More On Wellness Policy, Benoit Funeral, Saturn & Sherri


The Wrestling Observer says that members of the WWE board, including Bill Bowman and David Kenin, want to investigate the Wellness Policy to see if it is working as it should. They are said to be particularly concerned about the prescription loophole, which was what Chris Benoit used to continue to get his testosterone. Dr Phil Astin was prescribing him ten months worth of drugs every three or four weeks, something that they know should not have been tolerated.

Jim Ross attended Nancy and Daniel Benoit’s funeral on the 14th July. Vince McMahon decided he shouldn’t go and so Linda McMahon was meant to go instead, yet she couldn’t make it and sent JR. He stopped to talk to reporters briefly on the way in, which angered Nancy’s parents and sister as they felt WWE was turning the occasion into a media ploy. Only the local Daytona Beach newspaper was allowed inside. Other people from the wrestling world in attendance were Dave Finlay, Dean Malenko, Vickie Guerrero, Penny Durham (wife of Johnny Grunge), Dave Penzer (TNA announcer), Pam Clark (wife of Brian Hildebrand), Shannon Rose (from the Wrestling Observer website), Bill Otten (wrestling photographer who originally ‘discovered’ Nancy in Orlando) and Marc Mero.

Dave Meltzer has also stated there is a great deal of concern about Perry Saturn at the moment. He has been out of the wrestling scene for a while now and, as of a few years ago, was running a nightclub and working at a car lot owned by Sonny Onoo. That was the last that people heard about him. Chris Benoit was the closest friend he had from the wrestling scene, yet he did not get in touch with anybody else from the industry after Benoit’s death.

Also, as the Department of Forensic Science in Alabama is running behind schedule due to budget cutbacks, Sherri Martel’s toxicology reports won’t be released for about a year.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 25 July 2007 (click here for subscription information)