Looking To The Stars

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Due to a complication involving pirates, an angry mob demanding free Harry Potter books and a broken air conditioner, there will be no new Looking To The Stars this week.

We reccomend that you go outside and play instead.

Or you can go to Matt’s blog at http://looking2dastars.livejournal.com/and read some comic reviews he wrote last week before the mob got to him.

Looking To The Stars will continue next week on its’ regular day and time.

He stands at the center of the universe, old as the stars and wise as infinity. And he can see the turning of the last page long before you’ve even started the book. He’s like rain and fog and the chilling touch of the grave. He is called many names in a thousand tongues on a million worlds. Heckler. The Smirking One. Riffer. The Lonely Magus. Wolf-Brother. The God of Snark. Mister Pirate. The Guy In The Rafters. Captain. The Voice In The Back. But here and now, in this place and in this time, he is called The Starman. And... he's wonderful.