[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feeds Recap – Day 18 (7/22/07)

7 AM -11 AM
Mike is the first awake this morning. He eats breakfast and then goes outside to read the Bible in the hammock. There isn’t much movement from the other HG’s. Nick and Kail both get up to use the WC, and then go back to bed. All HG’s are asleep until later in the morning, when Kail finally gets up. She has some coffee and went outside to sit on the couch in the backyard. It appears that she wants to talk to Mike, but he is asleep in the hammock.

11 AM 12 PM
Kail has a one sided conversation with Mike about Dick. She keeps re-hashing her conversations with Dick to Mike, but Mike seems uninterested in the topic of conversation. Dustin and Jen wake up and all are in the kitchen having polite conversation about general things. Dustin had a dream that Jen lied and didn’t get the POV. He talks to Mike and Kail about seeing the cameras in the mirrors. After some rummaging around in some drawers, Jen got back in bed. Kail and Dustin talk about childhood fears and other childhood stories. Kail tells Dustin about the time she almost drowned. She and her mother got into an argument over wearing a cap to go swimming in a hotel pool. Kail thinks the cap saved her life, since it was seen bobbing in the water and that’s how they found her. Dustin retells how when he was 9 years old he was obsessed with aliens and thought that he was going to be abducted by aliens after watching the movie “Fire In The Sky”. Apparently, he heard a beeping noise and thought he was being abducted as he was getting out of the shower. He took off running through people’s back yards completely naked. The beeping turned out to be a smoke alarm that was set off by the shower steam. Dustin also told them stories about pretending to be kidnapped and getting lost.

12 PM 2 PM
Kail and Jen work out. Dick and Jameka finally wake up. All other HG’s are still asleep. Dick, Dustin, and Mike talk in the backyard. Conversations consist of general chit-chat like how days of the week and times get confused in the house. There is sporadic FoTH throughout the hour. There isn’t anything happening in the house. By 1:45 pm all HG’s appear to be awake and starting to move around the house. Jen and Kail are lying out in the backyard. Nick and Amber are talking about cutting his hair on the living room couch and general strategy talk. Nick says he is going to have a Mohawk, so that by the time they have the wrap party his hair will have grown back out. They think that the plan is to get rid of Mike and they agree that they would rather keep Kail in the house then Mike.

2 PM 4 PM
The girls (Danielle, Jessica and Jameka) are in the bathroom fixing their hair and exchanging in girly banter. Jameka calls Jessica a “smelly girl”. Dick returns to the HOH and is annoyed that people aren’t picking up after themselves in the HOH room. Dick and Danielle have a fight concerning Nick…

Dick: [You always get defensive when we talk about him] You always see his positive side

Dani: I don’t want to talk about that

Dick: We can’t just talk about what you want to talk about. This relationship with Nick makes our game more complicated

Dani: Okay I won’t hang out with him then!

Dick: I’m not being a dick, I’m just talking to you. I’m not blaming you. I don’t want to fight with you. I know this is hard, I understand this

Dani: You don’t ask. You assume that I like Nick soo much that I trust him so much. You don’t ask me if I saw [what you see] you just tell me. I notice

Dick: You get upset to me! You talk down to me!

Dani: You talk down to me! That’s what upsets me!

Dick: This is what causes big problems in our relationship because we have trouble talking to each other.

Dick: There was a time we were close…how can I approach you. What would make you happy? How can I tell you when I see something going on.

Dani: Everytime you talk to me about Nick, you say ‘you will probably get upset about this’ or ‘you will probably roll your eyes at this’ Don’t talk to me like that!

Dick: How do you want me to approach you?

Dani: If I came up to you…

Dick: I will ask you. I asked you ten times in a row. HOW DO YOU WANT ME TO APPROACH YOU!?!

Dani: You frustrate me so much! You always talk to me like this!

Dani storms out of HOH and Dick goes out into the backyard. [She seems rather bratty during the whole conversation]. Zach, Jessica, Danielle and Nick are going to have a double date tonight. Danielle and Amber talk about Dick. Danielle says that he is annoying her, and Amber agrees. Danielle thinks that Dick has never been a Dad and always talks down to her. Amber feels that Dick is on a power trip.

