Random Reality: Big Brother 8 – Episode 8

Joe was the second person evicted from the house on Thursday. We get that recap to start off with. Dustin fakes cries about missing Joe already. He is happy. Kail was the only one to vote for Joe to stay in the house. So Kail feels that she has been betrayed by Mike, Nick, and Zach. Mike explains that he knew Joe was going, so he decided to vote that way to cover his tracks so to speak. Jen is happy as she wanted a negative person out and Joe is a negative person. Daniele says she would rather hang out with Joe than her dad, Dick. But she can trust Dick more. Jameka seems to be the only one to really miss him. Nick explains that Dick will stab them in the front, while Joe would stab them in the back.

We see the recap of Dick winning the HOH competition. He is happy for sure. Daniele is excited as well obviously. Jen is concerned as is Kail. Those two seem like the leaders in the club house so far. Dick keeps saying “vindication”. Kail goes and yells at Mike for not voting with her. Mike doesn’t know if Nick and Zach are with Kail and himself or not. Mike thinks he is going up, so it might be Kail and Mike. Kail thinks her “Mrs. Robinson” alliance is over with.

Dick gets the key to his HOH room and everyone goes to see them. There are pictures up of his family including younger ones of Daniele. Amber cries, of course, for Dick. Dick likely won’t spend much time in his HOH room as he has some talking to do. He first talks to Kail. Kail reveals her alliance to Dick, which makes Dick wonder why she is telling him this. Dick says that no one trusts Zach, so he could be up for eviction as well. So it’s four options now.

Jen says she used to wrestle guys in high school. This leads to her wrestling with Eric, which I believe took place over a week ago. Jen has to strip first. HA! That was the funniest thing I have seen on this show yet. I think Eric just wanted to play grab-ass with Jen, though.

Amber thinks Ryan Reynolds is hot. Nick does too. Okay, this is an odd conversation. Nick has a “Top 5” list of girls AND guys he would have intimate relations with. Zach and Dick have no idea where that came from. Nick explains that he is not homophobic and comfortable to who is. Nick runs in to tell Daniele and they go over his list. #1 is Matthew McConaughey. Hugh Jackman is on the list as well. He goes on and on about Brad Pitt. Apparently Brad Pitt is like him, so he really likes himself. Hmm. He then really lays it on thick by saying that Daniele is #1 – #5 on the girls list now. After meeting here, there is no one else. Daniele has a boyfriend at home, who she loves, so this is awkward. She does have feelings for Nick, though. This leads to her talking to her dad about Nick. Daniele doesn’t want hurt anyone, so she is going to have to hurt either Nick or her boyfriend. Dick actually gives her good fatherly advice. Dick talks to Dustin afterwards. He tells him that he has only seen her cry like that a couple of times. Dustin says that Daniele coming to Dick with her problems is her saying that she loves him. Dick says this is harder than he thought it would be.

Jameka gives in and eats some slop. It’s nasty, but she is hungry and she has one more day to go. Again, Amber almost cries for Jameka as she watches her eat the slop. Jen doesn’t feel bad for Jameka, because apparently she can’t feel sorry for someone else. But she does feel something like “sorry” or “bad” for Jameka, though. Jameka REALLY wants to win food this week. The guys eat tacos in front of the girls. Dick makes the comment about it’s like “starving kids in Africa”, which Jameka turns into a racist comment. So Dick runs and tries to calm down the situation. Jameka is not mad at Dick. She explains to him that she is the only African-American in the house, so she has to be aware of how she is portrayed in the house. She wants everyone to know that Africa is not all about “starving kids”. I’m not sure if that is right now, but I suppose where I understand where Jameka is coming from.

Time for the next food competition! The house is playing together. There are big bowls of spaghetti outside. They have to find “meatball” dodge balls with words of food on them. Partners have to find the same words for the house to win that food for the week. Oh, they have to slide into the spaghetti as well.

Amber and Dustin go first. They only have 5 minutes to do this, so they have to hurry. They match up halibut. Zach and Mike get dessert. Kail and Jen get sweetbreads together. Why does Jessica have to narrate this competition to us? Dick and Eric gets eggs. Jessica and Jameka get a BBQ grill. Daniele and Nick get bananas. Amber and Dustin go again and it’s lobster tail for the house. Zack and Mike again and it’s chicken! Jen and Kail get cucumbers, which Jameka is not happy about. Dick and Eric get beer. Jessica is happy about that. In the final seconds, the house also gets juice, chips, pasta, melons, hamburger, and cereal. Then it’s a big pasta fight at the end of it.

Time for the next “America’s Choice” question for Eric. America wants Eric to try and get Jen put for eviction this week. He wanted Jen or Kail, since that would be easy. He is excited about how easy this is going to be. Hmm, but I think Dick may chose Zach or Mike over her now.

Eric gets to work in trying to persuade Dick to put up Jen. Dick is leaning Zach and Kail. Eric says that Zach will go home then. He then brings up all the bad stuff that Jen has done to Dick. Jen is one of two people that openly wanted Dick out of the house. Eric gave it a good try, but we will find out soon if it works or not.

Dustin and Kail talk about gay cartoon characters, which is odd and funny. Robin is not gay. Neither is Barney according to Dustin. Kail has no clue about gay people. Kail doesn’t like gay people, but he loves Dustin’s heart so she often forgets he is gay. Dustin doesn’t seek out relationships he explains.

Dick and Zach talk now. Zach reveals to Dick that he and Nick are together in an alliance. Forget about Mike and Kail. Zach does whatever Nick wants to do. He apologizes to Dick if he was the reason that Jen put Dick up. Now it’s Nick’s turn. He tells his side of the alliance story. Nick tells Dick that he told Daniele about the alliance earlier. Their talk turns to Nick playing Daniele or not. Nick tells Dick that he really likes Daniele. So he better not mess around with her or else! Nick swears it’s legit, though.

We get the next question for America. Eric is going to steal someone’s stuff in the house. “Whose personal property should he covertly target?” I say Dick, if America wants to kill Eric. Although stealing some chick’s stuff would be funny. If Dick is picked, though, Eric can’t do it since he is in the HOH room. The second highest vote getter will be the victim.

Time for the “nomination ceremony”! Dick says his nominations were based on breaking up alliances, stirring up the house, and people trying to get him out of the house. He then pulls the first key and it belongs to Jameka. Jameka pulls Jessica. Jessica pulls Amber. Amber pulls Eric. Eric pulls Daniele. Daniele pulls Dustin. Dustin pulls Nick. Nick pulls Zach. Zach finally pulls Mike. So that means Kail and Jen are going up for eviction this week! So no surprises there.

Dick says Jen put him for eviction last week, so it’s payback time. Dick says that Kail lied to him, which Kail says isn’t true. Dick really wants Kail to go home first this week. Kail says it stinks going up against Jen. She is going to keep fighting. Dick kisses Kail goodbye. Jen doesn’t feel like she is nominated. Obviously she thinks Kail is going home for sure. We will find out if anything changes, and it probably will, on Tuesday for the POV competition!

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