[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feeds Recap Day 17 (07/21/07)

Kail was the first one awake this morning at 7:15 am. Big Brother woke everyone else up at 7:45 am announcing the Veto ceremony would be in two hours. Kail sees Mike in the bathroom and told him that she hopes he plays for Veto. At 9:30 the fearless leader Dick gathered everyone in the living room to pick balls for the Veto ceremony. The people playing for Veto were: Dick, Jen. Kail, Jess, Zach and Nick. Eric was the host and he dressed as the Mad Hatter. Kail was very disappointed in the selections.

Dick corners Jen in the storage room and proceeds to tell her that Kail was “throwing her under the bus”. That she wanted him to switch the votes so Jen would go. He then gets Kail in the kitchen and once again calls her out, saying that she was throwing her best friend in the house under the bus, that she was a liar and nobody believes her and that she is going home. This got Kail upset. She told Dick she didn’t say that but he was much louder and kept repeating the same things over and over.

Kail then asked Amber if what he said was true, if she hated her and wanted her out. She said that she was not her favorite person in the house and that she respected her as a mother but not a game player. She said she was upset because she put her up the first week with a lame excuse and she never talks to anyone.

Eric announced that the Veto ceremony was starting so they all had to participate in that.

When the houseguests return from the Veto ceremony we not only learn that Jen won it but it was a pretty fun competition. They all loved it. Seems there was table set up and the players were standing on something with a tray of glasses and their feet could not leave the platform. Also, they had to hold the glasses, if they fell then they were eliminated also. Seems some were eliminated right off the bat because their glasses were not straight. Seems that Dick dropped out of the competition right away and told them to fight it out.

Later Amber and Dustin corner Kail in the storage room and ask her if Dick makes up stuff about her (Amber). Kail said that he doesn’t make it up just brings it up like her being emotional. She then tells Dustin that Dick twists her words, and makes her look so bad to everyone. That everyone hates her. That Dick lies and everyone is afraid of him
Dustin said that is her perception that she is afraid of him but he isn’t. He doesn’t listen to half the stuff Dick tells him. Dustin told Kail that many have to lie, that the game is about lying and deception. Jameka even tells her that she has to shake it off and continue playing the game. Don’t dwell on things she can’t change.

The house talks about wanting to vote Mike out instead of Kail. Even Dick agrees it might be best to get Mike out now because Kail can be an emotional wreck and useless. He also believes getting Mike out will still split up the alliance. (Is Dick backing down because he sees the troops not following his orders???)

Later after everyone napped, Dick goes to the HOH and talks with Dani and Eric. He tells her he has a new plan and to vote out Mike but not tell Kail because she will then be an emotional mess for the HOH competition. Eric and Dani start chatting and they all decide not to make a decision to Wednesday or Thursday when they see whose game is going better.

Dick then tells Amber and Jameka the plan. They both asked if Zach could be put up that they need him gone soon. Dick said he won’t be HOH next week so he will just honor the wishes of the HOH that week. After Jameka left, Dick proceeded to tell Amber that he believes that Nick and Jen are faking about not having a relationship and that they are probably in an alliance together. Dick is afraid Dani is being played by Nick, Amber offers to talk to Dani but Dick said no that he had already talked to her about it. He just wanted to warn her that he is not to be trusted.

Kail cornered Dani and blamed Zach for putting her up on the block when Kail was HOH. She told her that Zach felt threatened by her and her Dad. Dani listened but did not comment. Later Kail told Mike about the conversation saying she blamed everything on Zach so maybe she would tell Dick and Zach would be nominated. Kail said that Zach had changed and he is trying to fit into the group more. Mike said that he is kissing ass hoping to save his own. Then Kail said that stupid alliance killed us, Zach responded yeah “but what can we do?” Mike said he rather go early then be like the first person on the jury and have to hang around and watch someone win. Kail agreed. Kail said she wish she could be more like Mike nice and calm, but she is an emotional basket case.

Mike leaves and Dick apologizes to him because during the Veto ceremony when he came down off his platform it must have looked like he was going to hit Mike. Dick said he never had any intentions of doing that and wanted him to know that. Mike responded it is only a game.

Kail immediately said to Mike that might be a good sign, maybe he won’t put you up. Then Kail went and found Amber and rehashed the same story she told Dani about Zach being the one to want to nominate Dani and Amber the first week, that Mike had nothing to do with it.

Dick once again called Kail out said again she shouldn’t be campaigning and that he saw her conspiring with Mike. Kail said she can talk to people and it does not mean she is talking about the game. Dick again said she threw alliance under the bus and she kept insisting she didn’t. Dick again and again brought up her intentions of saving herself and her lies. Kail got rattled again. Kail said she is not talking to him anymore because he twists everything she said around.

Kail leaves and talks to Dustin and Jameka in the hammock. She told him she’s not going to talk to him anymore because he’s twisting everything she says. She asked him why she would talk to him if she thinks they are having a good conversation and then he comes down the stairs this morning cussing and mad at her. Dick is once again going off on a woman and there is no witness to his means since they are alone.

