Murtzcellanious: LIVE Canadian Idol Recap – July 23

It’s a rough week for the Murtzinator as he was in Ohio over the weekend and is taking a red-eye flight to Miami tomorrow. If there was any doubt that this is the best Canadian Idol recap around, it should be erased by the fact that I actually booked my trip around the performance and results shows. That’s dedication.

I am also interviewing Chelsea Handler later today, so I want to get right into it.

The warm-up began at 6:45 PM with Sue Brophy introducing the judges and Ben Mulroney.

The show started with Ben welcoming the crowd and introducing the ‘Music Of The 1960’s’ theme.

He then asked the judges for their opening remarks.

Farley said that the 60’s were a meaningful era and that he hoped each contestant would buy into the time period. Sass said that it was time for all the contestants to lose their nerves. Zack said something about having mean flashbacks and Jake advising the contestants to really connect to the lyrics.

When the Top 9 came out, there was a huge pop for Greg Neufeld for the second week in a row. This guy has the female/Kalan vote locked up.

Ben then introduced a 60’s video package before it was time to get started.

Jaydee Bixby
Age: 16
Drumheller, AB
– Sang “Runaway” by Elvis Presley
– Very bad opening.
– Seemed completely out of sync with the song.
– After the first few lyrics, seems to get back into the flow of the song.
– Great song choice!
– Bixby even working a bit of the Elvis-esque hip swivel.
– The only ‘Runaway’ that I remember is the Real McCoy version, my favorite song of all-time.
– Another spectacular performance from Bixby.
– I think this guy might be the winner.
– HUGE standing ovation from the crowd.
Jake: Sang it really well. Off the top, you weren’t in the pocket with the band .
Farley: Lot of power behind what you do. Wish you would have taken more risk.
Sass: Loved the singing, thought the singing was great.
Jake: Glad you decided to show a little chest hair this week. I think you can be retro in a modern context. If you had black hair man, you’d just be doing Elvis.


Tara Oram
Age: 23
Hare Bay, NL
– Sang “Suspicious Minds” by Dwight Yoakam.
– Has a bad opening, just like Bixby.
– However, just like Jaydee, she manages to get out of it and delivers strong performance.
– Great song choice.
– I like the female spin on the classic song.
– Love the arrangement that she has chosen.
– Flexing her vocal muscle with ease.
– Stage presence has improved.
– She is really into it.
– Great performance.
– Another standing ovation, although I just think that the crowd enjoys standing.
Farley: Thought it was really cool that you tried the things that you tried.
Sass: That was the best performance I have seen from you by far.
Zack: First time there’s been no-nonsense in your performance. Fierce. Best performance since Top 22.
Jake: I know we said it last week, but we were wrong. Tonight is the best performance you have ever done.

Matt Rapley
Age: 18
Regina, SK
– Sang “Whipping Post” by Allman Brothers Band.
– Sass likes as she immediately begins to bop her head.
– Farley is also into it.
– Zack is almost standing.
– Displaying a lot of soul in the performance.
– His best by far.
– Seeing a different side of him.
– Showing vocal strength.
– I give the devil his due, Rapley might be the best of the night.
– Farley and Sass give him a standing ovation.
– With such a brilliant performance, Rapley might have sealed Khalila or Martha’s fate.
Zack: This is a very new game kids. Matt Rapley came to play.
Jake: Gospel, that’s who you are.
Farley: Tonight you guys are stepping up and entering the competition.

Commercial. During the break, Dwight came out and took his position on-stage.

Dwight D’Eon
Age: 28
West Pubnico, NS
– Sang “Undun” by The Guess Who.
– He is in trouble.
– Definitely the weakest of the first four performances, and I am one of Dwight’s biggest fans.
– Song is not showing what he can do.
– He should let somebody else pick his songs, because I think that he is very talented, but must sing mainstream to get the votes necessary to move on.
– Will anyone recognize this song?
– He might be in the bottom 3.
– Hits a nice note at the end of the song.
– His standing ovation does not have the same vigor as the other ones.
Zack: You sang it good, you gotta push stuff even more. You gotta spill some blood and guts on the stage.
Jake: A little pitchy. Thought you brought it home at the end.
Farley: Whether it is based on passion or grit, that’s who you are.
Sass: Dwight, that was good.

