Captains Log: Big Brother 8 Episode 7

Things are rolling along in the house as Carol was the first one evicted and now Joe or Evil Dick are going to be next. A recap of the past week shows that Jen is not the brightest cookie in the world, but she still can be conniving as hell. The alliance of Mrs. Robinson (Nick, Zach, Mike, and Kail) is strong but is not being kept as secret as they’d all like it to be. We’re all caught up so let’s get onto this week’s episode.

Up For Eviction
Joe & Evil Dick


Daniele is sad that she had to have someone else go up in her place, but she’s happy she is no longer on the block or going against her dad. Joe feels his chances suck right now and he is “screwed.” To be quite honest with you, I feel the same way. As uncouth and off the wall as Dick is, the guy sure knows how to make friends fast and he is in the driver’s seat as far as I’m concerned.

Joe is trying to win votes with everyone he can in the house. Not happening.

America’s favorite player Eric needs to find out who to vote for so he goes to card and he is pleased to find out that Joe is who America hates. If this vote isn’t a total landslide, I will be extremely surprised.

Kail then talks with Dick and assures him she wants him to stay, but if she changes her mind she’ll let him know. She then proceeds to show just how incredibly stupid she is by campaigning through the entire house to get Dick evicted. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, she then tries to work Daniele by telling her she should get rid of her own father? Come on now Kail, you can’t be that clueless to your idiocy.

Not to worry as Dick busts her out in front of Jameka, Mike, Jessica, Eric, and Daniele who quickly walks out. ED calls Kail a liar, tells her that she can’t be trusted, and that she wasn’t even sharing the whole conversation they had but just parts that helped her. And as smiling happy as she seems to look, you can see the nervousness in her as her best response is, “Whatever.” She then begs for the votes of those in the room as ED goes outside.

Julie calls out Amber on all the crying! YES!

A bit of backstory for Dustin and Joe as the man who came between them is interviewed and his name would happen to be Nate. Nate feels bad about what happened and sleeping with Joe way back when, but he did it. He also says that Joe cannot be trusted and that he could have gotten gonorrhea from anywhere. My God, did we have to go back to the VD?

Joe tries to swing Dustin’s vote his way by “opening up his heart to him.” Or in better words, “I’m being truthful now because this is all I’ve got.” Dustin reminds Joe of the horrible things he’s done and how his way of playing this game is the same way he’s played the game of life. Joe then contradicts himself by getting all pissy.

It is time for the voting and the last words by those up for eviction. Joe stands there like a presidential candidate and gives a campaign speech. Dick acts well, like Dick and claims to have been too introverted. But the voting commences and by a vote of 9 – 1, the second person evicted is:


The house is very quiet as Joe says his goodbyes. Julie meets Joe outside and he is introduced by video message to the person who crawled into bed with him, Eric, and why. The goodbye messages weren’t too damn friendly either for Joe except those of Jen and Kail didn’t seem really anyone thought twice about voting out Joe, and also with good riddance.

HOH time and this week we are playing “Getting Schooled;” a series of true/false questions in high school subjects but about their time in the house. Dustin is out first. He is followed by Jameka, Eric, Jessica, and Zach. Kail, Amber, and Nick soon hit the bricks. Mike, Daniele, and Dick make it to the tie-breaker and the person who was closest to knowing how many hours Jen has been in the unitard and our new HOH is:

Evil Dick

After a high-five to his daughter Daniele, Dick receives the key from Jen, and Kail looks scared already. America’s next challenge for Eric is to vote for who we want him to persuade Dick to put up for nomination. Julie wishes us a fond farewell and we get one more look at the houseguests milling around after the HOH competition. Everyone seems perfectly fine but Jen and Kail duh!

That’s it for this week, make sure to be back on Sunday as Josh Clinton brings us coverage of the next episode of Big Brother 8. But stay with Reality Dish everyday for coverage of Showtime After Dark and the 24/7 online coverage. Til next Thursday, this is your Captain speaking and I’m done.

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