SKTV: Big Brother 8

So after Joe puts the “gone” in gonorrhea, Evil Dick wins HOH and truly starts living up to his name, playing the game with gusto and balls instead of trying to suck up and make lame alliances with vapid pretty boys like Kail’s been doing. In the long run Dick’s type of strategy likely won’t work because it’s just drawing attention to yourself as a threat, but I think at this point Dick’s main goal is to have his daughter win the game, which is always nice to see.

Eric and his eyebrow bug me. It’s too close to Billy and his eyebrow from Melrose Place. He’s a nice enough guy and provides entertainment in the house, something sorely lacking with a lot of the dull-as-dishwater people this year, but the “America’s Player” gimmick has the potential to burn out REALLY fast.

And Nick listing his top five “Men I’d go gay for, if I was gay” and then trying to go hit on Daniele…uh, yeah, way to salvage your testicles there, big guy. Sure, Brad Pitt was cool in Fight Club, but I wouldn’t wanna gay him up or anything. Know where to draw the line!

The chicks whining about the slop should shut the hell up. From the looks of them they probably run and purge while the feeds are dark anyway. Whining is not entertainment! Jen annoying the world is entertaining! Learn the difference.

Good show this year thus far.

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