Hitting Shelves This Week…

July 24, 2007

Benson Season 1

The spinoff from Soap in its first season as Benson Dubois heads out East to become a butler to the not so bright governor Gene Gatling. Showcasing his intelligence and wit, Benson ends up helping in many more ways then just around the house.

DVD Features: All 24 episodes from the first season, “Inside The Governor’s Mansion” featurette, season one favorites, photo gallery, video introduction by Robert Guillaume

The Bourne Files

Matt Damon is Jason Bourne in the first two films of the Bourne trilogy, The Bourne Identity and the The Bourne Supremacy. The third and final film, The Bourne Ultimatum is due out in theatres later this year. Included in the set is a third disc full of bonus material.

DVD Features: Interviews, music videos, photo galleries, deleted scenes, audio commentaries, behind the scenes, making of, over fifteen featurettes

Hard Boiled: Ultimate Edition

Mobsters are smuggling guns into Hong Kong and the police aim to stop them. But during a raid and wild shootout, top detective Inspector Yuen loses his partner. With the help of an undercover cop, Yuen aims to avenge his partner’s death and bring the criminals to justice.

DVD Features: John Woo interviews, audio commentary, location guide, trailer gallery, numerous featurettes

Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law Volume 3

Harvey Birdman has fallen out of the ranks of superhero and stepped into the courtroom to become a lawyer. Birdman has fought some famous such as that of Fred Flintstone, Jabberjaw, and even Johnny Quest.

DVD Features: Eight episodes from the series, outtakes

The Host

Seoul’s Han River holds a deep secret that no-one knows anything about. That is until a strange mutant one day emerges from the mouth of the river bringing widespread panic to the entire city. The Park family that lives right on the river are just as scared as everyone else, but it becomes personal to them when Park Hyun-seo is taken by the monster and they must do everything they can to assure her safety and get her back.

DVD Features: Single and two-disc special edition versions available, audio commentary, “Director Bong Joon-Ho’s Reflections” featurette, deleted scenes, making of, and much more

Land Of The Giants The Complete Series

Spaceship the Spindrift was simply doing a routine flight from New York to London when it passed through a weird cloud and landed back on Earth. Only it wasn’t Earth as the astronauts knew it for now they were in a land inhabited by giants.

DVD Features: All 51 episodes from the entire series, cast interviews, numerous photo galleries, behind the scenes, special effects featurette

The Monster Squad: 20th Anniversary Edition

Dracula is alive and well, and he is out seeking the help of other legendary monsters the Wolf Man, the Gillman, and Frankenstein in order to rule the world. Nothing stands in their way except a group of small-town kids that call themselves “The Monster Squad.”

DVD Features: Audio commentary, deleted scenes, theatrical trailer, TV spot, still gallery, “Monster Squad Forever” featurette, interviews

The Number 23

Walter Sparrow has a great and normal life, but when his wife buys him a book called “The Number 23,” his life starts to turn upside-down. Not only does be develop a weird obsession with that particular number but he realizes the book actually tells the story of his own life.

DVD Features: Rated and unrated versions available, deleted scenes, alternate opening & ending, fact track trivia, audio commentary, making of, “Life Path Numbers” featurette, DVD-ROM content, and much more

Check out my very own review here of the Unrated version.

Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer

Jean-Baptiste Grenouille is born with an exceptional sense of smell and puts his talent to good use as he creates the world’s finest smelling perfumes. But as his work aims at finding the ultimate scent; his world begins to take a much darker turn.

DVD Features: “The Story Of Perfume” featurette

You can read a review written by Mike Noyes by simply clicking here.

The Rainmaker: Special Collector’s Edition

The adaptation of John Grisham’s novel gets the special treatment in a story of a big business law firm and a young attorney looking to make a name for himself competing against each other in the case of a corrupt insurance company.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, deleted scenes, numerous featurettes


Big brother is alive in futuristic Paris where every single move is not only watched but recorded. In the middle of it all is a company called Avalon that looks to promote youth and beauty into everyone’s life. One man though looks to fight for freedom and rise against them all.

DVD Features: making of, trailers

Check out Kubryk’s review here.

Slow Burn

A powerful district attorney is caught in the middle of everything as he is in a showdown with a ruthless gang leader while also being manipulated by his beautiful assistant and a mysterious stranger.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, deleted scenes, “Fire In The Streets” featurette

Spawn: The Animated Collection

After a trained assassin is killed, he is brought back as a tortured soul to join Hell’s army and destroy anyone that may try to stop him. Trying to protect the innocent and still take care of things dealing with his human life, Heaven and Hell stay in a constant battle for his services.

DVD Features: Audio commentaries, interviews, production sketches, storyboards, numerous featurettes

Stargate SG-1 Season 10

The final season showcasing a special military forces team called SG-1 travels around the galaxy exploring the stars and fighting enemies as they try to find a map displaying the numerous stargates slowing travel through time and space.

DVD Features: All 20 episodes from the tenth and final season

Star Trek Fan Collective: Captain’s Log

The fans have voted for their favorite episodes and they are all together in a five-disc set. Also included are the favorite episodes from all five captains (William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, and Scott Bakula) throughout the different series of Star Trek.

DVD Features: Audio commentaries, interviews, behind the scenes, numerous featurettes

Tales From The Crypt Season 6

The Cryptkeeper is back for another season consisting of tales of fear, freaks, murderers, and extreme horror. Guest stars include Catherine O’Hara, Benicio Del Toro, Isaac Hayes, R. Lee Ermey, John Lithgow, and many more.

DVD Features: All 15 episodes from the sixth season

Weeds Season 2

Nancy Botwin is a suburban housemother who has suffered serious financial woes after her husband’s unexpected death. She turns to the only solution for making ends meet and that’s being the neighborhood marijuana dealer. Everyone wants her stash, but she has to juggle her business, keeping her family life normal, and keeping her profession a secret from the PTA.

DVD Features: All 12 episodes from the second season, audio commentaries, musical montage, gag reel, trivia tracks, numerous featurettes

WWE Vengeance 2007

The stars of RAW, Smackdown, and ECW come together for WWE’s “Night Of Champions.” For the first time ever, all nine titles are on the line and everyone is out to prove that they are worthy of wearing the gold.

DVD Features: Nine matches including John Cena Vs. King Booker Vs. Mick Foley Vs. Randy Orton Vs. Bobby Lashley for the WWE Title, Batista Vs. Edge for the World Heavyweight Title, CM Punk vs. Johnny Nitro for the ECW Title; interviews, backstage segments


Based on the Robert Graysmith books dealing with the real-life story of the ruthless and brilliant Zodiac killer. During the 60’s and 70’s, a killer terrorized San Francisco with what were seemingly random murders, but loving to be noticed for his actions, he continued to send letters to police and newspapers to let them know of his work.

DVD Features: Trailers