[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feeds Recap Day 16 (07/20/07)

Big Brother woke the houseguest up at 9 am; Dick with only two hours of sleep in him stumbled out of his bed and immediately put on his captain HOH hat. Kail starts in as soon as she awakes by commenting on how Dick told her last night that everyone wants her out. She corners Dustin and starts talking about nominations. She starts saying how she trusts Jen more then anyone and it did not matter who he put up with her she will go. She rambled on and on. Dustin was good kept encouraging her to fight for Veto and not to give up , he also said that she had as much of a chance as the other nominee in staying.

I guess Jen didn’t get the BB memo about her not having to wear the unitard anymore, because when she woke up she put on her unitard. Kail immediately asked her why she was wearing it, and then told her that everyone was sick of seeing her in it. Jen said she will probably take it off later but she liked it.

Dick was the first one to find Jameka and wish her a Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday Jameka!

Nick and Daniele have a conversation in the storage room. Nick seems to be a bit upset but would not talk to Dani about it, He kept telling her he was OK and would talk to her after the food competition.

Once they leave the storage room, Dick corners Daniele and tells her to be careful with Nick. That people are telling him that he was the leak in their alliances and that he was playing both sides of the fence. He said he would explain later to be careful.

The food competition started at 11:00 am.

The feed comes back at like 12:45, and we immediately hear that no one is on slop. Everyone is pretty happy about that until they look and see that BB took away some of their food that they did not earn. It seems they were diving into a big bowl of pasta and earned certain food products. They all seemed pretty happy, they got lunch meat, chicken, eggs, cereal and milk, beer, and a BBQ grill with the fixings for a BBQ.

Nick wastes no time in going to the HOH to talk to Dick. He comes clean with him on everything, Dick being Dick lays it all out there, He tells them that Kail is upset because they shook hands and made an alliance and she took all the heat for them all. Nick told him how the alliance formed and that he told Dani and Amber about it last week. Nick again said he does not need the money and is in the game for the experience he has no need to lie. Dick said that he wants Kail gone this week, then Jen with Mike and Zach to follow. Dick also said he better not be playing Dani, that if he hurt him he will get him. He will hunt him down if they are out of the house, that if he hurts her he will get him. Nick said again and again that he is not playing Dani, that she will not be the Erika of this season, that he really likes her.

Dustin was the next in to the HOH. Dick told him right away that he was putting up Jen and Kail and he wants Kail gone. Dustin agreed with it and said they are both selfish and will fight each other to stay. Dick said he wants to scare Zach by putting his key in last and Mike will be the replacement if either of them wins Veto. Dustin tells Dick that he has his back and the plan next week is to win HOH and put up two more of them. Dustin says if Dick puts up Jen and Kail he will help out next week if he gets HOH.

Dani is next in the revolving door. She tells her Dad that Kail is running scared down there that she won’t shut up and keeps asking her if she knows the nominations. Dick liked hearing that she is sweating it out! Dani also told him to scare everyone at the nomination ceremony, be careful on the placement of the keys and not to mention names just call everyone out and scare them! He agrees.

Zach then wants to chat with Dick. He tells Dick that he will tell him anything. He said that Jen said she wanted Dani out and the he told her that she had to put Dick up to take away a vote for her. He also told Dick that he told Jen from the beginning to put up Joe, that he had a problem with Joe and wanted him out. He then tells Dick about his $50K deal with Nick. That if either of them win the other will get $50K. Dick said that was against the rules. Nick asked Zach about his conversation with Nick in the workout room. He said that Kail had cornered him several times insisting he vote out Dick, he finally just said that he would only do it if she could get Nick to do it. After he talked to Nick in the room to see if he was being bullied too by Kail and ask who he was voting out. Nick said Joe and that was it.

A bit later Dick talks to Amber and said that he had to distance himself from her that people are saying they are in an alliance. Of course, Amber gets emotional. He said that she is too wrapped up in the personal stuff and she has to start thinking about the game. Amber leaves and immediately tells Dustin who said Dick’s ego is just too big. Amber goes to Dani, tells her what her Dad said, Dani said don’t worry about it, that her and her Dad are the huge targets and to calm down. She kept saying but I still want to talk to your Dad. She was really upset.

By far the best conversation Dick had was with Mike. Mike finally SPOKE! It happened in the kitchen. Dick explained that one of them will be going home this week because Kail campaigned against him. Mike said that he has tried to be honest and open, and he said that someone told them that he (Dick) was after them. He said that he was not after them to be put up just to be called out in the open. Mike kept saying how you would feel, that he was being honest that once they heard that Dick was after them they had to go after them. He said he was not hiding their alliance that he is just playing the game. Mike said the game was not a big deal that it is not real life. Mike said nothing personal. Dick kept saying that the alliance had to be called out. Mike said he heard that the first time, that he is the type of guy that is straight forward and he understands the position he is in. Dick again tells him about the conversation that he had with Kail in the hammock, and how she stabbed him in the back and now one of them have to go home. Dick tells him he thinks he is a good guy, and Mike said likewise. Mike was very articulate with Dick, out him in his place, and laid it all out there. It is nice to see that he is actually playing the game and that he knows what is going on.

