[SPOILERS] Big Brother 8 – Daily Live Feeds Recap – Day 19 (7/23/07)

07:00 am
Eric is the first one up and in the storage room. Kail is up 15 minutes later.

08:00 am
BB wakes the houseguests to Dolly Parton singing ‘9 to 5′.

Later we hear Jameka still lying in bed with Eric digging around under one of the beds in the small bedroom.

Aha! Eric squirts mustard on a Jensa Member t-shirt being used as a pillowcase on one of the round beds. The AP Vandal has struck! Dick is in the round bedroom for a few minutes but does not notice the vandalism and leaves . Mike is in the round bedroom looking for clothes but did not notice the vandalism either (but the list of potential suspects grows). Shortly after Jen discovers the mustardized pillowcase. She laughs, says “funny weird”.

09:00 am
Jen takes the t-shirt off the pillow and goes into the big bedroom. She asks “Who is in 2nd grade?” and lays the shirt on the ironing board. She doesn’t seem too mad and those in the room don’t even catch on right away. Jen seems to checking the clothes in her drawer for other ‘acts of unkindness’.

Kail is shocked and is making a bigger deal of it than Jen. Jen mentions the only two people through there were Dick and Daniele. Others begin to notice and deny involvement. In the kitchen now, Jen and others are questioning the remaining houseguests. Eric announces if anyone ever puts mustard on his bed, he’d beat them up.

Eventually (and not surprisingly) everyone denies the deed. Someone even mentions that she may have done it herself for the attention. Mike tells her, “Well, you’ll see it on DVD”.

Jen finds an open mustard in the storage room and takes it to the frig. “I know who did it”, but will not say who it is just yet.

Mustard investigations are predominant but elsewhere in the house Dick had the standard conversation with Amber about her emotions. Jen gives a mock PoV speech, “I’m using the veto on myself. Kail don’t even bother. Dick, who are you putting up?” Dick is present for this and agrees they should be that short.

10:00 am
After telling Kail about her conversation with Dick, we see Amber telling Eric about her conversation with Dick (2 down, 8 to go). Various other conversations surround the mustard incident. Jen is keeping it very low key, but still has her suspicions.

Jen is called to the Diary Room and the audio goes to the whole house (and the feeds) as we hear a female voice say “I just want to go over a couple things before the POV”. A confused Dick says from the back yard “Are you talking to us?” They then hit the right button and we don’t hear anything else. At 10:43 we get Trivia while the Veto Meeting takes place.

11:30 am
We are back with Dick joking he was going to put up Amber but didn’t because he was afraid she’d just totally lose it. Lots of idle chit chat but no one confirms the meeting results for us. Jen takes her vandalized shirt out of the wash and she can still see a little mustard. We get a fun exchange between Eric and Daniele…

Eric: I saw you in the mirror and thought you were a Mexican woman

Dani: Did I have an accent?

Eric: Yes I saw it in the mirror

Dani: Did I draw in my eyebrows with a sharpie?

We also learn Eric had a pet blue lobster/crayfish that ate all his other fish. Its name was Colonel Mustard. He also says he is missing some socks.
Mike makes an observation to Kail that Dustin’s attitude is more open since Joe has been gone. Kail passes on that Jen and Dick came to bed at the exact same time last night. It is becoming apparent that Mike is now nominated along with Kail.

12:30 pm
Press 1 to hear Dick tell Kail how she played the game poorly again.
Press 2 to hear Dick and Kail talk about how hard being HOH is.
Press 3 to hear Dick tell Kail more of how she played the game poorly.

They were both very calm through the whole (very long) conversation and Kail would explain her side as well. It finally ends when Dick is called to the Diary Room.

1:30 pm
There is a brief view of Trivia then we see Dick and Kail talking again. Dick pats himself on the back for the exciting TV he’s made this season. Kail asks if all the drama from last night had anything to do with her. Dick lets her know what happened (Jen and Zack going into HOH with Nick). He tells her it was probably his biggest misstep so far and he knows he overreacted to it. He’s sorry he did it, it was a huge mistake. Amber takes everything personally and it had nothing to do with her, but she was crying again. Feeds switch to empty dining room.

In the backyard Dustin & Mike play slop lid Frisbee, Zach watching.

Inside Eric and Daniele are scooping out watermelons and making watermelon juice, while Mike watches.

2:30 pm
Nick and Daniele are whispering in the small bedroom.
Ed and Zack do some synchronized cannonballs in the pool until BB tells them the water level has gone down too far.