Meanwhile, Dick and Jameka have a heart to heart discussion about Danielle. Dick doesn’t think that the will ever have a good relationship with Danielle. He rehashes the fight between them to Jameka. Jameka gives Dick a lot of really good advice [we’ll see if he listened] about how he has already told Danielle how he feels and that he needs to leave her alone and let her do her own thing. Kail and Jameka talk about Kail’s daughter and Kail keeps returning to the topic of Dick and how he turns her words around. Jameka tells Kail that when she told Joe that she wasn’t voting for him, Joe said that he knew that Kail was the one person in the house that he knew he could trust. Upon hearing this, Kail cried on Jameka’s shoulder. Kail also discusses her alliance, and her regret for getting into it so early. She blames the whole thing on Zach, saying that he pressured her into starting an alliance because everyone else was.Eric and Amber talk about Dick in the HOH. Amber is thoroughly annoyed with Dick and upset because he told her that she was too emotional. Eric agrees that Dick isn’t playing well this week and is letting HOH get to his head. They feel that Dick is playing the game just like Joe did and they don’t like it.

4 PM 6 PM
Eric and Amber continue to trash Dick in the HOH room. It is the same conversation as before. Eric thinks that Nick is playing both Jen and Danielle and that Nick isn’t a genuine person. Nick enters the room and says that he thinks Danielle is bipolar when it comes to her Dad. Dustin enters the room and they joke about having a foursome and then talk about past BB fights.
Eric tried to prank Dick while he was in the shower. Eric tried to throw flour on Dick but it didn’t work and Dick was the one who threw flour on Eric. Eric and Amber moved downstairs and Amber is STILL talking about how she can’t like Dick since he was talking about her being so emotional. Eric and Zach talk about what they would be doing if they weren’t in the BB house. Eric revealed just how bog a fan of BB he is (he would stay up late just to watch BB if it was pre-empted) and Zach said his grandmother is a big reality fan. Zach has a friend that is on 24.

6 PM 8 PM
The HG’s are in an outdoor lockdown. Nick and Amber talk in the hammock. Nick whines that he doesn’t need the money, doesn’t like Zach, and doesn’t like the way he is being played by Danielle. Based on sketchy conversations, Nick and Danielle shared a kiss. The lockdown was so that BB could set-up for Jameka’s birthday party! BB gave her an ice cake and a few presents. She received a note from her sister, some of her belts, some hair clips, and 2 sets of hair rollers. The letter from her sister brought her to tears. The party ends and the HG’s separate for a little conversation. Nick and Zach talk about how women suck and Danielle and Amber talk about how Nick sucks and Dick is annoying. Amber sits and agrees with everything Danielle is saying, but when Danielle says she is going to tell Dick to get off his high horse, Amber says not to mention her. Amber tells Danielle to get everything that is bothering her off her chest. Danielle says she wants to reach across that table and punch him in the face. Jen joins the conversation with Nick and Zach. The talk turns to sexist comments from Zach. It is revealed that Jessica and Zach have found money. Zach has 45 cents. Dick and Jen talk in the backyard about the POV. He tells her that she wasn’t the target anyway. Dick is confident that everyone in the house is voting against Kail.

8 PM 9 PM
Nick and Dustin talk in the HOH Room. Dick surprises them and says that dinner is almost ready. They talk about Danielle [big surprise] and how Nick’s original intention was to flirt with all the girls but then he became attracted to Danielle. They both agree that Kail is a nice person outside of the house. Dustin said that Kale wants to go home by week 5 to avoid being in sequester. They talk about everyone in the house and how the girls don’t think that Mike has a personality. Zach enters the room and all talk stops. Dustin reveals to Nick and Zach that he is playing a prank on Eric. Everyday Dustin is taking two pieces of Eric clothing and hiding them in the SR.
Nick. Zach, and Jen get kicked out of the HOH room by Dick so that he can listen to music. Zach repeatedly tried to talk to Nick, but Nick didn’t want anything to do with Zach. Nick wants to be alone. Dick comes back down stairs and continues to do the dishes while he talks to Amber. He is furious that people are hanging out in the HOH room without him there. He seems to be the upset with Jen the most of all of them. Dick thinks that Zach, Nick, and Jen were in the HOH room conspiring. Dick stomps outside and confronts Nick in the backyard…

Dick: *****. I’m ***** furious!

Nick: At me!

D: The situation!

N: I kicked them out though!

D: That pisses me off. They’re not going to use my motherf***ing room for scheming.

N: I told you I was going up there. Dustin was there

D: Then Dustin left!

