Big News on Konnan’s Surgery, RAW & Change in Smackdown Creative

Konnan is scheduled for kidney transplant surgery today, and you can leave messages for him at his MySpace page. We wish him a successful surgery and quick recovery.

In other news, has reported that the overall feeling backstage is that last night’s Great American Bash PPV was successful and got across what it was supposed to. Also: in a pre-PPV dark match, Chuck Palumbo defeated Chris Masters, and Bobby Lashley is expected to go in a new direction after his loss to Cena last night. Matches announced for the first RAW on the unofficial “road to Summerslam” tonight are John Cena and Candice Michelle vs. Umaga, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch and Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton.

Finally, Smackdown writer Court Bauer left the creative team recently, released on July 14. He reportedly hadn’t been getting along with head SD booker Michael Hayes particularly since Dusty Rhodes moved to the ECW team.

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