More On Benoit Aftermath, Family Estate, Drug Abuse


The latest issue of the Wrestling Observer has some more details on the Benoit toxicology reports, noting that they would not have picked up on Growth Hormones unless Benoit had taken them less than 24 hours before his death. They also wouldn’t have picked up on any alcohol that he may have drunk two days earlier, when he killed Nancy, which would explain the empty bottles found in the house. Also, due to the decomposition of the body, Daniel Benoit could not be tested for steroids or for Growth Hormones, nor will it ever be proven conclusively whether or not he had Fragile X syndrome.

It was noted that Benoit was thought to have been cycling his heavy testosterone use and was merely off the cycle when WWE tested him on the 10th April. Although he passed that test, as noted in the New York Times, WWE have not released the results of the three other tests he had taken under the Wellness Policy. People within WWE, including Dr David Black, who heads their steroid testing program, are said to know full well that many wrestlers get prescriptions for ‘testosterone replacement therapy’ as a loophole around the company’s policy. Benoit, as with countless other wrestlers, had all but ruined his body’s ability to naturally produce testosterone due to several years of steroid abuse.

Meltzer also confirms that the two people receiving text messages from Benoit over the weekend of the murders were Chavo Guerrero and Darren Matthews (William Regal), and that Dave Taylor called Benoit’s neighbour, Holly McFague, to see if she knew of anything strange going on next door. Furthermore, while the police have yet to find Benoit’s diaries, which are believed to contain letters written to Eddie Guerrero after Eddie’s death, or photos Nancy took of herself and showed to some close friends after being beaten by Benoit, they did find photos of her after beatings when she was much younger.

There are also expected to be substantial legal conflicts over the family estate. Nancy’s family, the Toffolinis, want David and Megan, Benoit’s children from his first marriage, fully taken care of, while Georgian law states that in such a case the entire estate would indeed go to the family of the victims. However, there is talk that some of the Benoit family may also pursue some of it.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 23 July 2007 (click here for subscription information)