Louis C.K. – Shameless – DVD Review

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Written & Performed by:
Louis C.K.

The Show:
Louis C.K. is a classic stand-up comic. He’ll get on a stage and start firing the jokes one after another until he’ll settle on a topic and go deeper. His humor, at least in the two specials this DVD, isn’t topical. It’s an observational comedy about everything and anything, from his man-boobs to queuing at the post office. One more thing to know about him he hates everything and everyone. He hates his friends, his family he even hates his kid.

Shameless, this hour-long special was taped in 2006 for HBO. It starts a bit slow but starts to pick up after he moves from the quick one-liners to the more in-depth stuff. He’s at his best when he talks about the things that he hates wishing his friend’s plane would crash, time machine talks, sex life of married people, including the saddest hand-job ever, his history in practicing “auto-eroticism” and everything that he hates about his four year old daughter.

Unlike other comedians who use foul language as a cheap trick to get laughs, C.K just makes it seem natural. He talks like it’s just a part of his day-to-day vocabulary. And really, who of us doesn’t talk like that when we’re hanging out with friends? C.K. just takes it to the stage. And of you think the way he talks about the handjob or his kid is inappropriate, that’s just too bad. He takes stuff that most people only think about and puts them in the open. Who here doesn’t have a friend he wishes he could “break up” with? I’m not a parent, but trust me; I have friends who in private talk about their kid (despite loving them to death) just like C.K talks about his eldest daughter.

This review of Shameless is limited. How can I say why it’s funny without ruining some jokes? I can say what the jokes are about but can’t write them here. Although Louis C.K isn’t my favorite comedian (Alonzo Bodin and Greg Geraldo are just two names I like better) Shameless is a solid hour of comedy despite some weak moments, mostly at the beginning. I’m not sure you’d want to watch it time after time, but it’s worth renting at the video store.

The Video:
The special was recorded in wide-screen, HD and looks very good on DVD, no complaints here.

The Audio:
A basic 2.0 transfer, but it sounds good and frankly, it just one man talking who needs more?

The Extras:
The only real extra feature is C.K.’s first half hour comedy special on HBO, from 1996. It’s nice to see this special because it gives a perspective on the man’s style of comedy, and surprisingly (or not) it didn’t change much in ten years. It’s a good half-hour special and together with the main feature provides good 90 minutes of stand-up.
There’s also a short trailer for the DVD release of “Lucky Louie”, his short lived HBO sitcom, but it doesn’t really make show seem appealing.

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