N: And I told them to go

D: I am not going to discuss this in front of ***** Kail

N: 15 minutes of ***** silence! You can look at the ***** tapes!

D: I don’t trust you

N: Don’t trust me? I don’t give a *****! If that compromises me? I don’t care! I’m ***** pissed

D: I’m pissed!

N: I don’t want this ***** idiot to follow me!

D: What the ***** is she up there in my room?

N: I don’t know! She’s following me too!

D: I don’t want all of those people up there. I don’t know what to think

N: I told you flat out I like your daughter. I’m ***** perturbed. I am getting away from people because I want to think.

N: It blows! I am going to be a bad *****. If I have to do be like you. I told you man to man I’m looking out for your daughter.

D: You have to understand. We’re not outside. There is no one I trust 100% including my daughter

N: I don’t give a ***** if I win! I did not come on here to be Boogie guy! I don’t want my parents to have my parents say “you’re a bad kid.” I’ll go on the block next week. I don’t give a *****!

D: This is no threat!

N: I am not taking it as a threat! I have to put up a front [to hang around people I don’t like]. I like your daughter, but she has a boyfriend and I can’t do a thing about it.

In the middle on the conversation, Danielle opens the sliding glass door and tells Dick that she wants to talk to him. Dick tells her he is in the middle of something and will talk to her later. Amber went upstairs and started crying [big surprise] while Dustin and Eric try to console her. Dick tells Nick that he isn’t leaving the HOH room key out anymore and that Danielle’s game would be easier if he wasn’t there, but Nick doesn’t agree. Danielle comes out again and tries to get Dick to talk to her, but he says he is busy. Danielle throws a little hissy fit and slams the door. Dick is upset at how badly Danielle treats him. Nick told Dick that he isn’t in an alliance with Zach and Jen.

9 PM 10 PM
Dick and Danielle finally have that conversation. There is a lot of yelling. Danielle tells Dick that he talks down to everyone in the house and is on a power-trip and it is affecting her the most. Dick tells Danielle that she has been telling everyone in the house that Dick is going to evict them, but she denies it. Dick doesn’t think that it is fair that he has to deal with Danielle and Nick’s relationship and asks Danielle when she was going to tell him about Nick’s alliance. Danielle said it was for Nick to tell. Danielle is really upset that Dick made Amber cry. Dick calls her out on how she treats him worse than anyone else in the house. Danielle says that he doesn’t understand what she is dealing with, and Dick in turn says the same thing. Dick threatens to start talking to everyone in the house about why their relationship went bad and Danielle storms off.
Danielle heads up to her bed crying and Dick grabs a beer and talks to Amber. Dick apologizes in his own way about upsetting her. Amber starts crying (again) and tells him that she got upset because he was slamming dishes and yelling at her. She can’t help that she is an emotional person. Dick explains that he wasn’t yelling at her; he was just upset about the three of them (Nick, Jen, and Zach) scheming in his HOH room. She just happened to be there and the yelling wasn’t directed at her. Dick told her that she needs to try to control her emotions because it will affect her game and not to trust Nick. Amber doesn’t think that Dick trusts her. Dick tries to convince her that he does and offers use of the HOH room. Dick continues to complain about Danielle to Amber. He is annoyed that Danielle keeps eating his HOH food and is upset at how she treats him and acts like everything is always about her. He believes that Danielle would put him up and he doesn’t trust her. Amber doesn’t say much, and Dick doesn’t give her much opportunity to get a word in edgewise. This ranting goes on for a long time. Eventually, Amber and Dick hug.

Danielle moves out to the hammock with Nick. Nick tries to get her to talk, but she won’t. Nick gets a little annoyed that she won’t talk to him. He tells her that he really likes her and he knows that she has feelings for him too but that she has a boyfriend. He really pours his heart out to her. He tells her about what happened in the HOH room and the fight with Dick and how his has screwed himself by outing himself with Zach. Danielle says nothing and just sat there and cried. Nick takes all the blame and says if he gets burned it is his own fault.

Dick approached Danielle while Nick went to the bathroom. Dick tells Danielle that he wants to get family counseling after the show is over. Nick returns and the conversation ends. Dustin came outside with a fake mustache and he and Dick talk. Dustin relays part of the conversation he had with Nick about Nick’s feelings for Danielle and they talk briefly about Amber and her emotions.

