Weekend Box Office: 07/20/07 07/22/07

Credit: Box Office Mojo

Rank.) Movie Title (Distributor)
Weekend Gross (in millions) | Theaters | Total Gross (in millions) | Week #

1.) I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry (Universal)
$34.8 million/3,495 theatres/$34.8 million/First Week

2.) Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (Warner Bros.)
$32.2 million/4,285 theatres/$207.5 million/Second Week

3.) Hairspray (New Line)
$27.8 million/3,121 theatres/$27.8 million/First Week

4.) Transformers (Paramount/DreamWorks)
$20.5 million/3,762 theatres/$263 million/Third Week

5.) Ratatouille (Buena Vista)
$11 million/3,402 theatres/$165.6 million/Fourth Week

6.) Live Free Or Die Hard (Fox)
$7.3 million/2,727 theatres/$116.5 million/Fourth Week

7.) License To Wed (Warner Bros.)
$3.8 million/2,525 theatres/$38.7 million/Third Week

8.) 1408 (MGM/Weinstein)
$2.6 million/1,451 theatres/$67.5 million/Fifth Week

9.) Evan Almighty (Universal)
$2.5 million/1,779 theatres/$93.5 million/Fifth Week

10.) Knocked Up (Universal)
$2.3 million/1,288 theatres/$142.7 million/Eighth Week

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