Kail breaks down a lot today. She cries, and corners anyone that will listen about her alliance and how they ditched her. She thought they would protect her like her husband always does. Some tell her it was stupid to believe that an alliance formed on a handshake on day one would last. Dustin seems to be the only sympathetic one of the bunch. He listens and tries to build her up and get her to fight.

Dani and Amber talk about Nick. Dani does not seem to trust him now. Amber feels the same way. They think that he was the one who broke up the alliance and that he ditched them. Dani wants to stage something and see if he is really trustworthy.

Dustin and Mike have a brief conversation Mike tells Dustin that he thinks the game is going good and that he like that his family can see him on TV. It seems that he lives like 2000 miles away from his family so now they get to see him 3x per week on TV.

We get the lovely vertex tunnel at 5:50 for the nomination ceremony.

At 7:16 the feed returns. We quickly learn that Kail and Jen are nominated. Jen looked normal but Kail looked real stressed out.

ED explained to mike why he nominated Kail. He says he knew when she started campaigning against him that he could no longer trust her.

Saying that he can’t understand why Kail is in an alliance with Jen. Kail denied it but little did she know that Jen already told him that they were. And he realized it was a sub-alliance to Kail’s main alliance.

With Jen spilling her guts and waiting through all of Joes *****, which a lot, he realized who he had to nominate. Saying Jen nominated him and Danielle out of jealousy and because he had been up her ass so much. It made no difference that he went off on her 10 minutes s before the ceremony and it didn’t make any difference she was going to put him up anyway (Jen).

He said he was in the hammock with Kail and she told him she wasn’t voting for him then all of a sudden she was campaigning against him and it wasn’t until he got HOH that she started telling him oh no, I never did that. Saying Kail felt betrayed by her whole alliance because the vote was 9-1, and now she’s pan icing because she knew she blew it.

Says he told Kail he wasn’t going to ride her this week to enjoy her time in the house. He’s telling Mike that he feels betrayed by all of them and now they’re a target and whether they try to reform their alliance to go after him. He then tells him that them evicting Joe did nothing good for them but was a nice thing for the house. Says that Joe screwed him by outing him when he was trying to get Zach nominated instead of Joe and he won’t do that for another houseguest again. He was only trying to help Joe and Joe screwed him over.

Dick said that would of brought attention to Mike’s alliance he had a feeling Zach would vote to keep him but only for the same reason Mike voted to keep him, to keep from exposing themselves because they knew they didn’t have enough votes. He then told Mike that they’d never make a good drug cartel, because as soon as one person got in trouble they all turned on each other and that was a stupid mistake.

Mike saying that if he is the one that gets backdoored this week and gets evicted he’s not gonna cry about it.

Dick now saying that the house misses Joe’s personality but not his game ***** cause it was just so much, he called them the Gonorrhea boys.

Dick tells Mike they really don’t know what’s going to happen in the future weeks, they could end up needing each other or they could go after each other starting next week, ya never know! Mike says it’s all good; they shake hands and part ways.

The houseguests had lobster tails for dinner. They also won sweetbreads in the food competition, so Jameka fried the pancreas up all but Jess thought it was disgusting.

Dick and Zach had a long chat about Alzheimer’s. Dick had to explain what it was and how it eventually killed his father to Zach.

Kail talked to Dick and thanked him for being nice in his nomination speech. Dick again repeated that he had to do it because she was after him. Kail said she has no idea where Zach and Nick stand anymore and she barely still talks to Mike. Dick again tells her what she did wrong in the game. Kail said she is the weakest player in the game and that she is going home. Dick said that if they don’t get POV then one of them will be leaving. Dick talks out loud to Kail wondering if thee is such a thing as an alliance that does not go against each other. Dick doesn’t want Kail to be crying around the house. He says the most fun he’s seen Kail have was throwing spaghetti today. Kail says she was too busy worrying about her alliance this whole time. Dick asks how Kail got in an alliance on the first day in a game that is built upon deception. Kail says she realizes it was dumb now and her eyes are wide open.

Dick says it pisses him off that people think he’s with Amber. She’s so emotional. Dick likes her, but as an ally, Dick says “Are you kidding me? She’s like the town crier.”

Kail tells Dick how Jen told Kail about the Mrs. R Alliance. Kail didn’t know Jen knew this whole time. Dick says any alliance is only as strong as its weakest link. Kail says she must’ve been the strongest one. Mike has never lied but he’s too slow and never talks, Kail says. Dick agrees, you can’t get any information out of him. Kail says her fault was putting her alliance first.