3:00 pm
Kail and Jen in the hammock talk about the mustard incident. Jen still downplaying the whole thing but thinks she knows who did it. She hasn’t confronted him yet. Kail assumes it was Nick and Jen doesn’t contradict her. Kail talks about needing five notes and thinks it will be a live vote again. Kail is called to the Diary Room.

Jen confronts Nick about the mustard. Jen says she doesn’t think anybody else has anything against her. Nick says he doesn’t care if she thinks he did it because he didn’t do anything with the mustard. Zach is around during the conversation giving input but he is off mic. Jen said she thought it was Nick because he was ignoring her, but Nick says he is ignoring everybody. Nick wonders who else would do it. He says maybe Jen did it on herself. Jen said she saw Nick and Dick coming out of the Storage Room “where the mustard was found.” Nick admits to taking Zach’s shirts but says “I swear I didn’t do anything to your pillowcase. I would think of a better prank than that if I was going to do something to somebody.” Nick said Dick might have, but he’s pretty sure he didn’t. Jen says Dick is a pretty good liar.

Jen is grilling Eric in the bathroom about mustard-gate. She ‘says’ it’s not really a big deal, “as you can see, I am wearing the shirt right now. But who went to the Storage Room this morning?” Eric says “everyone has to to change their mics.” Jen says “not everyone did.” Eric says he was in the kitchen cutting melon when Jen came out of her room after getting up. Jen deduces that Nick and Dick were nowhere to be seen, that Dick ‘says’ he was outside smoking, but Eric says neither was Dustin or Jameka (around at the time of the incident). Jen says to Eric “AND I remember you getting special messages about the ingredient in question.” Eric says “oh yeah, well that would be pretty stupid.”

Nick pouting in the Small Bedroom and Dani keeps asking what is wrong. Nick doesn’t say anything for a long time. He says, “What is the point, it isn’t going to do me any good. You know, we both have major mood swings in here.” Daniele tell him “No I don’t you do.” This starts a wave of – You do too – No I don’t – Yes you do.

Mike & Jen talking in kitchen. Jen thinks Carol, herself, and Nick were recruited for the show. Mike says he didn’t really ask how long people had been watching the show, whether or not they applied. Jen says you know that Zach wasn’t recruited. I’m going to go out on a limb and say maybe Eric (she sounds sarcastic). Jen says something about Dani & Dick watched this show together for years.

Amber and Dustin talk in the backyard. They talk about Jen accusing Nick of the mustard prank. They also start talking about the final 4. They want to be in the final 4 with Jameka and Eric. Dustin says that at the final 4 he would vote out Jameka over Eric. He says Jameka is too much of a threat at that point. Amber says she would rather keep Jameka. She also can’t believe that he wouldn’t vote her (Amber) off instead. She says she is so real and it would be so cool to be in the final 4 and so much fun. Dustin agrees. Amber asks him who would put up Dick and Nick. Dustin says he would. Amber says she would too. Amber says she wouldn’t even mind being put up as a pawn next week with Kail b/c she KNOWS she has the votes to stay. She says she knows that Jameka has her back. They talk more about the mustard prank, they think it is Dick because someone saw him go into the storage room twice and he put his boots on in the tiny room which he never does.

8:00 pm
Jen making deviled eggs in the kitchen tells Mike that she’s going to leave the “mustarding” alone.

Zach attempts to join Eric and Dani in the teacup but they both flee.
Nick joins the group in BY, Dustin counts down time till Zach joins them….and Zach appears in 43 seconds. Ab class commences just before 9:00. Dustin leads Amber, Jameka, Jess, Jen and ….Zach. The rest of the gang appear to mock Zach from the sideline.

9:00 pm
Ab class ends and Jen leads Jameka & Amber with some leg exercises. Jen does it like it’s nothing, the other 2 struggle a little. Shortly after, Eric & Jessica are doing some sort of dance moves where he lifts and flips her.

The ShowToo watchers are stuck watching Daniele crying, uncontrollable at times. Dick is with her. She is saying that everything is so frustrating. Dick breaks down as well. Dick is trying to tell her he loves her very much, she’s his daughter and he’ll never give up on her. They had some good moments, some bad moments, and some awwwwkward moments.

10:00 pm
Mostly more of the father/daughter tearfest. We do learn that it’s Dani’s boyfriend’s birthday tomorrow.

