The Most Ridiculous Item of the Week – 7.20.07

Have you ever wondered whether or not Sting is better than you? Chances are he probably is, but just in case you had any modicum of doubt in your mind, he recently snuffed out any remaining uncertainty on the matter whilst dining with friends in Miami.

According to witnesses and staff at the very exclusive Casa Tua, a Mediterranean-fusion eatery in South Beach’s Art Deco District, the Police frontman brought along his own personal chef to prepare his meal in the restaurant’s kitchen. However, the other members of his party, apparently not as good as he is (but then again, none of us are), ate the presumably shitty and poorly-prepared food made by the house chefs.

“It was amazing,” a fellow diner told reporters. “Casa Tua is one of the best places in town. It has some fantastic chefs and Sting brings his own person to cook. No one would believe it. Apparently his people booked ahead and said staff would cook for his friends but not for him.” Reporters were successful in getting ahold of the restaurant’s manager in order to confirm the story, and while he didn’t go into much detail, he did not deny that it had occurred, either.

While it was not specified what Sting’s chef prepared for him, chances are that it was exponentially better than anything those bush-league house chefs (who are more than likely overpaid and most certainly not as good as Sting) could have even dreamed of concocting, and that it also contained cilantro and/or some sort of wasabi/mango salsa.

So bringing your own chef to a restaurant is the hip new thing to do, eh? What’s next, bringing your own music collection to a nightclub? Pretty soon people will be… actually, wait… that’s a pretty damn good idea.