Dick asks why Kail freaked out about him. He says he had no power and was sitting on the block. Dick says he was after Jen the whole time and he hates her. “If she had a personality transplant, she’d be fine. But she’s so insecure.” Dick says no one sees Jen as a threat so Kail needs to win POV. She was nominated with the house agreeing to evict her. Kail asked if she was more hated then Jen by the house. Dick again said she was the bigger threat. He said “Don’t get me wrong, you are my target and I want you out of here.” Dick explained that he watched DVDs and read message boards to get to know the game, that the game changes week to week and that you have to adjust to it. He explained that there are people out their on the internet that transcribe every word and look that we do in the house. He calls those people idiots. He said he did his research before entering. He said he hated what Boogie did to Erika and thought Will should have been in F2, and his only mistake was letting the girls talk at the end. He then told her that he had met Erika before entering the house. He tells her that if she didn’t turn on him she would still be here next week, and that her only hope in staying is winning the POV. Dick left and Mike entered.

Mike told Kail that he would fight for POV to remove her. That she has been loyal to him and that he wants to honor that till the end. She said that if he won that Zach would probably go up and go with an 8-0 vote. Mike asks her if she feels betrayed by his vote to evict Joe. She said no, she would have liked to know before hand, he said he didn’t have the time to tell her, he wanted to vote with the house so he was not targeted.

Meanwhile Zach streaks across the backyard and jumps into the pool! Everyone cheered and Jess and Dani snagged his clothes and towel. Someone did throw him a towel! Later Jess and Dani discuss his size and how small it was, Nick shuts them right down!

Later the girls gossip in the HOH about the days activities. Here is some of the conversation.

They say Kail is crying in the room. They say if you’re going to mope around like Carol you’re going to go. Jess says she thought Kail was going to corner her and campaign.

Jessica was surprised that Mike did not deny anything Dick was saying to him earlier. She is surprised that he did not get put up against Kail.

Dani: Did you see his face [when he got that key]? That stupid “Mike” face

Daniele says Kail is sooo fake. They say nobody wants to be around her.

Dani: What have I ever done to her?
Jameka: Maybe she wasn’t going to put you up again. Maybe things change
Dani: No, both her and Mike would!

Jameka is in uhmmm huh mode.

Dani: She totally acts like this moral and nice person who’s loyal but everything is based in lies. .

She thinks Mike will vote with the majority
Dani: Those people are selling themselves out left and right.
Jameka: Quite possibly the worst
Jess: If they won this week they’d be good
Dani: They’re all selling themselves out. First Jen then Kail. Nobody cares about each other. Sloppy sloppy sloppy. 1 free week.

Dani: We need to win HOH to have 4 free weeks.

Dani starts to make fun of Zach’s size.
Dani: He kept talking about ‘unleash the beast.’
Jameka: He did? The ones that talk about it…
Dani: That was gross. It was really gross. I’ll have nightmares
Jess: Whenever I saw him running all I saw was a hairy patch
Dani: He always says he shaves his wiener too
Jess: He does? It was hairy
Dani: He talks about how he shaves everything…to other guys
Jess: Maybe he’s gay
Dani: He’s so fake
Jess: You like him you know it. You want to make out with him
Dan: Ew
Jess: I’m sorry, when he said the s&m story I thought I had to hear this
Dani: I thought it was going to be more personal
Dani: Jen was crazy. I thought she was going to start crying. She acts like she didn’t know, but honestly how do you not know. If you’re naked in a group of people how would you not know? I don’t… whatever… Where you there when she said she got arrested once when you were 10 and Eric said for what prostitution?
Jess: Eric’s funny. As Joe would say, “Zing!”

Jess: At the ceremony I had Kail on one side of me and Jen on the other and I was like why did I sit here!!

They hear the doorbell it is Eric

Eric: I wanted to tell you I ***** hate you. Each and every one of you. Even you on your birthday. I find it to be completely unacceptable that I am going to be alone in the small room with Zach and it’s the three of yours faults directly. He’s going to sexually rape me! He’s ridiculously small. Is it just me or is there a problem there. Maybe it is because he’s a large man and it’s not proportionate.

Jess: After I saw one flop I turned away.

Dick entered the HOH room and starts rehashing his Kail and his conversation, and how he told her while she was crying that he did not put her up to make her sad, just to send her home. He then said that if Mike plays and wins POV and takes Kail off the block they will put up Zach and he wants Jen to go home. Dani commented that POV would probably be something that Kail is good at. Dick said or a naked contest that Jen could win.

Since the BB camera guy must be asleep because we have 2 feeds on sleeping houseguests and the other2 feeds on an empty bathroom for the past 45 minutes everyone must be quiet and settled down. It is 4 am in the BB house and I can only guess that dreams of Vetos are dancing through Kail’s head!

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