Kail & Jen talk in the hammock about the game. Jen says Nick is smart because whoever he goes up against, he’s staying. Jen says who do you put someone like Eric against? He’s in a good position too. Kail thinks she has three votes: Jen, Eric & Jameka. She says she needs two more. Kail says she might be able to get Dustin. Jen asks if Amber would prevent him from doing that. Kail says they swear they have an agreement that their votes are independent. Kail says Jessica could be one, but she might just do what Eric wants. Jen says, or what Daniele wants. Jen says she hasn’t talked to anyone about it.

Towards the end of the hour Kail & Jen break up and go inside, Nick is consoling Daniele in bed and Dick is smoking on the patio. Jameka hugs Dick and then Dustin hugs Dick asking how the conversation went.

Nick talks with Jess and Jameka at the hammock how he was going to go up instead of Joe last week. How he knew they hated to see Joe go. He did too. He thinks Mike needs to go this week because he’s a stronger competitor than Kail.

Dick joins the hammock group. They ask if he had a good talk with Dani. He says it didn’t start out that way, but it ended well.

Jameka asks Dick if he’s sure everyone is voting for Mike to go. Dick thinks everyone but Zach. Jameka says Zach will be mad. Dick says he’ll be gone next week. Jameka says not if he gets PoV.

Dick has a nice chat about Dani with Jameka. Jameka is being very supportive and giving very good advice. She thinks Dani needs counseling.

Eric and Amber are having another “date” in the BY.

Jess and Jameka are in the bathroom chair whispering. Jameka pointing out that Zach once again used the bathroom and didn’t use soap to wash his hands. She talks about people thinking Mike is loyal. She’s not so sure. She also doesn’t trust Nick. They talk about back dooring Zach. They’re saying they don’t know who they’d put up. They want Zach gone, but don’t want him to win PoV and stay if he goes up. Jameka also talking of putting Nick up. She has no beef with Kail or Jen, and would never put up Dustin.

Jess says the blue stuff on the walls looks like candy. I wanna eat it.

Jess whispers to Jameka “I want Danielle gone.” Jameka doesn’t think anyone would put up Dustin or Jess right now. Jen said if she gets HOH she will put Dani up again.

Both Jess and Jameka decide that they don’t need or want HOH Thursday.

Dani & Nick whispering in the dark. They are having a tiff. Dani whispers that if she didn’t care about Nick she wouldn’t spend time with him. She is stroking his hair. Whispers are mostly inaudible. Nick “I don’t get you, what can you do and what can’t you do on TV. Your boyfriend is going to see this. You crossed that line. That’s why I’m getting mixed signals.” Whispering has ceased. She is playing with his hair. Long silence. “Do you want me to leave you alone?” she asks. More silence. They continue to lay there.

1:00 am
Dustin tells everyone how Kail thought the next step in his relationship with Amber was romance. Kail laughs loudly. Dustin says he was like “Uh no, that’s part of being a homosexual.” Dick asks if Kail could ever be with a woman. Kail thinks the question is posed to Dustin and is curious. Dick says no, Kail. Kail says she could never be attracted to a woman. Kail says when she hugs Dustin she worries Dustin thinks she’s trying to hit on him. Amber says if that’s true, then Amber is a ho.

Dick explains that his screen name was “Tricky Dick” and he got flack for it, so he changed to “Evel Dick” and it stuck.

Dick frying up 5 hamburgers for the LNC (Late Night Crowd).

Nick & Dani round 2 begins. She says, “I don’t understand, you’re always super nice to me and,” he interrupts. She huffs and says he’s impossible. Nick says he’s always super nice to her and isn’t going to be mean but is starting to think there’s no point. Lots of whispering, long silences, and lots of tension. They are laying together staring up and the ceiling. They are on Nick’s bed on the floor. Nick says she plays with his hair and flirts but when he tries to talk to her, she refuses to commit to certain things. Dani says she just explained herself to him. He says OK. Nick says he explained himself to her — he can’t be that guy that will bend over backwards for her all the time. Dani says she’s not asking him to. Nick says then he’ll change how he is. Dani says she’ll stop hanging out with him. He asks if that’s what she wants. Dani says no, that’s what he wants. Dani says it would be easier for him. Nick says it’d be easier for him? He’s the one putting himself out there and is going to get burnt by her. She gets up and goes back to her bed.

Shortly after Nick is telling Zach about the situation with Dani (Dani is out of the room). Zach says when he gets out, things will change. She might go back to her life, you can’t tell if it’s real or not. Nick says he knows it’s real. Zach says he hopes so, because outside of the game, if it is real, there is a whole bunch of other BS that they will have to deal with to make it real. Zach doesn’t think its stuff he needs to be in, especially after just coming out of such BS before. Nick says he thinks he just loves BS. Zach laughs and says it’s possible.