Amber and Danielle move to the bathroom where they eat ice cream and bad-talk Dick some more. Apparently, Dick’s explanation and apology didn’t go over well with Amber. Jameka and Dustin talk about Kail looking for a place where the cameras can’t see her until Dick interrupts them. Dustin is upset with Dick for telling Jameka about their conversation earlier. Dick said he didn’t know what Dustin said was in confidence and that he doesn’t want to be HOH anymore since everyone is mad at him. Dustin tells him that Dick has been letting him emotions get the best of them. Dick apologized and Dustin leaves.

10 PM 11 PM
Dustin returns to the group and reminds everyone that this is a party and he will be silly until everyone cheers up. He is wearing a costume. Jessica tells everyone that the beer has been taken away and Amber tells Danielle everything the Dick said about her. Danielle really sells Dick out and wants to put him and Zach up. Jameka, Jen, and Kail play the Price Is Right with Dustin. Danielle is out in the hammock with Nick. They are flirting big time. Everyone else (except Dick, Nick, and Danielle) play a game naming animals and movies based on the alphabet. Conversations move to recaps of what has happened during the day. Nick fills Jameka in and Dustin relays the events with Dick to Amber, Eric, and Jessica. Nick talks to Zach in the Storage Room and explains that they can’t get caught talking because Dick blew up at him over it. Dick tells Danielle that he loves her very much and Amber goes through the Dick events again to Dustin.

11 PM 2 AM
Nick and Danielle do the usual night time giggle conversation in the bedroom, while Dick is talking to himself in the backyard. Dick joins Dustin and Amber and compliments Dustin’s costume. After a brief conversation, Amber moves on to tell Nick about her conversation with Dick. It is the same conversations over and over only with different people. Amber has told everyone in the house about her conversation with Dick at this point.

Eric and Amber have a hammock “date” and she is AGAIN rehashing the earlier conversations with Dick. They both agree that he has made things worse for himself and his actions will lead to him getting evicted. Neither one of them like Zach either. Kail, Mike, and Jen are in the round bed for the night and talking game. BB interjects and tells them to turn the light on if they aren’t going to sleep. They discuss who might be used as the pawn and want Zach or Nick to be put up. They all talk about the fights of the evening. After a second reprimand from BB, they decide to go to sleep.

Dustin, Eric, Amber, and Danielle move to the HOH room and commence to trash talk to rest of the house. Jameka, Jen, Dick, and Jessica are outside. Jen tells her life story about growing up and how she was close to her mom, but then decided to live with her dad but hated it. Jessica plays in the pool, trying to do cannonballs. Conversation turns to food and then the origin of languages.

2 AM 6 AM
The Back yard conversations turn to sex. Eric went to bed early. Dick and Jen talk about the incident in the HOH room earlier. He apologized to Jen (sort of). Amber and Jameka talk about Dick, Nick, and Zach. They don’t trust Nick after his behavior today and both think Zach is disgusting.

Jen and Dick plot against Nick. Jen tells Dick that Amber volunteered to be a pawn against Nick. They discuss nominations are getting along rather well. Jen tells Dick what she told the producers before coming on the show. She asked the producers if she would be punished for breaking a smoking HG’s cigarettes and they told her no. She tells Dick that she has no intention of doing that now that she know him, and Dick says that wouldn’t be a good idea. Dick complains again about Danielle and how she is treating him. He is upset that she is giving his ho-ho’s away. They discuss the POV competition and nominations. Jen wants Zach to go, but Dick is adamant that Mike needs to go. Apparently, Jen doesn’t trust Kail anymore because of the Mrs. Robinson alliance. She also calls out Danielle, Nick, Dustin, and Amber and says that they are together. They both think that BB will use the Coup again this year since it wasn’t used last year. Dick picks up that Jen knows a lot about the show for not watching it, and Jen drops the conversation. Dick tried to get Jen into an alliance with him., but Jen won’t commit as long as Danielle is in the house. Jen goes to bed not committing to anything.

Jameka and Amber talk in the LR. Jameka says she will do whatever she can to help Amber in the game. They talk about the other HG’s faults. Jameka doesn’t think that Nick is sincere about not wanting the money, and will go after the money once the “undeserving” people are gone. Amber talks about the bracelet that she wears. Her sister gave it to her to help her stay focused on the game. Amber’s sister gave her some game advice and told her not to be the only girl in an alliance and to trust the gay guy.

Dick hides the bunnies, washes some dishes and is in bed at 6:11 AM.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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