He told her she betrayed him again, she’s correcting the way he remembered their conversation, asking how she betrayed him. Dick thinks she lied to him because she said she had nobody, but he’s seen her talking to people today.

Dick goes inside and is wandering around the house looking like he wants to repeat their conversation to someone. Dustin is consoling Kail telling her she doesn’t have to stay for the conversations and she agreed that she told him she wasn’t going to talk to him. She said he is trying to pit her and Jen against each other. Dick returns to the sofa out back to smoke giving the hammock crew the evil eye. He’s very mad. Jameka is staying quiet in this conversation. Kail is concerned that others won’t see how mean Dick is. That nobody saw how mean he was to her.

Kail rehashes the story to Mike and Jen in the hot tub. To Jen again in the workout room. She keeps repeating herself and tries to make Dick look really bad and cruel.

Nick and Dani got real cozy under the covers tonight a lot of whispering, and rustling of covers.

Eric, Jameka and Dick have a conversation about nick. Here is the conversation: Apparently outside they are still talking about how shady Nick is. Joe’s advice before he left the house was not to trust Nick. Eric says numerically it’s good to hold Nick hostage and save him. But Nick should be one of the first to go. Jameka says Nick put his hand out to shake Joe’s hand when Joe got evicted and Joe refused. Jameka says Nick lied and said Joe just didn’t see his hand.

Dick says Nick is the kind of guy who will use his charm and flirting to get by and get in the final 5. Eric says Nick is a pro-athlete — he’s a monster at anything physical. Eric says when he and Zach compete, it’s not even close. Eric says it’s not a huge component of the game, but anything that’s physical he will take.

Dick says they all need to be careful about what they talk about with Nick as far as the game. Dick says Nick goes to bed early so late night is the best time. Eric and Jessica say they don’t talk game with Nick. Dick says he has to because of Daniele.

Dick says Nick could be ruining Daniele’s life outside the house. Jameka thinks when Daniele leaves, things won’t be good.

Dick wants Eric to win HOH and put up Nick. Jameka wants to backdoor him. They want to put him up against Zach and vote him out!

The late nighters of Jess, Eric, Dick and Jameka want to go into the DR and do a bit on Zach’s small “package” and get things in the kitchen to compare it to. They are all laughing and joking around.

Dick went up to the HOH room where Jess is sleeping alone tonight. He warned her to be careful of what she says to Dani because Dani filters it through Nick. He said that Jen warned him of that too. That his biggest worry right now is Nick and Dani and it shouldn’t be. He again said that he does not want Dani to be the Erika of this season. Dick then said that he knows that Nick has gotten between Jess and Dani that they used to hang out a lot together. They then start chatting about the Mrs. R alliance. Jess asked why they did that, and Dick explained it was because Kail was HOH and the boys wanted protection. He said that Kail watched all these reality shows and should have known better .Dick then said that Janelle last year should have been the last one standing! He told her that she was lucky that Carol left because it would have ruined her chances of finishing the game. Dick then told her that he has her back when their side starts cannibalizing themselves. He asks her how she thinks her game is going. She thinks it’s going good because they (Zach Mike Kail and Jen) don’t think she is with the other side of house. She does talk to Jen sometimes, but the others never. Dick tells her about the time Eric was in HOH with Jen and Kail watching Dick on the screen and laughing. He didn’t get why Eric would lie about something so dumb. Jess agrees it is kind of weird. They both really like Eric. After saying he can’t trust Daniele’s judgment, Dick states Jessica is the only HG he trusts 100%. Dick tells Jessica he trusts her completely. Jameka 95%. Eric he trusts but has reservations because of the his lie about falling asleep one night in HOH after returning really really late in the night after hours of being up there audibly laughing it up . As far as Daniele goes Dick says he can’t trust her judgment because he feels that the Nick flirting thing could be the biggest blunder of the season. And as far as Amber and Dustin go, he doesn’t trust them as much. He says he doesn’t believe they’ll go to the other side, but he can’t trust them to keep quiet.

Dick asked Jess if getting Mike out first was the right move. Jess said that Kail annoys her more and she would like her to go. Then Dick explained that getting Mike out breaks up the Mrs. R alliance and also breaks up the bro’s alliance (Zach, Nick and Mike). Jess agreed to that.

Dick goes on to tell Jessica that after they get the other side out, Nick and Daniele will be the first target with Nick going out first, then Amber and Dustin will be the next target, then it will be the rest of them to fight it out for themselves. Dick then goes on to tell Jess how much he has liked her from the start, since they were stuck up in that HOH room waiting for their revealing. Jess thanked him for letting her sleep in the HOH and he said she is so nice and sweet and just a baby doll.

After a five minute front of the house entertainment, we see Dick in the back yard smoking and doing laundry. He was talking to himself about Mike, and the big brother game. He gets up and goes inside and studies the memory wall for several minutes, not uttering a word. He then heads to bed at 5 am!

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