Carly Rae Jepsen
Age: 21
Mission, BC
– Sang “Georgia On My Mind” by Ray Charles.
– Definitely taking the advice of the judges and going back to the vulnerability.
– Probably a smart play considering the scare she had last week.
– Can I just say that I HATE when the crowd claps along to the song.
– It completely ruins the listening experience and I am sure it distracts the performer (even though they probably wouldn’t ever admit it).
– Lighters are one thing because they don’t make any noise.
– Definitely a subdued and understated performance from the Canadian Idol.
– Different type of performance.
– I liked it, but let’s be honest… the first three performance these evening were so good that just about everything is going to pale in comparison.
– Still another impressive showing.
Jake: We got to see your range, stylistic abilities, we got to see that vulnerability from you.
Farley: The music makes you do what you do. Really touching and really well done.
Sass: You’re developing your own signature style.
Zack: You are one of maybe one or two here that if you were on the radio I would recognize it instantly.

Brian Melo
Age: 24
Hamilton, ON
– Sang “Bold As Love” by John Mayer.
– I think it is very smart of these Idols to choose cover versions of these songs from the 60’s.
– Makes all the songs seem more relevant.
– Decent.
– Farley really likes it.
– Another good song choice.
– Doesn’t have the same pop from the audience that the others received.
– I still like it.
– This has been a really good show.
Farley: Really enjoyed your phrasing.
Sass: Excellent performance.
Zack: Everybody’s stepping up to a new level. First time I really bought in..
Jake: Best performance you have given us yet.

Khalila G
Age: 23
Dorval, QC
– Sang “Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin.
– She’s probably done.
– Definitely not blowing up the song up like I thought she would.
– Busted out one amazing note.
– Good, but not at the level of all the others.
– She has to hope that Martha Joy really messes up.
Sass: That was fantastic!
Zack: There were some moments that I wanted more from you, but then I realized that it is your choice to not oversing. Thrilled to have had you here to begin with.
Jake: Lived up to all of them (other covers of the song) if not better than all the rest .
Farley: You’re making amazingly astute choices.

Greg Neufeld
Age: 23
Vancouver, BC
– Sang “Long Black Veil” by Dave Matthews.
– Sounds off.
– Bad song choice.
– Could I finally get to predict Greg in the bottom 3?
– I am falling asleep during the performance.
– Neufeld’s song choices in the last two weeks have been interesting.
– While I liked him choosing The Killers last week because of its broad appeal, it definitely was a tough song to sing.
– This week, the song is easier to sing but I can’t see people getting behind it.
Zack: My guess is that was better on TV. Lucky for you, you are Canada’s Next Top Model.
Jake: Disagree with Zack. Smooth. You’re a pro.
Farley: Had a sense of what you wanted to do.
Sass: You sing gorgeous and you are gorgeous.


Martha Joy
Age: 16
Toronto, ON
– Sang “Love Child” by Diana Ross & The Supremes
– Not good.
– At least it isn’t a Celine song.
– Interesting song choice.
– Over very quickly.
– Weird performance.
– It didn’t even sound like an Idol performance.
– Joy just seemed to have an off-night.
Jake: I don’t think you should be singing songs like that.
Farley: I can’t tell you what I think.
Sass: Best thing you have done so far.
Zack: I thought it was stiff as hell. I thought you had trouble hearing the band.

Recap. I have to point out that when each contestant came out to take a final bow, they all walked out respectfully…except for Greg Neufeld who felt the need to cartwheel onto the stage. Man, what a camera hog. He actually reminds me of myself. Blech.

End show.

I thought it was one of the best shows of the season. I think the theme of the evening was bad opening notes and that if you had a good night, you had a really good night and if you had a bad night, you had a really bad night. I thought that Jaydee proved that he now is the favorite in the competition. He is consistently awesome and while critics might say that he picks the same songs, I am a critic and I like that he is sticking with what is working for him.

I also want to applaud Matt and Tara. I have been very harsh on these two, and next to Jaydee, they had their best nights of the season. They both deserve to stay another week.

Let’s get to the predictions. I think that the bottom three could conceivably include Dwight, Greg, Martha, Khalila and Matt. Despite Matt’s strong performance, he has been very bad up until now and his past performances might hurt him.

That being said, I am confident that Khalila and Martha will be in the bottom two and one of them will go home. I think that the other spot will belong to Dwight.

Final call?

I think Martha is done but would not be surprised if the ‘G’ in Khalila G stands for gone.

I will be at the results but won’t be here to recap them. I will be on my way to Miami for some reality TV fun. Kevin or SK will be here in my place to give you the skinny.

Talk to you next week.

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