Missing Links on Hornswaggle, Cody Rhodes & More

Some Monday evening LINKS!

– Lance Storm rants on Marc Mero in a must-read commentary here, and talks about a match with Christopher Daniels here.

– In her latest MySpace.com blog entry, Torrie Wilson writes “I never really commented on the whole Chris Benoit ordeal because, first of all, it affected me and, I am sure, so many of you so tremendously. All I can say is that the Chris I always knew was such a sweet, quiet guy that loved his family. Of course it’s always upsetting when you think you know someone one way, but then you see something completely different than you’d ever expected. Such a tragedy. It really truly breaks my heart.”

– Victoria continues her feud with Torrie online here.

– RVD writes a long MySpace blog about marijuana here.

– CW president Dawn Ostroff says Benoit wasn’t on Smackdown here.

– Want some Lanny Poffo? Click here.

– Jim Ross’ latest blog entry talks about Edge’s injury, Khali as champion and more here.

– Cody Rhodes and Beth Phoenix’ bios are now on the RAW Superstars page of WWE.com, and Chuck Palumbo’s to Smackdown.

– Former ECW Diva Ariel has put some items up for sale on eBay.

– WWE.com has posted an exclusive video of Fit Finlay talking about Hornswaggle’s WWE Cruiserweight Championshp win here.

– Also on WWE.com is a list of the top 10 most extreme types of matches, the only one listed so far that WWE seems to have abandoned being War Games.

– There are interviews with CM Punk here and here. In the Mooneyham interview, Punk is quite revealing about his thoughts on Chris Benoit, saying “An awful thing happened, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. I know the guy who did it … but I was friends with him. As far as answers go, I don’t think we’re ever going to find out exactly what happened. It’s not like we can crack open someone’s brain and analyze it and figure out why they did what they did … And honestly, me being the straight-edge guy, everyone’s jumping all over the steroids thing. If I’m not mistaken, he was on Xanax, but it was prescription level, and that was all on the up and up. But that stuff scares me. Anything that alters your feelings or anything like that … That’s precisely why I’m drug-free. I don’t even take Advil. I’m extreme with things, and I don’t preach to anybody about being straight-edge. I just tell people to live their lives like they want, but understand it’s a conscious decision. I’ve got no answers for anybody. I’m looking for some myself.” He also puts over The Miz (who he “hated” when he first met) and Matt Striker, and in the Miami Herald interview talks about being a role model to kids, his relationship with Maria (and past relationships with wrestlers) and more.