Cut to Eric & Jen holding each others legs and arms and rolling down the yard joined into a big donut. They talk about wheel barrels and somersaults they did. Eric doesn’t think the camera caught them. Dick says “Yes they did, nothing else is going on.”

Little does Dick know, all 4 feeds were on his daughter and Nick.

Eric and Jen are going to do three legged-racing and are looking for what to tie themselves with. Kail says she’s going to bed and Dick says he wanted her to be his 3-legged race partner. Kail says she’ll stay up. The gang gears up for their 3 legged race and all feeds cuts to Dustin consoling Dani.

Dani says Nick is so bipolar and it’s so frustrating and it’s all because of her and she didn’t do anything. Dustin says his reaction is the way he wants to feel. If he wants to be pouty and angry, he’s choosing it and she can’t take that blame and put it on herself. Dani says she doesn’t like to see people like that, especially when it has to do with her.

Dani says Nick kept saying it doesn’t matter, then she wouldn’t be in there trying to talk to him. Dani says a week feels like a month in here but that doesn’t mean he knows her or how he feels. She says she wants to go in there and punch him.

Amber comes in and asks what’s wrong. She offers to speak to Nick. Daniele said if Amber wants to. She says she will.

In the backyard Eric is flipping Kail & Jen. The start off side by side and Eric lifts them into a back flip (a cheerleading move). Kail looks a little apprehensive at first but she plays it off well and has fun. By the third time she is landing and holding her arms up (like a gymnast’s dismount). It was fun to watch.

Amber is talking to Nick in the bedroom then comes back to talk to Dani about
their situation. She tells them both that even though they like each other so much they should see less of each other and try to tone down the relationship. She said living in the house is not real. Nick has only been out of a long term relationship for several months and could be on the rebound and Dani has a boyfriend. She said they should stop thinking about what might or might not happen outside the house. Take control of the situation, have fun together, but let the relationship cool down.

3:00 am
Nick & Dani whispering again. She is hugging him even closer, he’s rubbing her back intermittently.

Dick and Eric in BY talking about Nick. Dick thinks Nick was the mustard bandit. Eric thinks she might have done it herself. Jameka joins Dick and Eric.

Eric tells how Kail kind of tried to save herself. Dick says she did the same thing to him. Dick says the plan is still to get rid of Mike and he doesn’t have a clue. Eric, Jameka and Dick think it’s a good idea that Nick and Zach go up next week.

Dustin and Amber in bed whispering about where everyone stands in the game. They are using names instead of colors this time but very difficult to hear what they are saying.

The LNC talking about Nick going off on Zach is staged. Eric tells some stories and Jameka and Dick ask who was around when this happened? That is the key factor why it’s staged. Eric wants to put up Nick/Zach next week. Dick thinks that is a great idea.

Eric and Dick saying that with Nick gone, Daniele will become a better ally. They say Zach is just annoying, but is not a threat. They talk about Nick acting erratic, how he keeps saying “You haven’t seen the bad Nick”, and he needs to go.

4:00 am
Eric saying, “Some of these people are playing so horribly, it’s Unbelievable!”

Dick saying Amber’s emotions will mess up their game play. They can’t imagine what she’ll be like if Dustin goes on the block. Jameka asks who would put Dustin up, and they don’t know. Eric, Jameka, Dick saying Dustin is not one to let slip through the cracks. Saying how they noticed he changed since Joe left.

Later Dick is sitting outside smoking a cig rambling, talking to himself and the cameras. Said who would have thought an alliance between Dick/Jameka/Jess/Eric/Dani, and a sub-alliance between Eric/Dick/Dani. Everyone is asleep except Dick.

Dick thinks he is nuts. Says he has a lit cigarette next to a propane tank.
He hides the bunnies before going to bed all the while mumbling to himself.
Up in the HOH he exclaims that Jen is a wacko, Amber is a wacko, Dustin is a wacko, Nick is off his rocker. Kail is a nice lady, bad player.

6:00 am
Dick does something to the sink so when someone turns it on the water shoots at them. Now in HOH bed he is saying it would be a good time to jerk off and promises he will before he leaves that HOH room. He tells us “Goodnight LA, Goodnight America, Goodnight internet nerds, the Dick at Night show is over”.

Credit: Joker’s Updates

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