a nice chase scene, with a little twist at the end. Definitely, it works better than his “horror” film, and his big stunt with the bike was money.

Carrie – I really thought that you exectued it well. Good job.
Antoine – I think you did a really good job.
Gary – I don’t know if this had enough Wham! and Pow!

We get to see the big stunts again, and now, the Judges’ favourites:
Carrie – Andrew
Antoine – Jason
Gary – Jason

Kevin’s favourite: Mateen

Eliminated: Kenny and Sam

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