No Jackass For SummerSlam


Dave Scherer at PWInsiderElite originally reported — and several wrestling Web sites have followed by doing the same — that the Umaga vs Jackass Crew match that was in the works for SummerSlam is now off, with Umaga instead continuing his feud with Jeff Hardy. Some of the Jackass guys were meant to be at the Great American Bash to hassle Umaga, possibly costing him the title, but Johnny Knoxville started getting cold feet about the entire deal after the Benoit tragedy. He began cutting back on his deal to fewer TV dates, to just the SummerSlam PPV, to pulling out altogether. Other guys, like Steve O and Pontius, were still in but WWE felt Knoxville was the only one with crossover potential and so they cancelled the entire angle. As the plan was apparently for the Jackass guys to go over, perhaps it’s for the best.